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  • Ghana Mining Q4 2018

    ... on the domestic gold sector, high mining taxes will continue topose challenges to investors. Mining activity remains largely undeveloped outside of the gold sub-sector, though the incomingadministration has vowed to support the expansion of the ... Read More

  • Angola Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... of both the strengthening oil price and forthcoming Chinese funding. Limited scope for policy reform and thehigh risk to participation in the market remain chief deterrents to investors, particularly in the country's oil infrastructure sector. Read More

  • Botswana Mining Q4 2018

    ... Botswana's mining industry will see steady value growth as government efforts to diversify away from the diamondsector encourages foreign investment, particularly coal projects. Nevertheless, diamonds will still dominate the mining industry for awhile to come. Read More

  • Ghana Power Q4 2018

    ... returning to pre-drought levels. Whilerenewables will make up less than 1% of total electricity generation, plans for new projects pose an upside risk to this view. Highcosts and long construction times will delay plans to ... Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Power Q4 2018

    ... gas-fired power projects, with hydropower and solar power projects also comingonline before 2027. These projects will collectively add more than 1,000MW of new capacity to the national grid, while regionalinterconnection lines facilitate the country’s ability ... Read More

  • Mozambique Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... 2018 Key View: The FID on the Coral project has secured Mozambique's future as an LNG exporter. Attention is now turning to the largeronshore facility, which has faced challenges securing long-term contracts, delaying development plans. Read More

  • Gabon Autos Q4 2018

    ... supported by higher oil prices and multilateral financialsupport which will drive robust demand for vehicles. However, political uncertainty and a maturing oil sector will place a cap onthe short-term growth outlook for Gabon's automotive sector. Read More

  • Ghana Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... back of steady economic expansion and a supportive environment for investment. Relative political stability and arobust demand profile for infrastructure will ensure foreign participation in the market is sustained, helping to progress a largeproject pipeline. Read More

  • Namibia Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... property development. Growth willunderperform relative to the previous decade as several major projects have been completed, with a limited project pipeline in placeto support sustained rapid growth. Constrained government revenues, alongside weak private sector involvement ... Read More

  • Botswana Power Q4 2018

    ... Morupule B power stations. The withdrawal of BPCfrom negotiations over the sale of Morupule B will see the state-backed utility continuing to dominate the electricity sector, posing adownside risk for private investment in the future. Read More

  • Cameroon Autos Q4 2018

    ... stability improves, this will limit the growth potential for vehicle sales in 2018. However,this risk will start to subside in 2019 and onwards at which point the growth in vehicle demand will pick up again. Read More

  • Zambia Mining Q4 2018

    ... the regulatoryenvironment remains favourable. This will drive an increase in mining activity and investment as previously sidelined projects comeback online. However, the ongoing problem of power shortages will continue to hinder growth opportunities moving forward. Read More

  • Mozambique Autos Q4 2018

    ... though will remain below the previous decade’s average of 6.2%. However, we see economic growth strengtheningsubstantially once major gas exports begin in 2022 which will increase the willingness of consumers to make larger purchases likecars. Read More

  • Kenya Autos Q4 2018

    ... 2018 Key View: Easier lending conditions, greater political stability and robust construction sector activity will drive growth of 8.6% intotal vehicle first registrations (which includes sales of new and second-hand vehicles) in Kenya in 2018. Read More

  • Tanzania Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... planned onshore LNG export project continues to be asignificant setback for the monetisation of offshore gas resources in the country. Similarly, an uncertain regulatory and fiscalenvironment continues to hamper investment interest in the gas sector. Read More

  • Alcoholic Drinks Packaging in South Africa

    ... 400ml and 500ml metal beverage cans as the format of choice for its domestic lager, with one litre glass bottles gaining momentum through the flagship Carling Black Label brand. According to Nampak, the leading manufacturer ... Read More

  • Namibia Mining Q3 2018

    ... country has substantial unexploited diamond and uraniumdeposits, and we expect production to grow rapidly as a series of high-profile projects comes online. The country is tipped tobecome the world's third-largest uranium producer by the end ... Read More

  • Zimbabwe Mining Q3 2018

    ... country will rise in prominence as a producer of platinum, gold and diamonds;however, we note that political and economic risks, coupled with increased government intervention, threaten to disrupt theindustry's development over the next few years. Read More

  • Algeria Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... BMI View: Algeria's status as a major hydrocarbons exporter will face mounting pressure over the coming decade as maturingfields, insufficient investment in exploration activities and continuously increasing domestic oil and gas demand weighs on exportvolumes. Read More

  • Egypt Autos Q3 2018

    ... on the back of relative political stability and policy continuity as well as substantial pent-up demand which willsupport businesses in upgrading their vehicle fleets once they adapt to the new equilibrium of vehicle running costs. Read More

  • Nigeria Autos Q3 2018

    ... growth of 52.6% in 2018, up from our previous forecast of2.8%, although this will be coming from a low base.Over the coming quarters, we expect additional interest rate cuts by the centralbank, local currency stability ... Read More

  • Nigeria Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... project pipeline offers little upside to the outlook. Improved fiscal and regulatory terms could change thisif put through. The refining sector is due to be transformed with the start-up of the Dangote facility in 2020. Read More

  • Uganda Power Q3 2018

    ... the country’s economy andpopulation and electrification rate necessitate an increase in power generation; however, increasing dependence on hydropowerheightens Uganda’s risk of power deficits during periods of drought. Development of regional interconnectivity will mitigate this riskif ... Read More

  • South Africa Power Q3 2018

    ... outperformer of the power sector after theeventual IPP contract signings. Excess electricity capacity, Eskom's financial headwinds and the high costs associated with nuclearpower means that further nuclear capacity will not come online in South Africa ... Read More

  • Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Q3 2018

    ... medium term oil production outlook is challenged, as the existing projects pipeline rolls off and new investment takestime to take effect. Prospects in the gas sector are brighter, with export-led projects continuing to make progress. Read More

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