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  • Fraud and Security in Global Online Payments 2019

    ... rise worldwide, as more consumers turn to digital shopping channels to make their purchases. According to a projection referenced in the report, the global losses from online payment fraud, covering E-Commerce, digital travel and ... Read More

  • Samsung Pay Profile 2019

    ... the growth path, according to the report. By 2020, the number of Samsung Pay users is projected to nearly double compared to 2018, driven by the service’s international expansion. As of early 2019, Samsung ... Read More

  • Google Pay Profile 2019

    ... at double-digit rates. In the USA alone, Google Pay is expected to gain more than 1 million new users in 2019. On the global scale, Google Pay is projected to catch up with Samsung Pay ... Read More

  • Apple Pay Profile 2019

    ... the USA. In this market, Apple Pay ranks second among the proximity mobile payment services and maintains the lead over Samsung Pay and Google Pay, as’s research reveals. Furthermore, as the company continues to ... Read More

  • Mobile Wallet Profiles 2019: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

    ... wallet users of Apple, Google and Samsung’s payment services is projected to remain on the growth path through 2020. Apple Pay maintains the lead on the global scale, while in specific markets the ranks might ... Read More

  • Innovation Trends in Global Retail and Payments 2017

    ... one new development resulting from AI, whereby shoppers can give vocal instructions related to shopping to virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Surveys in the USA and the UK cited in the ... Read More

  • Samsung Pay Profile 2017

    ... is that in addition to being set up for NFC readers, it also can be used with magnetic stripe card readers at the point of sale. The service also can be used for payment in ... Read More

  • Ingenico Payment Services Company Profile 2015: Online Payment Services

    ... worldwide. The company was created on the basis of Belgium-based online payments company Ogone, which Ingenico Group acquired in 2013. In addition to Ogone, Ingenico Payment Services has incorporated a number of other payment companies. ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Gaming Market 2015

    ... mobile devices last year. While smartphones are ahead in usage, revenues from games played on tablets are growing more rapidly. Another trend is distribution of mobile games from messaging app platforms, especially widespread in Asia. ... Read More

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Software & Enterprise Computing market research reports by

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