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  • Algeria Autos Q4 2018

    ... Autos Q4 2018 Key View: ey View: This quarter, we have revised up our new vehicle sales forecasts for Algeria. We are now targeting at least 15% growth insales over 2018, to around 113,470 units. Read More

  • Cote d'Ivoire Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... is rising slowly, it will be insufficient to meet rising demand. We have pushedback first LNG imports from 2018 to 2019 given a lack of information on the project. We note downside risks to gas ... Read More

  • Egypt Autos Q4 2018

    ... delay the Egyptian automotive sectors' return to positive growth to2019. However, Egypt's vehicle production is making strong moves towards recovering and US sanctions on Iran present furthergrowth opportunity for Egyptian automakers in the MENA region. Read More

  • South Africa Mining Q4 2018

    ... mining sector will see upside risks to growth ahead as new President Cyril Ramaphosaheralds an improved regulatory outlook. However, high labour costs, an appreciating rand and depleting resources will continue toplague growth levels moving forward. Read More

  • South Africa Power Q4 2018

    ... from a low base, will be the power sector's growthoutperformer. Nuclear capacity will not increase over this period due to high costs and low electricity demand. Financial headwindsat Eskom will limit the ability to implement ... Read More

  • South Africa Renewables Q4 2018

    ... which renewable electricity is expanding, as well as the largepresence of coal-fired power, will mean that the contribution of renewables to the total power mix will remain below 10%. Thesigning of REIPPPP contracts earlier in ... Read More

  • Mozambique Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... key driver of growth in the African nation over the mediumterm. We believe that the freight industry is well-placed to benefit from these developments. Indeed, we maintain our positiveforecasts for all freight modes, as the ... Read More

  • South Africa Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... portof Durban. Primary sector exports will grow only slowly due to limited domestic output growth. Import demand from SouthernAfrica, as a whole, for which South Africa is one of the key gateways, will grow strongly. Read More

  • South Africa Autos Q4 2018

    ... the domestic vehicle market. As a result, we have revised down our forecast for new vehiclesales in South Africa to growth of 0.5% in 2018, down from our previous forecast of an expansion of 3.1%. Read More

  • Nigeria Autos Q4 2018

    ... of 52.6% in new vehicle sales in Nigeria in 2018,albeit coming from a low base. Astable interest rate environment, local currency stability and easing inflationary pressures to continue to support growth in vehiclepurchases in Nigeria. Read More

  • Egypt Freight Transport and Shipping Q4 2018

    ... volumes in the coming years.However, persistently high inflation and interest rates will cap the expansion in household spending and thus limit the pace ofgrowth in internal trade volumes. Booming gas production will support export volumes. Read More

  • Gabon Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... funding flows into power and transport infrastructure. Rising oil prices and new exploratory opportunities will providesome support, albeit minimal, to the sector over the medium term, as higher revenues increase government's ability to supportconstruction activity. Read More

  • Egypt Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... in its gas production over 2018, reducing reliance on LNG imports. Policy slippagewith subsidy reform and payment of debt owed to oil and gas companies pose the largest risk to positive sector momentum in thecountry. Read More

  • Libya Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... Q4 2018 Key View: Libyan oil and gas production will be marred by volatility over our 10-year forecast period, given that attacks onhydrocarbon infrastructure remain frequent and continued economic and political uncertainty deter upstream exploration. Read More

  • Tanzania Mining Q4 2018

    ... Tanzanian assets as a result. The most recentamendment to the country's mining law stipulates that foreign mining companies have to hold an account with a local bank, andPresident John Magufuli has stated that indigenous companies ... Read More

  • Uganda Power Q4 2018

    ... country at risk of power deficits during periods of lowrainfall. Regional interconnection and grid expansion projects are in the pipeline which, if successfully implemented, will improvepower security and electrification rates in Uganda. T&D losses will ... Read More

  • Egypt Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... will continue to perform well in 2018 as economic growth, political stability, strongstructural demand for basic infrastructure and the availability of external financing combine to fuel construction sector growth thatwill outpace global and regional averages. Read More

  • Kenya Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... cater to business and tourism in Nairobi, backed by substantial publicand private investment. The government's sizeable debt burden and efforts to clamp down on corruption in the constructionindustry could weigh on the pace of development. Read More

  • Tanzania Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... infrastructure space, a packed project pipeline and financial commitments from the government,Chinese investors and multilateral donors. Regulatory challenges will remain a hindrance to the development of the country's oil &gas industry and the associated infrastructure. Read More

  • Tunisia Autos Q4 2018

    ... again revised down our new passenger vehicle (PV) sales forecasts for Tunisia. We now forecast a15% contraction in new PV sales in 2018, with tough vehicle import quotas continuing to depress the near-term sales outlook. Read More

  • Tunisia Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... Tunisia's investor-friendly government and stable business environment - relative to many of its neighbours - haveattracted foreign investors. Nevertheless, its hydrocarbons potential remains modest and its production is unlikely to risesignificantly over the coming years. Read More

  • Cameroon Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... SSA over the coming years as the government's drive to improvethe country's infrastructure continues unabated, supported by development funding and private sector involvement. Political riskwill remain a concern as social unrest continues to tick up. Read More

  • Zambia Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... infrastructure sectors. Projects will be supported primarily by public spending anddevelopment funding, with some private sector involvement in the expansion of solar power capacity. Heightened political riskremains the largest deterrent to involvement in the market. Read More

  • Zimbabwe Infrastructure Q4 2018

    ... growth in Zimbabwe's construction industry over the coming years as Chinese investmentcontinues to flow into utilities infrastructure and industrial construction. High political risk and weak economic growth will remainkey deterrents to operating in the market. Read More

  • Zimbabwe Mining Q4 2018

    ... country will rise in prominence as a producer of platinum, gold and diamonds.However, we note that political and economic risks, coupled with increased government intervention, threaten to disrupt theindustry's development over the next few years. Read More

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