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Robo-finance - The Future Of Financial Services

Robo-finance - The Future Of Financial Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) agents (or Robo-Finance Agents) are reaching a level of maturity and cost which is allowing them to be used widely in the financial services market. While currently most attention is focused on their use in Retail Robo-advice services, in the coming decade IRN Research expect them to be used more widely for Robo-Investing and Robo-insurance.

Robo-Finance agents will grow in sophistication and, while they will replace human agents in some areas (e.g. basic financial advice) they will also increasingly be used in tandem with human intelligence: Robo-Finance will morph into Cyborg- Finance. Driven by a number of factors, including the Advice Gap in the UK, human cognitive biases when investing and the need to restrain costs while reaching clients, Robo-Finance will move from a niche to a mainstream feature of the UK financial services market in the coming decade.

These issues and more are discussed in a new report from IRN Research called Robo-Finance Agents in Financial Services. This looks at the use of Robo-Finance Agents in financial services markets, considering where they are being used and what future deployment might look like. It identifies and profiles firms currently deploying such agents or evaluating them and considers who are the major suppliers of such agents to the financial services markets.

Aims Of This Report
Executive Summary
Key Findings
The Current Role Of Robo-finance Agents
How Rfas Are Used
The Drivers Of Rfa Use In Financial Services
Consumers Are Reluctant To Pay For Advice
The Financial Advice Gap
Investment Biases
Competitive Pressure
Targeting Henry And Henrietta
The Right Business Environment
Current Market
Five Years Behind The Us
Rfas Operate In A £4.5 Billion Market
Robo-advice, Less Than 1% Of Platform Assets Under Management
Profits Are Hard To Come By
Examples Of Rfa Services And Software
Examples Of B2c Rfa Services
Examples Of B2b Or B2b2c Rfa Services
Rfa Services In The Pipeline
The Future
Robo-advice, The Great Disruptor
Financial Advice Market Review (Famr) Will Help Robo-advice Develop…
Which Will Force Human Advisers Out Of The Bottom End Of The Market
And There Are Potential Pitfalls Ahead
From Investment Decision-support To Wealth Management
From Robo-advice To Cyborg Advice?
If Fund Managers Use Robo-advice To Vertically Integrate….
Will Technology Companies Use Robo-advice To Move Into Asset Management?
Robo-investing And Cyborg-investing

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