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  • Free From in Peru

    ... their main products, such as whole evaporated milk and semi-fat free evaporated milk to increase efficiency and production resulting in decreased retail value sales and volume growth of free from lactose products in packaged food. ... Read More

  • Free From in Colombia

    ... best performing product, though from a very small base. Free from allergens actually registered value decline in 2020. However, it is free from lactose that is by far the largest product area and it also ... Read More

  • Free From in Chile

    ... stockpiling as there were fears that there could be disruption to supplies. Other products that were stockpiled included HA milk formula. Both these products can easily be stored and have long shelf lives. However, worries ... Read More

  • Free From in Brazil

    ... put under the spotlight environmental problems caused by deforestation, which is one of the consequences of livestock production. On top of environmental and ethical concerns, along with increasing health awareness, a new group of consumers ... Read More

  • Snacking Consumption Habits - What Innovations Consumers Want & Opportunities for the Industry - Brazil - January 2019

    ... and sugar content from products (due to legal requirements and consumer demand) while keeping an attractive taste. Agreements signed by the industry with the government for the reduction of substances such as salt and sugar ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Brazil

    ... remain wary, and a return to robust spending may be some time off. Many price-conscious consumers have turned to internet retailers to satisfy their desire for lower prices. Despite the recent economic downturn, demand for ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Chile

    ... “era of consumerism” in the country, where digital goods and services, branded products and household durables have become part of the everyday lives of most Chileans. Euromonitor's Consumer Lifestyles in Chile report analyses factors influencing ... Read More

  • Brazil Consumers and Sustainability 2014

    ... home care to durables and lifestyle activities. For the past 13 years, a wide range of clients have leveraged this insight to better understand their consumer target, develop new targets, and measure scores of attitudes ... Read More

  • Venezuela - Telecom Market Trends, Key Statistics and Regulatory Overview

    ... country's telecom market is expected to grow steadily, led by 3G and LTE services as well as by satellite-based pay TV services and the nascent IPTV sector. Growth in the number of fixed lines has ... Read More

  • Venezuela - Telecom Market Trends, Key Statistics and Regulatory Overview

    ... about 10%, led by 3G including both mobile broadband and phone based internet browsing and satellite-based pay TV services. Despite continued growth in the number of fixed lines, Venezuela's fixed-line revenues account for a shrinking ... Read More

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