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  • Consumer Health in Middle East and Africa

    ... consumer health sales. Some consumers, unable to afford visits to a doctor, will, instead, take their local pharmacist’s advice on what to take based on their symptoms as they self-medicate to save money. Preventative healthcare ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Ethiopia

    ... expenditure. Rx medications continued to be widely purchased under the counter in pharmacies, which negatively affected demand for OTC products. Asian brands, which are mainly manufactured in China and India, grew in popularity within consumer ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Côte d'Ivoire

    ... cities. An overburdened public health sector and expensive private health mean consumers rely on family/social circles and advice from pharmacists. Moreover, global inflation posed challenges to imports and led to price rises locally. Illicit trade ... Read More

  • Liver Health Supplements Market - Global Size, Share, Trend Analysis, Opportunity and Forecast Report, 2019–2030, Segmented By Product (Vitamin & Minerals, Herbal Supplements); By Type (Prescribed, Over the Counter (OTC)); By Dosage (Capsules, Tablets, Liquid, Powder); By Distribution Channel (E-commerce, Drug Store & Pharmacies, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets); By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), Middle East and Africa (MEA))

    ... of rising prevalence of liver diseases and increasing awareness about liver health. BlueWeave Consulting, a leading strategic consulting and market research firm, in its recent study, estimated the Global Liver Health Supplements Market size at ... Read More

  • Analgesics in Cameroon

    ... in urban areas where a diverse range of brands are available at various price points. As such, analgesic are relatively affordable. That being said, in rural areas, healthcare access is a significant challenge and pharmacies ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Cameroon

    ... their efficacy. Additionally, there is now a broader range of consumer health products on offer that are known to be effective, and this has also dampened volumed demand for herbal/traditional products. Euromonitor International's Herbal/Traditional Products ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Cameroon

    ... the economy. However, ongoing civil conflict, as well as widespread poverty, restrained growth somewhat. With this background, consumer health registered a moderate increase in current values sales, supported by a continuing growing population and the ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Cameroon

    ... the initial choice before resorting to conventional medications. This is primarily because natural remedies are generally more affordable than pharmaceutical options. Cough syrups are typically sought only if symptoms persist after attempting natural remedies. However, ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Cameroon

    ... is leading to increased water shortages. This continued to contribute to volume sales of digestive remedies. Euromonitor International's Digestive Remedies in Cameroon report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in Cameroon

    ... having no access to proper sanitary facilities. In particular, skin conditions such as ringworm are common. Moreover, eczema and other skin disorders are growing, partly due to worsening pollution. Euromonitor International's Dermatologicals in Cameroon report ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Kenya

    ... at hospitals and are keen to self-medicate, whilst others are still reliant on using traditional remedies in some areas of the country. Most Kenyans have a strong preference for seeking treatment over the counter from ... Read More

  • Eye Care in Nigeria

    ... has led to an increase in demand for OTC eye care products. Trachoma is a common disease, and without proper treatment, it can lead to severe eye problems later in life. Consequently, OTC eye care ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Nigeria

    ... with lower disposable incomes, while international counterparts, including Benylin, have higher price points and are favoured by consumers with higher incomes. For instance, Benylin is priced at an average of N10,000, whereas brands such as ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Kenya

    ... digestive problems. However, unhealthy diets are also leading to increased acidity and heartburn among the general population, which is also being underpinned by busy, modern lifestyles. All these factors are supporting value sales for digestive ... Read More

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies in Kenya

    ... this concern, a regulatory framework has been implemented restricting the distribution of cough syrups in Kenya to retail pharmacies and requiring consultation with a pharmacist before purchase. This regulatory framework significantly influences the distribution and ... Read More

  • Analgesics in Kenya

    ... of this trend. Brand loyalty remains strong in analgesics, especially for brands that have proven efficacy, with some consumers choosing not to trade down to cheaper brands. Moreover, there are a range of analgesics products ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Nigeria

    ... passed down through generations. These alternatives are widely embraced by consumers, not only for their perceived safety but also for their cost-effectiveness compared to conventional medicines. The longstanding use of these remedies across generations is ... Read More

  • Digestive Remedies in Nigeria

    ... with these issues, consumers in such locations often mitigate the impact due to their higher spending power and income. These consumers tend to rely on bottled and sachet water, providing protection against digestive issues. Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Consumer Health in Nigeria

    ... trend, driving the sale of OTC products in the country. Euromonitor International's Consumer Health in Nigeria report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides ... Read More

  • Herbal/Traditional Products in Kenya

    ... more effective than pharmaceutical products purchased from pharmacies. In Kenya, there are over 40 tribes and each community has its own traditional treatments that have been utilised for generations. For instance, the Maasai community offers ... Read More

  • Paediatric Consumer Health in Nigeria

    ... imported brands hold greater appeal as they are often perceived to offer superior quality and efficacy. Nevertheless, certain local brands have established a significant presence in the paediatric sector, primarily targeting consumers with lower income ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in Kenya

    ... are linked to the stigma of sexually transmitted infections arising from promiscuous behaviour. Lice infections are associated with inadequate personal hygiene, further discouraging consumers from seeking early assistance. Consequently, individuals often resort to do-it-yourself app... ... Read More

  • Analgesics in Nigeria

    ... availability and a broad consumer base. The expansion of the Nigerian population, rising stress levels - due to accelerated modern lifestyles, and the growing youth consumer base are also playing a significant role in developing ... Read More

  • Dermatologicals in Nigeria

    ... lead to skin problems, including infections. Skin rashes are also amongst the most frequent health issues experienced by school children, affecting more than a third of this demographic. The school environment makes students vulnerable to ... Read More

  • Middle East And Africa Ophthalmic Drugs Market 2023-2030

    ... forecasted years 2023-2030. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Rest of the Middle East & Africa are the countries studied in this report. Amidst healthcare challenges in South Africa, eye health ... Read More

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