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  • Sub-Saharan Africa Power Q1 2019

    ... will be attracted to high solar, wind andgeothermal potential on offer in these markets. The need to diversify will become more pertinent during 2019 with thedevelopment of an El Niño which will pose a significant ... Read More

  • Kenya Renewables Q1 2019

    ... renewables capacity in the country, ensuring a large source of non-intermittent renewable electricity. While the completion of the Lake Turkana project and plans for the Kipeto project indicatefavourable growth prospects for wind power, we note ... Read More

  • Gabon Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... interest in the round, at the same time that oil prices and riskappetite are seeing marginal improvement in the sector. That said, the operating environment remains challenging and thecompetition for capital remains fierce, globally. However, ... Read More

  • Sudan and South Sudan Power Q1 2019

    ... our forecast period from 2018 to 2027. Oil-fired power will increase with the audition ofsupply generated at the newly completed Juba Thermal Power Plant, but overall power sector growth will remain very low. Thatbeing said, ... Read More

  • Namibia Power Corporation (Proprietary) Limited - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... the company’s key employees, key competitors and major products and services. This up-to-the-minute company report will help you to formulate strategies to drive your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors ... Read More

  • Egypt Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... exporter from this year. Subsidy reform poses material downside risk to both refined fuel andnatural gas consumption, and we remain more positive on domestic gas demand as extensive power generation projects continueto be brought online. Read More

  • Ghana Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... as an active exploration scene, with the country’s first offshore licensing round launched in Q418. However, theprospects for the country's small and inefficient downstream sector are bleak, thus subjecting Ghana to growing imports of refinedfuels. Read More

  • Ghana Power Q1 2019

    ... role in the power sector. Despite new government initiativesand drives to increase renewable capacity, a lack of progress on planned projects means we expect that renewables will make upless than 1% of total output over ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Power Q1 2019

    ... generation. Below-average rainfall caused by an ElNiño weather event will place downward pressure on hydropower in 2019, as the government works to avoid water shortages.However, a return to normal rainfall levels towards the end of ... Read More

  • Angola Power Q1 2019

    ... to robust economic growth from 2017 - alongside a stable fiscal situation andexpectations the currency will strengthen - feed into quite bullish forecasts on the market, particularly for the non-life sector.Morocco's life sector still has ... Read More

  • Botswana Power Q1 2019

    ... in the pipeline but are at the preliminaryplanning stage. Without significant investment in new power-generating capacity, the country will remain vulnerable to shortagesowing to a lack of domestic supply. Continued dependence on imports will see ... Read More

  • Chad Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... Key View: Crude production will fall throughout our forecast as steep decline rates take their toll. New investment in Chad'sreservoirs is threatened by the recent dispute between the largest producer, ExxonMobil, and the Chadian government. Read More

  • Morocco Renewables Q1 2019

    ... for pharmaceutical products. In addition, Mexico has beenexperiencing an epidemiological transition, from communicable diseases to chronic degenerative diseases which continues to fuelopportunities for drugmakers. However, increasing cost-containment measures and a weak regulatory environment threatensdrugmaker opportunities. Read More

  • Morocco Power Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2018 - Market Trends, Regulations, and Competitive Landscape

    ... up to 2030. Detailed analysis of the Moroccan power market’s regulatory structure, import and export trends, competitive landscape, and power projects at various stages of the supply chain is provided. The report also gives a ... Read More

  • Nigeria Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... the oil and gas sector, but it is unllikely that the process will yield resultsin the near term. Improved fiscal and regulatory terms would revitalise the industry and spurn investment. The refining sector is dueto ... Read More

  • Uganda Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... bureaucratic barriers to progress. The tax dispute between Tullow Oiland the Uganda government is continuing to delay FID on the country's flagship project and we see risk of further delays to ourforecast 2022 start date. Read More

  • South Africa Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... water scarcity. While offshore exploration is showing signs ofactivity, we do not expect major discoveries in the near- to medium-term. Given limited domestic production, South Africa willbecome even more dependent on oil and gas imports. ... Read More

  • Mozambique Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... View: The FID on the Eni-operated Coral FLNG project has secured Mozambique's future as an LNG exporter. Attention is nowturning to the larger onshore facilities, which have faced challenges securing long-term contracts, delaying development plans. Read More

  • Equatorial Guinea Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... be offset by significant new discoveries. The Fortuna FLNG project provides the most important boost to ourgas production forecasts for the country; however this will not come online until at least 2022, after a series ... Read More

  • Angola Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... lack of brownfield investment has led to significant structural declines in oilproduction from the country's legacy assets with oil output set for persistent declines from 2020; tangible progress to reform stateoil company Sonatrach will be ... Read More

  • Tanzania Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... investment decision on the country's planned onshore LNG export project continues to be themost significant setback for country's upstream sector. More broadly, an uncertain regulatory and fiscal environment continues tohamper investment interest in the country. Read More

  • Power Generation BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Industry Guide 2013-2022

    ... 2022). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the industry. Key Questions Answered: What was the size of the BRIC power generation industry ... Read More

  • Egypt Renewables Q1 2019

    ... to 18.8TWh in 2027, compared to our previous forecast of 18.3TWh. There willbe a particularly big jump in renewables generation in 2018, of 112.8% y-o-y, taking output to 3.77TWh, and a further substantialincrease in 2019 ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... is rising slowly, it will be insufficient to meet rising demand. We have pushedback first LNG imports from 2018 to 2019 given a lack of information on the project. We note downside risks to gas ... Read More

  • South Africa Renewables Q4 2018

    ... which renewable electricity is expanding, as well as the largepresence of coal-fired power, will mean that the contribution of renewables to the total power mix will remain below 10%. Thesigning of REIPPPP contracts earlier in ... Read More

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