Microscopy Markets

TriMark Publications
October 1, 2013
238 Pages - SKU: TRI5151341
Microscopy Markets


Microscopy Markets

Microscopy is a complex, high-technology market focused on producing enlarged images of very small objects. There is a perception that traditional light and electron microscopy will gradually be replaced by the newly emerging Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Raman confocal systems, but traditional techniques will in reality continue to thrive as they contribute to a growing trend toward correlative microscopy in which multiple microscopy and/or spectroscopy techniques combine to investigate several integrated facets of a problem. Microscopy industry players face numerous challenges, including the complexity of the instrumentation and the technical support required to maintain customer bases, but the broad applicability of microscopy techniques and ongoing innovations continue to drive growth in the sector. This TriMark Publications report describes major microscope market segments and includes examinations of light, confocal, electron, ion and scanning probe microscopes. It assesses the microscopy market drivers and bottlenecks from the perspective of the medical and scientific communities and discusses the potential benefits of the microscopy market for different sectors. The focus is on end-user markets, including hospitals, research facilities, freestanding clinics and equipment-leasing companies. This study also examines companies that are actively developing and marketing microscopy products around the world. The report includes current and forecasted market shares by company and profit/business opportunities by imaging segment.

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