Garden and Grove: Culinary Trend Tracking Series

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Garden and Grove: Culinary Trend Tracking Series 

Freshness is officially at the forefront of food trends. More than non-GMO, more than local, organic, or natural, more even than low price, consumers value freshness in food—and nothing says freshness like garden-fresh vegetables or fruit.  This fandom for freshness extends to Millennials, further securing the status of freshness at the center of culinary trends.

Garden and Grove:Culinary Trend Tracking Series profiles six "garden and grove"food trends that are driving innovation in restaurants and retail:  celery and fennel;fresh mintradishes;specialty salad greensshishito, Peppadew, and ghost peppers as emerging hot peppers; and cocktail bar fruit.

Culinary Trend Tracking Series (CuTTS) is the essential source for tracking culinary trends and opportunities in the restaurant, foodservice, retail prepared foods,and packaged food and beverage sectors. This report series empowers the menu and food manufacturing innovation of executives, strategists, chefs, and food research professionals in R&D/product development, market and consumer insights, brand management, and trade and consumer marketing.  CuTTs provides authoritative culinary trend and opportunity analysis within the framework of today’s key sales growth drivers:

  • Flavor adventure
  • Craft and artisanal quality
  • Authenticity
  • Customization
  • Health and wellness
  • Eco consciousness and sustainability

Each CuTTs report takes a sustained look at a key topic area such as meal-time or snacking trends, international cuisines, or Millennial eating, or at a broad menu and product category such as proteins, baked goods, condiments, or beverages. Ineach issue, Trend Summary and Trend Distribution and Opportunity tables encapsulate the most salient industry developments and summarize the discussion and analysis provided. Specifically, each issue of CuTTs leverages Packaged Facts’ expertise in these inter-related food industry areas:

Consumer Trends

  • 10-year data trending based on large, random sample Simmons national consumer surveys
  • Quarterly trend updates based on proprietary Packaged Facts online national surveys
  • The new tech-savvy consumer and social media context

Menu Trends

  • Historical menu trend data and recent new offerings, drawing on Datassential MenuTrends data
  • Chef insights and trend interpretations; menu examples and illustrations

Retail Food Trends

  • Mass-market and natural/specialty channel sales-tracking data
  • Packaged product bestsellers and new product introductions

Culinary Trend Tracking Series provides the expert analysis our clients have come to rely on to make the right strategic decisions, at the right time. These reports continue our tradition of providing top-level studies that combine a unique set of raw data with an informed focus on market opportunities.  CuTTS will be an essential resource for you in

  • identifying future opportunities in menu offerings and packaged foods & beverages
  • leveraging the long-term drivers that are truly propelling food industry trends
  • tracking trends in fine dining restaurant, foodservice, retail prepared foods, and packaged foods
  • matching emerging trends to your organization’s ongoing menu and product development


  • Executive Summary Tables
    • Beyond Mint Jelly
  • Celery and Fennel
    • Garden Classics
      • Reimagining long-time staples, from seed to pollen
        • Table Menu Penetration Rates for Celery and Fennel: Across Restaurant Sectors, 2006-2016
        • Table Trends to Opportunities: Celery & Fennel
      • New life for celery leaves and seeds
      • Feathery fennel fills the bill
      • Fennel pollen and seeds as umami
      • Menu Trend Applications
        • Table Fennel Opportunity Map: Restaurants & Retail
  • Mint
    • Multicultural Multitasker
      • Mint basics
        • Table Menu Penetration Rates for Mint Leaves: Across Restaurant Sectors, 2006-2016
        • Table Drivers of Fresh Mint Potential
      • Beyond spearmint and peppermint
      • National and Regional Chain Menu Sightings
      • Fine Dining and Independent Restaurant Menu Sightings
      • Beyond Mint Jelly
        • Table Mint Opportunity Map: Restaurants & Retail
  • Radishes
    • Radishes Get Respect
      • Not just for salads anymore
        • Table Menu Penetration Rates for Radish: Across Restaurant Sectors, 2006-2016
        • Table Trends to Opportunities: Radishes
      • Versatility in a small package
      • Go big or go home: Daikon radishes
        • Table Radishes Opportunity Map: Restaurants & Retail
  • Specialty Salad Greens
    • Field of Greens
      • Step Away from the Iceberg
        • Table Menu Penetration Rates for Arugula: Across Restaurant Sectors, 2006-2016
        • Table Trends to Opportunities: Specialty Greens
      • The (Salad) Greening of Menus
      • Menu Sightings
        • Table Specialty Greens Opportunity Map: Restaurants & Retail
  • Emerging Hot Peppers
    • Shishito, Peppadew, and Ghost Peppers
      • New takes on "red or green?"
        • Table Menu Penetration Rates for Hot Peppers and Sauces: Across Restaurant Sectors, 2006-2016
        • Table Drivers of Specialty Pepper Potential
        • Table Scoville Heat Measures for Peppadew, Shishito, and Ghost Pepper
      • Shishito peppers
        • Table Shishito Peppers Opportunity Map: Restaurants & Retail
      • Peppadew peppers
        • Table Peppadew Peppers Opportunity Map: Restaurants & Retail
      • Ghost Pepper Product Sightings
        • Table Peppadew Peppers Opportunity Map: Restaurants & Retail
  • Cocktail Bar Fruit
    • Tradition with a twist
      • Fruit cocktails for the 21st century
      • Farm to glass
        • Table Trends to Opportunities: Cocktail Bar Fruit
      • Bloody Marys to suit
      • Mixing things up by gender

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