Global E-learning Market Analysis and Outlook to 2026

Global E-learning Market Analysis and Outlook to 2026

Executive Summary

Driving Forces
The growing internet access in countries around the world is a major factor influencing growth of online education and training. Increasing application of cloud-based solutions, combined with significant moves taken by key market players in ensuring the efficiency and usability of cloud-based education systems, are also contributing to the growth of online education worldwide.
With rising opportunities in the e-learning space, demand for content is also rising consequently many online content suppliers by collaborating with software service providers are creating more interactive and advance study material. After the novel coronavirus disrupted operations of schools and universities, online content services sector has experienced flooding demand. Further industry has experienced fall in hosting cost owing to rising competition in the market and this has allowed even small content providers to take part in the rapidly evolving market.

Blended Learning Gainign Popularity
During pre-COVID-19 period, blended learning, which involves both online and offline modes of learning, saw substantial expansion. Although, after the virus outbreak that affected the world's significant economies in 2020 there was a pause in offline courses, which is expected to begin in 2022.

Market Performance
E-learning market is expected to grow at double digit growth YoY and recording CAGR of 10.68% between 2021-2026. The US e-learning market is expected to remain on top position while China will evolve as a competent market for e-learning software's.

Scope of the Study
The report title Global E-learning Market Analysis and Outlook to 2026 helps the reader to understand performance of global online education during Pre-COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 period with the help of regional analysis. The profile also contains company profiling of the leading players in the global market. Report help to recent developments, Key challenges, opportunities and growth enables present in the market. Also Macro Economy Analysis describe as how the world economy is shaping up.

The report answers Following key questions:
The report helps to understand performance of e-learning market worldwide with detailed analysis of the global E-learning market that is further segregated into regional analysis.
In-depth analysis of current scenario during the outbreak and impact over the industry has been discusses in the report.
The report help to assess the impact of internal and external factors over the present as well as the future market performance with the help of industrial as well as macro economic factors.
The market has been segmented into technology, application and geography. In geography, we have mainly covered North America, Europe, APAC and Middle East & Africa.
Report helps to gain insights on shift happed after the virus outbreak and future expected performance considering driving forces and restraints.

1. Research Methodology
Objective of the Study
Research Process
2. COVID-19 Prevalence Summary
COVID-19 Prevalence & Impact
Number of cumulative cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide
3. COVID-19 Impact Over World Economy
Economy Outlook
Impact Over Global Workforce
E-learning Industry Updates After Virus Outbreak
4. EPTD Analysis
EPTD Analysis
EPTD Analysis – Economy Overview
EPTD Analysis – Political Overview
EPTD Analysis – Technological Overview
EPTD Analysis – Demographic Overview
5. Global E-learning Market Analysis & Forecast
Ranking in Global E-learning Market
Global E-learning Education Market Analysis
Global E-learning Market Revenue and Forecast
Global E-learning Market Segmentation – By Technology & Mode of Learning
Global E-learning Market Segmentation – By Application
Global E-learning Market - By Geography
6. North America E-learning Market Analysis & Forecast
North America E-learning Market Analysis
The US Education Expenditure
North America E-learning Market Revenue & Forecast
North America E-learning Market Segmentation– By Geography & Application
7. Asia Pacific E-learning Market Analysis & Forecast
APAC E-learning Market Analysis
APAC E-learning Market Revenue & Forecast
APAC E-learning Market Segmentation – By Geography and Application
8. Europe E-Learning Market Analysis & Forecast
Europe E-learning Market Analysis
Europe E-learning Market Revenue & Forecast
Europe E-learning Market Segmentation – By Geography and Application
9. Global Distance Education Market – Rules & Regulations
Rules & Regulations – The US
Rules & Regulations - India
Rules & Regulations - China
Rules & Regulations –Germany & UK
10. Micro Dynamic Factors
Market Trends & Developments
Growth Enablers
Market Opportunities
Market Limitations
11. Macro Economy Analysis
Macro Economic Factors – Population Facts
Macro Economic Factors – Public Expenditure
Macro Economic Factors – Financial Support
Macro Economic Factors – Student Enrollment
12. Global E-learning Market – Key Players Profile
Company Profile – Adobe Inc
Company Profile – CISCO Inc.
Company Profile – GP Strategies Corp
Company Profile – Oracle Corp
Company Profile – APTARA
Company Profile – Blackboard Inc.
Company Profile – British Council

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