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  • Syria: In-depth PEST Insights

    ... trend analysis. Synopsis Understand the political system in Syria through analysis of key figures in the country and governance indicators. Understand the economic situation in Syria through a balanced assessment of core macroeconomic issues. Understand ... Read More

  • Kuwait Real Estate Q3 2019

    ... investment that should support steadydemand for commercial real estate assets. However, minimal development activity and dwindling prime supply are dampeningtenant appetite, and rental rates are coming under downward pressure in secondary markets as a result. Read More

  • Israel Insurance Q3 2019

    ... insurers’ investment earnings. Crucially, though,volumes are rising in most of the insurers’ various businesses - which is testament to their ability to develop and distribute attractiveofferings. As usual, corporate deal-making reflects the key roles that ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Insurance Q3 2019

    ... extensive gaps in coverageremain in all sectors, particularly in the life insurance market where expatriates make up most of the demand. Our outlook for theoverall insurance market remains positive as economic growth, looser oil output ... Read More

  • Financial Cards and Payments in the Middle East and Africa

    ... payment policy and expanding population, the region is likely to continue to be a focus for international payment companies. However, there remains a large portion of the population throughout the region who still lack access ... Read More

  • Middle East and Africa Payscape 2023: Payment Policy Developments

    ... the region. The benefits of cash alternatives are more well known to policy makers than ever before. Policies have opened competition for financial services and digital payments, resulting in an emerging fintech sector. Countries have ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Banking & Financial Services Q3 2019

    ... and tap into the second largestconsumer market in the Middle East (after Egypt), as loan growth continues to increase. The banking sector's positive outlook,accompanied by the expected growth of the stock market and asset management ... Read More

  • Retail Banking Market Dynamics: UAE 2018

    ... card and mortgage markets reported sluggish performance during 2014-18, but are expected to grow at a higher rate over the next five-year period. Key Findings - Among the top UAE banks, Dubai Islamic Bank increased ... Read More

  • Kuwait Banking & Financial Services Q3 2019

    ... a number of areas, mainly due to an inadequate regulatoryframework. With recent regulatory reforms, increased government spending and a revised strategy, the industry is expected to growin the coming years and challenge its peers in ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Real Estate Q3 2019

    ... evident in the prime-end of themarket. Industrial rent will continue with a stable trajectory owing to a balance in demand-supply. Regional market pressures andrising global interest present headwinds to the sector, and we may see ... Read More

  • Qatar Insurance Q3 2019

    ... rising global oil prices and robust levels ofgovernment spending and private consumption. Qatar is benefiting from a dynamic economic diversification effort and has one ofthe most vibrant capital infrastructure development pipelines in the region targeted ... Read More

  • Financial Services Report Israel May 2019

    ... up-to-date sources available. The sectoral demand forecasts and historic data and analysis are complemented by an overview of the financial services industry, including: The state of the market; Key industry players; Stockmarkets; and Market developments; Read More

  • Oman Banking & Financial Services Q3 2019

    ... market in particular are expected tosuffer the most, although credit growth has improved in the past year, with total lending forecast to grow by 4.5% in 2018 andestimated to grow by a further 5.5% this ... Read More

  • Bahrain Real Estate Q3 2019

    ... properties is expected to marginally increase in 2019 as ambientmarket conditions improve. However, rental costs are forecast to remain flat at historic lows for office assets, as underlying structuralissues continue to dampen overall market activity. ... Read More

  • Lebanon Insurance Q3 2019

    ... the growth outlook for the Lebanese insuranceindustry is positive, with solid growth expected in the key non-life lines - health and motor insurance, as well as smaller segmentssuch as personal accident insurance. Demand remains more ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Real Estate Q3 2019

    ... tensions with Qatar have weighed on investment returns as property owners absorb higher costsamid soft market conditions. Rent is falling across all three sub-sectors and is expected to remain this way in the medium term. Read More

  • Bahrain: In-depth PEST Insights

    ... trend analysis.Synopsis Understand the political system in Bahrain through analysis of key figures in the country and governance indicators. Understand the economic situation in Bahrain through a balanced assessment of core macroeconomic issues. Understand customer ... Read More

  • Iran Insurance Q3 2019

    ... private final consumption levels collapsing in the face ofcrippling global sanctions over 2019. Furthermore, rampant inflation and a weak currency will further erode purchasing power andsavings while a tense geopolitical standoff with the United States ... Read More

  • Kuwait Insurance Q3 2019

    ... gradual improvement in consumer understanding of the benefitsof insurance cover, supported by efforts on the part of domestic providers to raise awareness. The development of digital services tomake the market more accessible will also support ... Read More

  • Bahrain Banking & Financial Services Q3 2019

    ... is effective in attracting foreign investment and encouraging businessgrowth. Although the recent economic problems and the fall in oil prices have hindered the performance of most industries, thefinancial sector remains strong and is contributing to ... Read More

  • Bahrain Insurance Q2 2019

    ... with a series of drivers underpinning stable growth inthe life and non-life lines. A stable macroeconomicenvironment coupled with rising oil prices, a robust construction pipeline andsustained infrastructure investments will support healthy consumer and enterprise demand. Read More

  • Israel Banking & Financial Services Q2 2019

    ... of the market. Competition is improving, however, as the banks areselling various assets and branches. In particular, plans to increase competition in the credit card sector should help to lower pricesand increase options for consumers ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Banking & Financial Services Q2 2019

    ... asset management sectors are leading the region and are expected to continue their tremendousgrowth. Deposits and credit growth are expected to improve due to the positive macroeconomic outlook and total gross premiumsare expected to increase ... Read More

  • Jordan Banking & Financial Services Q2 2019

    ... assumption that Jordanian economic activity will inch up over the quarters ahead, which comesafter the country's economy has shown resilience in the face of considerable instability and volatility in the region. The bankingsector is well ... Read More

  • Lebanon Banking & Financial Services Q2 2019

    ... number of well-established domestic banks, many of which have expandedinto other regional markets, alongside some well-known international banks. The sector is considered one of the country'seconomic pillars, as it has demonstrated strong results in 2018. ... Read More

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