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  • Global Payment Innovation Trends 2019

    ... Siri into billions of consumer electronic devices has led to the emergence of a new form of AI-powered payments using voice command. Voice-activated payments are projected to see rapid growth between 2019 and 2023, according ... Read More

  • Europe Online Payment Fraud and Security 2019

    ... rise worldwide, projected to more than double by 2023, compared to 2018. In Europe, online retailers in the two largest E-Commerce markets, the UK and Germany, report detection of an increasing number of fraud attempts. ... Read More

  • MENA B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... sales in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are projected to increase two-fold compared to 2019, according to forecasts cited by The two largest markets are Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while Egypt ... Read More

  • Africa B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... sales in Africa. This indicates a major potential for future growth, with the forecasts cited in the report projecting an eleven-digit dollar value for Africa’s online retail in 2020. Most of this growth comes ... Read More

  • Nigeria B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... fraction of overall retail spending currently is online. The country’s population is large and growing, expected to become the world’s third largest by 2050. With Internet penetration increasing, a growing share of consumers gain access ... Read More

  • South Africa B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... Africa has a high growth potential. With Internet and online shopper penetration rates rising, B2C E-Commerce sales in South Africa are projected to reach new heights by 2022. The top market trend driving future growth ... Read More

  • Global Digital Payment Forecasts 2019-2022

    ... new heights by 2022. Asia-Pacific is the world’s leader when it comes to online and mobile payment volume, with North America ranking second. According to a forecast cited by, remote E-Commerce will remain the ... Read More

  • CIS B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... make more than 10% of their purchases online, B2C E-Commerce’s share of total retail sales in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States is still in the single digits. This indicates an untapped growth ... Read More

  • Kazakhstan B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... markets. This market in Kazakhstan experiences sales growth in the double-digits, as reported by Given the rapid growth of the market, the overall share of B2C E-Commerce amongst total retail sales still remains small. ... Read More

  • Ukraine B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... consumers in 2018, with a projection of further double-digit growth in E-Commerce sales for 2019. The leading shopping categories purchased over the Internet include clothing, electronics and beauty products, according to a recent survey cited ... Read More

  • UAE B2C E-Commerce Market 2019

    ... agency based in Hamburg, Germany. The report unveils the top growth drivers and trends in the UAE’s online retail sales, concluding that the market will maintain a double-digit growth rate at least through 2022. UAE ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Payment Methods 2019

    ... quoted’s latest report. The Asia-Pacific region outperforms the rest of the global regions by a double-digit lead. The Chinese market for mobile payments alone holds over half a billion users, using services such as ... Read More

  • Global B2C E-Commerce Delivery 2018

    ... technologies that will improve delivery of online purchases. Regarding the report, CEO and found Yücel Yelken comments: “online shoppers look for timely, low-cost delivery of their purchases and merchants are responding.” Delivery timeliness and ... Read More

  • Global Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2018”. The report accents the prominent drivers and hurdles of global fashion E-Commerce market growth. In line with the discoveries of this report, fashion products are purchased over the Internet by ... Read More

  • Global M-Commerce 2018

    ... been particularly rapid. According to sources cited in the report, shoppers in Asia generated about half of all mobile online purchases last year, with China leading the region. With Asia’s lead, global M-Commerce is ... Read More

  • Europe M-Commerce 2018

    ... more individuals. The share of online retail sales in the region attributed to mobile shopping penetration is projected to reach more than one-third by 2021, according to data in the report. Online merchants are ... Read More

  • Asia-Pacific Payment & E-Commerce Forecasts Snapshot 2018

    ... Forecasts Snapshot 2018,” citing predictions of rapid growth of digital payments in the Asia-Pacific region. The publication includes forecasts that some nations may become cashless in the next decade. Shoppers in Asia-Pacific economies accelerate trend ... Read More

  • Global Alternative Payment Methods: First Half 2017

    ... cards’ leading position. Among the alternative payment methods used are E-Wallets like Alipay and PayPal, bank transfer, and cash on delivery. The alternative method of payment by invoice, popular in German-speaking countries of Europe and ... Read More

  • Western Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... 2018,” provides sales data and forecasts on the 10+ nations in the Western Europe sub-region. The report includes information on developing trends such as voice command and cross-border purchases, plus omnichannel shopping. The UK leads ... Read More

  • Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... online retail penetration figures, which currently are below the average of other European nations, have a huge growth potential as Internet connectivity and online shopper numbers increase. M-Commerce and social media purchases spur online sales ... Read More

  • Poland B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... expansion of online retail sales in Poland, with details of sales figures, projections, and trends. Recent double-digit growth projected to continue Online sales of products and services to consumers in Poland have experienced double digit ... Read More

  • Turkey B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... sales data in this country. The report indicates that online retail sales in Turkey are prepared for rapid expansion. Mobile and social media shopping contribute to growth of online retail in Turkey Growth rates in ... Read More

  • Russia B2C E-Commerce Market 2018

    ... the leading category of products purchased through B2C E-Commerce in Russia, as reported in a new publication from Hamburg-based secondary market research firm, “Russia B2C E-Commerce Market 2018.” Online commerce is increasing in Russia ... Read More

  • Global Mobile Payment Methods: Full Year 2017

    ... of mobile payments worldwide, led by consumers in Asia. The growing penetration of smartphones has led to the increased use of these mobile devices to pay for goods and services, both online and in-store. Leading ... Read More

  • Latin America Online Payment Methods: Full Year 2017

    ... firm, includes a survey reflecting the concern for payment security in online purchase transactions of Latin American shoppers. The publication synthesizes information on online payment in four major markets of the region. An indication ... Read More

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