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  • Europe E-bike Market Forecast 2021-2028

    ... and physical fitness. Many cities of the region entail developed infrastructure, where e-bikes can be conveniently used without the interference of the heavy vehicle traffic. Thus, these factors, along with changing culture and favorable infrastructure, ... Read More

  • Netherlands E-bike Market Forecast 2021-2025

    ... markets for the e-bike in the European region. Europe is witnessing a shift in infrastructure development and culture, which enables the growth of the market in the countries of the region. MARKET INSIGHTS The Netherlands ... Read More

  • Travel in Serbia

    ... hotels and retail outlets, including travel agencies and car rental facilities were closed, and consumers remained largely restricted to their homes except in cases of essential movement. These conditions effectively halted tourism operations altogether, which ... Read More

  • Airlines in Bulgaria

    ... International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) estimated that global international capacity could fall by as much as two thirds during the first three quarters of 2020, compared to original forecasts. Europe was expected to be one ... Read More

  • Airlines in Ireland

    ... in Ireland, has stated that it will not accept rules around flying with the middle seat in a row empty in order to ensure social distancing. The company had also stated that it would not ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Ireland

    ... the market remains heavily reliant on a short rental season running from June to August. While this period in 2020 saw the phased easing of lockdown, opportunities for travel remained limited, with hotels not reopening ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Sweden

    ... 45% and offline value by 46%. Falling fastest is business car rental, which has dropped by 57% compared to 2019’s 4% rise, while the least-worst hit is insurance replacement car rental, which has posted a ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Bulgaria

    ... mainly to the impact of lockdowns and travel restrictions nationally and across the world. Initially, the spread of COVID-19 resulted in severe disruption to public transport, leading to a surge in domestic demand for car ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Hungary

    ... located at airports and dependent on the regular flow of airline passengers. Both leisure and business car rental are expected to be equally affected with a nearly three quarters drop in current retail value sales ... Read More

  • Travel in Sweden

    ... result of lockdowns or prohibitions by Swedish authorities. While Sweden’s borders have remained open, its famously unorthodox response to the coronavirus crisis has not cushioned the country’s travel industry from the same catastrophic impact seen ... Read More

  • Airlines in Hungary

    ... as travel to major Mediterranean holiday destinations is expected to be virtually non-existent in 2020. Low cost airlines are expected to perform relatively better. During summer 2020, there was a small uplift in the number ... Read More

  • Airlines in Sweden

    ... clear lead with 43% retail value share overall, which represents a significant gain on its overall share in 2019. The airline dominates scheduled airlines. In second place overall and in scheduled airlines is BRA - ... Read More

  • Airlines in Italy

    ... in March, April and May 2020. Airlines cancelled multiple flights as demand collapsed. Some flights were earmarked for the repatriation of Italian citizens still abroad at the outbreak of the global pandemic, while leisure and ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Italy

    ... in spring and into summer 2020. Thus, the numbers of operators and cars are expected to see steep and dramatic decreases, respectively, over 2020 a whole. However, the number of days (business and leisure) is ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Poland

    ... several reasons for the decline, and the COVID-19 pandemic having little impact on the category’s performance. On the one hand, car producers are increasingly fitting their new cars with high-tech in-car entertainment to compete with ... Read More

  • Airlines in the Netherlands

    ... government sees air travel as a significant source of economic growth and jobs, and wishes it to be a catalyst for recovery after the crisis. The Dutch Government has issued a financial package of EUR2-4 ... Read More

  • Airlines in Croatia

    ... and low-cost airlines operating to/from Croatia were forced to ground their airplanes and cancel most of their international flights, although many are now gradually being reinstated as the year progresses. Similarly, all domestic flights were ... Read More

  • Airlines in Greece

    ... leisure trips by air drop by 73%. Meanwhile, business arrivals are falling by 75% while leisure arrivals decline by 70%. Business air outbound has so far decline by 48% and leisure air outbound by 47%. ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Croatia

    ... the travel/tourism industry in Croatia and kept tourists who typically rent cars during their holidays out of the country. Similarly, the much-smaller business car rentals segment is expected to post a sharp fall in value ... Read More

  • Travel in Lithuania

    ... inbound tourists entering the country. Consumers were largely confined to their homes and all hotels and retail outlets, including travel agencies and car rental facilities, were closed with some businesses managing to adapt to offer ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in Greece

    ... overall have so far fallen by 60% in 2020, following 2019’s rise of 2%, with business car rental leading the decline at a 65% drop and insurance replacement car rental the least-worst hit with a ... Read More

  • Car Rental (Destination) in the Netherlands

    ... resulted in a significant fall in demand for car rental. As a result, car rental companies are reducing their fleet sizes in an effort to cut costs. Fleet sizes will only begin to grow as ... Read More

  • Airlines in Spain

    ... have been heavily reduced. Based on a report from the Spanish air traffic control agency, during March-May 2020 all Spanish airports registered 95% lower operations compared to the same period in the previous year. Airlines ... Read More

  • In-Car Entertainment in Germany

    ... halt during the shutdown as well as disrupted production. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in much-reduced mobility in Germany, although, in an attempt to travel safely, a certain proportion of consumers have turned to using their ... Read More

  • Airlines in Switzerland

    ... value sales, low cost carriers are expected to be the hardest hit, with charter airlines set to fare slightly better in comparison. Air traffic was brought to a virtual standstill in April 2020 due to ... Read More

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