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  • Pet Medications in the U.S., 6th Edition

    ... by consumers. These products include prescription, over-the-counter (also called OTC or retail products), and “ethical” products (nonprescription medications that are only distributed to veterinarians). The primary focus of Pet Medications in the U.S., 6th Edition ... Read More

  • Pet Supplements in the U.S., 7th Edition

    ... in competition with functional pet food and treat formulations. With sales surpassing $600 million in 2019 and CBD (cannabidiol) products creating a surge of new interest, the market is expected to show steady growth for ... Read More

  • U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2019-2020

    ... and retailing, along with consumer patterns across the full spectrum of the market, including veterinary services, pet food, nonfood pet supplies, and non-medical pet services (including grooming, boarding, training, and pet insurance). This report forecasts ... Read More

  • Pet Industry Outlook: Veterinary Services and Pet Product Retailing

    ... conducted throughout the year, Veterinary Services and Pet Product Retailing is the go-to source for the veterinary industry. The report evaluates current trends and future directions for veterinary services, how this affects pet product marketers ... Read More

  • Pet Medications in the U.S., 5th Edition

    ... dogs and cats, with a particular focus on brand-name products used by consumers. These include prescription, over-the-counter (OTC or “retail”), and ethical products (nonprescription medications whose distribution is restricted by the manufacturer to veterinarians). The ... Read More

  • U.S. Equine Market, 3rd Edition

    ... feed) and services. An overall market forecast is provided for year 2020. The report examines the most important developments shaping the market and their implications, including internal and external market drivers, industry trends (legislation, marketing, ... Read More

  • Sleep Management in the U.S.: Consumer Strategies

    ... reveals that 82% of adults have trouble sleeping at least once a week, due to at least one of seven forms of sleep disturbance. This translates to 206 million “troubled sleepers” out of 249 million ... Read More

  • Pain Management in the U.S.: Consumer Strategies

    ... The report studies two distinct groups: pain sufferers and adults who have selected illnesses/conditions strongly associated with physical pain and pain management. Demographic analysis of these groups is woven into report analysis. Content is further ... Read More

  • Nutritional Supplements in the U.S., 7th Edition

    ... historical (2011–2015) and forecasted (2016–2020) retail sales data. The report discusses key trends affecting the marketplace, trends driving growth, and consumer demographics. In addition, the report discusses the key supplement marketers and retailers providing nutritional ... Read More

  • Pet Medications in the U.S., 4th Edition

    ... Plus is still the market leader in flea and tick medication, but it has a number of copycat competitors, selling at far less than the now off-patent powerhouse. But Merial has managed to not only ... Read More

  • Non-GMO Foods: U.S. and Global Market Perspective, 2nd Edition

    ... be getting more intense. In the U.S., 80% to 90% of such key crops as corn, soybeans, and cotton are grown from genetically modified (GM) seeds and there is little effort by anti-GMO forces to ... Read More

  • U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2015-2016

    ... when sales haven’t kept up with the growth of recent years, the industry has managed to attract a slew of investment. The pet industry saw the biggest private equity deal of the year, when a ... Read More

  • Natural and Organic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 4th Edition

    ... of food found in small co-ops, “alternative” food stores and, with the advent of Whole Foods, niche, high-end supermarkets have now become ubiquitous. Every major supermarket chain in the U.S., from Kroger to Target to ... Read More

  • Nutritional Supplements in the U.S., 6th Edition

    ... Facts’ leading market research survey on this projected $16.4 billion market. This is a market that has experienced ups and downs. Negative press about supplement safety and effectiveness not surprisingly had a chilling effect – ... Read More

  • U.S. Equine Market, 2nd Edition

    ... products (4% annually since 2009, Packaged Facts found). But in our new report, U.S. Equine Market, 2nd Edition , Packaged Facts finds reasons for hope for the equine world. With the largest horse population of ... Read More

  • U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2014-2015

    ... industry. In 2013-14 some big companies decided they weren’t all in and got out, such as P&G and Novartis, while others brought their pet business to a higher level. Del Monte Foods sold off its ... Read More

  • Food Formulation Trends: Ingredients Consumers Avoid

    ... a way life – be it for health or health attitude reasons. This trend is likely to perpetuate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the numbers of people with allergies is on the ... Read More

  • Pet Medications in the U.S.: Over-the-Counter and Prescription Remedies as Consumer Products, 3rd Edition

    ... activity. Longtime flea and tick leader Frontline (from Merial) is finally feeling the effects of the patent expiration of its active ingredient, fipronil. Several other fipronil products have made a splash, gnawing away at Frontline’s ... Read More

  • Non-GMO Foods: Global Market Perspective

    ... Europe, consumer rejection of foods made using GMO ingredients has caused many of the leading international food companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, and Coca-Cola to introduce—or be developing—non-GMO versions of their products. Such giant international ... Read More

  • Non-GMO Foods: U.S. Market Perspective

    ... Related to this controversy is the issue of whether GMO crops are safe for the environment. In addition, advocacy groups are concerned that a few international conglomerates, through their ownership of GMO technology, can gain ... Read More

  • U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2013-2014

    ... proprietary Pet Owners Survey shows that they are becoming less price sensitive than in years past. And this trend is borne out in the sales data. Sales in mass channels such as grocery stores have ... Read More

  • Fiber Food Ingredients in the U.S.: Soluble, Insoluble, and Digestive-Resistant Types, 2nd Edition

    ... explores the finished products in the marketplace and the Americans that purchase them. The report provides insight to the types of fiber and their proven benefit; the companies that supply the ingredients, including a competitive ... Read More

  • The Global Market for EPA/DHA Omega-3 Products

    ... health benefit through positive media coverage of scientific research findings, as well as developments in regulatory markets, will contribute significantly to continued growth in the global market for EPA/DHA omega-3 products. Other factors that will ... Read More

  • Nutritional Supplements in the U.S., 5th Edition

    ... prescription medications. Now, with U.S. consumers beginning to loosen their budgetary belt straps, nutritional supplement marketers must work to keep their products at the forefront of consumers’ health regimens. Key to this pursuit are targeted ... Read More

  • Antioxidant Products in the U.S.: Foods, Beverages, Supplements and Personal Care

    ... approach foods and beverages from a nutritional supplementation perspective, but also have come to regard health and beauty products as extensions of the foods they eat and the nutritional supplements they take. What has emerged ... Read More

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Life Sciences market research reports by Packaged Facts

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