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  • Global Online Accommodation Booking Market 2018

    ... result from online reservations, with much of the growth coming from the ascendance of online travel agencies. Last year, travelers booked over a trillion overnight stays through the two largest OTA’s, and Expedia. Hotel ... Read More

  • Global Online Travel Market 2018

    ... peer to peer sharing and mobile booking driving the growth, according to projections included in a new report from Hamburg-based business research firm titled “Global Online Travel Market 2018.” Peer to peer travel services ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific Online Travel Market 2016

    ... prediction of surpassing the maturing North American online travel market. Online travel sales in the Southeast Asia sub-region lead the Asia-Pacific region in terms of growth rate, with a prediction of four-fold growth in the ... Read More

  • Europe Online Travel Market 2016

    ... sales this year and is the third largest online travel market globally, according to the report. Nevertheless, Europe’s share of global online travel sales will diminish by several percentage points due to the rapid ... Read More

  • Global Online Travel Market 2016

    ... be online in 2016, as more consumers, especially 18 to 34 year-olds, utilize their smartphones to explore and book travel. The growth of the P2P sector of travel for accommodation and ride sharing is popular ... Read More

  • Top 5 Online Travel Markets 2016

    ... USA will remain the largest single market in the near future, but China, in the number 2 spot will grow faster and approach the sales level of the leader. The UK at number 3 stays ... Read More

  • Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015

    ... online gambling is steadily increasing globally, with governments moving to regulate the practice. Among the findings of the report are that mobile devices are increasingly being used to access gambling sites and that the growth ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Gaming Market 2015

    ... mobile devices last year. While smartphones are ahead in usage, revenues from games played on tablets are growing more rapidly. Another trend is distribution of mobile games from messaging app platforms, especially widespread in Asia. ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific Online Gaming Market 2015

    ... leads the way in mobile gaming revenues, topping all other regions in 2014. Asia-Pacific also stands out in online gaming on computers, with five countries from this region on the list of the top ten ... Read More

  • Europe Online Gaming Market 2015

    ... doubled in 2014, while smartphones and mobile phones overtook PCs as the device most used to play games. In the UK also the freemium games model was the growth driver, especially for mobile games, but ... Read More

  • Global Online Gaming Market 2015

    ... rise further. Generally, as video game software sales growth slows or declines, mobile and online play are pushing digital game sales higher. Among the important trends worldwide are the proliferation of the free-to-play model, and ... Read More

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