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South America Mortgages & Financing

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  • Consumer Lending in Argentina

    ... has naturally affected the consumer lending industry, which saw outstanding balance and gross lending decline in both 2018 and 2019 in real terms (at constant 2019 prices), although the figures showed strong growth in current ... Read More

  • Consumer Lending in Brazil

    ... expensive one. Paradoxically, it is also most commonly used by Brazilians from lower income bands, being the type of credit with one of the largest rates of default. To tackle that issue, monetary authorities launched ... Read More

  • Home Retailing in Peru, Market Shares, Summary and Forecasts to 2022

    ... information on the business environment and country risk related to Peru retail environment. In addition, it analyzes the key consumer trends influencing Peru home industry. Home sector sales are producing healthy growth in the country ... Read More

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