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  • Air Treatment Products in South Korea

    ... The continued warming of the Korean peninsula is being seen due to climate change; the record temperature in Seoul was broken in summer 2018. Manufacturers are expected to produce more air conditioners due to the ... Read More

  • Dishwashers in South Korea

    ... number of dual-income households increased in 2016, and continues to increase due to the stagnation of the Korean economy. There is less time to wash dishes, and the need for dishwashers will gradually increase. Because ... Read More

  • Microwaves in South Korea

    ... warmer temperatures will accelerate the volume growth rate of microwaves. Single-person households tend to be cost-conscious, and the prices of agricultural products such as rice and meat are much higher than buying ready-to-eat products; therefore, ... Read More

  • Personal Care Appliances in South Korea

    ... shavers is expected to see a decline in the forecast period, as it did in the review period. According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the economically active female population aged between 20 and ... Read More

  • Small Cooking Appliances in South Korea

    ... expected to see the strongest growth within small cooking appliances, because retail companies will join the competition by offering private label light fryers at relatively cheaper prices. Single-person households increasingly consider a light fryer as ... Read More

  • Food Preparation Appliances in South Korea

    ... expectancy is increasing in South Korea. Healthy lifestyles are therefore becoming more important amongst consumers, and they enjoy eating healthy food. Following this trend, blenders are now multifunctional, and can make slush, juice, soup and ... Read More

  • Vacuum Cleaners in South Korea

    ... growth in standard vacuum cleaners until 2014, whilst handheld vacuum cleaners saw the strongest growth from 2014, although they saw similar performances in 2018. The volume CAGR for handheld vacuum cleaners will be higher than ... Read More

  • Home Laundry Appliances in South Korea

    ... Korea, and the media regularly informs the public about the level of micro dust, with many South Koreans wearing a mask on the streets. They used to dry their laundry on their balcony or in ... Read More

  • How to Grow Commercial Pet Food in Emerging Asia: A Lesson from South Korea

    ... region is the lowest in the world. Economy food options have only limited availability and awareness in many developing Asian markets. By positioning economy pet food as cheaper than leftover human food/table scraps, commercial pet ... Read More

  • South Korea Consumer Electronics Q4 2019

    ... where vendors face a mature market and negative demographics. In termsof the industry, South Korea will continue to play an important role in regional supply chains as the leading production centre andexporter of memory chips, ... Read More

  • South Korea Consumer & Retail Q4 2019

    ... unemployment will be the main headwinds weighing onconsumer spending. Although low levels of inflation provides some support to consumption, it will not be significantly enough tobuoy consumption. High frequency indicators of consumer confidence and retail ... Read More

  • Home Audio and Cinema in South Korea

    ... previously been popular, but, with the introduction of wireless speakers and wireless earphones, the docks were being replaced by these products. Traditional large speakers and audio separates are expected to decline due to this trend ... Read More

  • Consumer Electronics in South Korea

    ... the decreasing volume growth rates, with gaming computers and monitors the main ray of light in computers and peripherals, better sound quality and compact size sought after in home audio and cinema, bigger screens and ... Read More

  • Imaging Devices in South Korea

    ... produce high-quality pictures. Faced with stagnating growth rates for their products, smartphone manufacturers turned to further development of the smartphone’s camera functions to include wide angle views, increased stabilisation and improved picture quality. Moreover, consumers ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in South Korea

    ... media players and car speakers as original equipment in their vehicles. Navigation applications on smartphones are also significantly depressing sales of navigation devices. In addition, major car manufacturers are equipping vehicles with premium car speakers, ... Read More

  • Home Video in South Korea

    ... bigger a screen size, with the most popular TV unit sale size being 55 inches in 2017, but rising to between 55 and 65 inches in 2018. Even single-person households, which tend to have a ... Read More

  • Wearable Electronics in South Korea

    ... to consumers, especially senior citizens. According to Euromonitor International’s demographic data, the number of people in South Korea aged over 65 was 7.7 million in 2019, which is expected to reach more than 10 million ... Read More

  • Toys and Games in India

    ... to affect the margins of the manufacturers. However, sales stabilised in the second half of the year. In 2018, the video games led the growth. Mobile gaming was one of the most popular forms of ... Read More

  • Hi-tech Goods in South Korea

    ... in 2018, although at a slower pace. The sector has flourished since 2016, thanks to soaring memory chip demand and prices, invigorated by heavy global investment in computing facilities like data centres. This had a ... Read More

  • Food, Beverages and Tobacco in South Korea

    ... from a shift in consumption trends domestically, as well as in foreign markets, as new products such as heat-not-burn smoking devices gained larger market shares. This trend is likely to persist in the short-term, at ... Read More

  • Personal Services in South Korea

    ... year, growth in the domestic economy slowed due to a rise in corporate taxes, slightly higher unemployment and contracting private investment in the country. Moreover, Koreans suffered from high and growing debt levels, and increasing ... Read More

  • Retail and Wholesale in South Korea

    ... Consumerist culture among South Koreans is strong, therefore, household expenditure continues to grow; however, consumers are being more price cautious in their purchases. More conservative spending patterns are in part a reflection of accumulated household ... Read More

  • Household Goods in South Korea

    ... due to slowing demand in the country and a changing economic situation, exacerbated by increased corporate and other taxes, and a 16% rise in the minimum wage. These government actions had a particularly large impact ... Read More

  • Bags and Luggage in South Korea

    ... during 2019 were generally in line with those seen at global level. In particular, there was a shift towards smaller handbags and backpacks, items which are considered particularly convenient among urban commuters. Furthermore, growing demand ... Read More

  • Personal Accessories in South Korea

    ... demand in all personal accessories categories. However, one bright spot was that spending on personal accessories, including notably the leading luxury brands, continued to increase despite the generally unfavourable scenario. There are two main drivers ... Read More

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