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  • Generation Hashtag - Thematic Research

    ... Generation Z, cannot countenance a world without the internet or smartphones, and their priorities and preferences are reshaping the corporate world. At a rough estimate, Generation Hashtag makes up one-quarter of the world's population and ... Read More

  • Future of the Family: Generation Z as Homemakers

    ... will shape the future family structure, with households becoming smaller and more diverse. Although habits may change as they age, Gen Z tend to have a strong preference for homeownership, smart technology and spacious home. ... Read More

  • Generation Z as Future Customers, Forecast to 2027

    ... and 2007, will be an important customer base in the future. This age cohort is expected to be the most ethnically diverse and tolerant generation yet. It is also a socially and environmentally aware group. ... Read More

  • The Effective operator strategies to address the youth market segment

    ... address this demographic and have led to operators marketing youth-specific plans or launching sub-brands, but it is not clear what the most effective strategies are. In this report, we examine how operators can best serve ... Read More

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