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  • Country Economic Forecasts - Eurozone

    ... But with the health situation still posing a great risk in several countries and a slow start of the vaccination roll-out, restrictions are being extended, probably leading to a double-dip recession in Q1. We now ... Read More

  • Global Overview of Income and Expenditure

    ... income and consumer expenditure. Insights into trends such as rising income inequality, emerging middle classes and the “Asian century” can help businesses prepare themselves for the challenges, whilst also spotting opportunities arising from these important ... Read More

  • Country Economic Forecasts - Eurozone

    ... is going to be massive, with the eurozone heading for an historically deep recession in H1. Given the extension and escalation of containment measures in many countries, we have slashed our 2020 GDP forecast to ... Read More

  • Economy, Finance and Trade in the Middle East and Africa

    ... richest globally in terms of GDP per capita, while many Sub-Saharan markets belong to the poorest nations worldwide. The region remains highly dependent on hydrocarbons, with oil prices being the prime determinant of economic performance ... Read More

  • Eurozone Economic Outlook: H2 2019Weak Growth and Increasing Downside Risks

    ... due to the worsening in global trade and in manufacturing sector conditions. Manufacturing output, in particular, has contracted in 2019. Domestic demand and service sector conditions have been stronger. Forecast risks have increased substantially due ... Read More

  • Global Economic Forecasts: Q3 2019

    ... to 3.3% annually in 2020-2021. Overall global downside risks have increased, with rising trade tensions and financial markets volatility since May 2019. Strategy Briefings offer unique insight into emerging trends world-wide. Aimed squarely at strategists ... Read More

  • Africa Rising: Fast growing industries point to prosperous future

    ... key industries are experiencing strong growth. That, however, does not mean all potential progress is being tapped. Despite healthy growth in areas such as agriculture, retail, mining and banking, much remains to be done which ... Read More

  • Country Risk Index: 2019

    ... levels or market sizes under adverse macroeconomic conditions relative to the baseline outlook. The index can be used be used to rank countries by their macroeconomic riskiness and to incorporate a typical pessimistic scenario into ... Read More

  • Global Risk Report: 2019

    ... It allows multinational organisations to rank and prioritise the main global macroeconomic risks. The GRI highlights three key adverse scenarios for 2019-2020: A Global Downturn, an Emerging Markets Slowdown and a Global Crisis. Strategy Briefings ... Read More

  • Zombie companies: Ending drag on global economy now vital

    ... years old - has soared. Now they represent a serious problem to the global economy. A problem seemingly devoid of easy solutions, closing zombies and allowing more profitable and vibrant firms to fill the resultant ... Read More

  • Global Economic Forecasts: Q4 2018

    ... at 3.8% in 2018 (a pace similar to 2017), declining to 3.5% in 2019-2020. Overall global risks outlook has worsened since August. Escalating trade barriers, higher political risks, and worsening financial market conditions could further ... Read More

  • Commerce 2040: Revolutionary Tech Will Boost Consumer Engagement

    ... the new formats, business models and experiences that consumers of tomorrow will expect, and the implications thereof. This thought-provoking report, which serves as the kick-off of the broader Commerce 2040 series, includes visualisations of next-gen ... Read More

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