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  • Baby and Child-Specific Products in Romania

    ... postponing the decision to start a family or have children. The younger generation believes that having a child involves a huge responsibility and requires a financial situation at a certain level. Raising children nowadays is ... Read More

  • Wipes in Romania

    ... becoming more informed about the potential risks of cheaper products. Consequently, they gravitated towards products that were marketed as more natural and less harmful for their skin. Euromonitor International's Wipes in Romania report offers a ... Read More

  • Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Romania

    ... which pose small to no risks to their babies’ health. More than before, preoccupation for the environmental impact of the products they use, is also driving Romanians to shift towards eco-friendly nappies/diapers/pants. Euromonitor International's Nappies/Diapers/Pants ... Read More

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