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Portugal Children's HBC

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  • Baby and Child-Specific Products in Portugal

    ... wipes. Nevertheless, the category as a whole recorded positive value growth as manufacturers focused on widening their ranges with added value products, particularly organic and natural products. This was particularly prevalent in skin care and ... Read More

  • Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Portugal

    ... face. Nonetheless, nappies/diapers/pants continued to see steady growth in current value terms in 2019 in part thanks to leading brands encouraging consumers to switch to more expensive categories such as disposable pants, thus compensating for ... Read More

  • Wipes in Portugal

    ... of wipes in Portugal. Consumers use such products in many different situations due to their convenience but also because they are cheaper than other types of wipes. Baby wipes brands are making efforts to segment ... Read More

  • Disposable Nappies in Portugal (2018) – Market Sizes

    ... comprises sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. Market size for Disposable Nappies in Portugal is given in EUR with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five ... Read More

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