Impact of India on Auto Sector - Thematic Research

Impact of India on Auto Sector - Thematic Research

Impact of India on Auto Sector - Thematic Research


This report looks at the impact of India on the global automotive sector. In 2018, the global automotive industry was worth at least $3.5 trillion. India’s industry accounted for around 2% of the world total at some $68.6 billion. While India’s GDP is expected to grow by 7.2% in 2019, its auto sector is forecast to grow by 8.2% in value.


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    • Introduction
    • Players
      • Automotive companies with strong exposure to India's automotive market
        • Table Figure 1: Which auto companies have the strongest exposure to India's automotive industry?
        • Table Figure 2:Indian light vehicle sales, 2017 to 2025 (units)
      • Non-automotive companies with exposure to India
        • Table Figure 3: Who are the main players in India's technology sector?
      • Indian automotive companies with a strong global presence
        • Table Which automotive OEMs have the strongest international exposure outside their domestic market?
    • Trends
      • Indian automotive trends
        • Table Indian automotive trends
      • Global automotive trends
        • Table Global automotive trends
    • India's automotive sector starting to fulfil its potential
      • Table Figure 4: Indian light vehicle sales, 2017 to 2025 (millions)
      • Table Figure 5: Light vehicle sales forecast by geography, 2017 to 2025 (millions)
      • Table Figure 6: Indian light vehicle sales and SAAR 2008-2019 (millions)
      • Table Figure 7: Indian passenger vehicle sales by segment 2015-2018 (units)
      • Table Figure 8: Indian passenger vehicle sales by segment 2015-2018 (percent)
      • Table Figure 9: Indian SUV/crossover sales by size segment, 2018 (percent)
      • Table Figure 10: Indian passenger vehicle sales by brand 2018 (percent)
    • Companies
      • Table Figure 11: Top 20 Global automotive OEMs by Market Cap, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
      • Table Figure 12: Top Indian automotive OEMs by Market Cap, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
      • Table Figure 13: Top Indian OEMs Revenue Breakdown, latest available year (%): India Vs Other countries
      • Table Figure 14: Passenger vehicle sales in India, 2018 (units)
    • Deals
      • M&A
        • Table Figure 15: Top M&A deals with an Indian company acquiring an overseas company 2013-2018* ($ millions)
        • Table Figure 16: Top M&A deals with an overseas company acquiring an Indian company 2013-2018* ($ millions)
        • Table Figure 17: Top 20 M&A deals with an Indian company acquiring an Indian company 2013-2018*, ($ millions)
    • Sectors
      • Few Fortune 500 companies headquartered in India
        • Table Figure 18: Indian companies featuring in the 2018 Fortune 500
      • India's growth industries
        • Table Figure 19: India: Contribution to GVA by Sector and Growth in 2018-19 (%)
        • Table Figure 20: India: GVA Growth Rate by Sector, 2011-12 – 2018-19 average (%)
        • Table Figure 21: GVA Growth by Industry, 2017 (%): India vs Select countries
      • Make in India program
        • Table Make in India program
    • Macro-economic indicators
      • Share of global GDP
        • Table Figure 22: Developed nations have 0062een steadily losing ground to India
        • Table Figure 23: Global economic power will shift to emerging economies with India challenging China
      • Demographics
        • Table Figure 24: Population Breakdown: India vs Rest of World 2000-2025
        • Table Figure 25: India: Demographic Indicators (Population Growth and Population Split by Age Group and Gender)
        • Table Figure 26: Working Age Population, 15-64 Years (%), 2018
        • Table Figure 27: Unemployment Rate (%), 2018
      • Income levels
        • Table Figure 28: India: GDP per Capita, Household Income and Household Expenditure, 2005-2025
      • Urbanization
        • Table Figure 29: Urbanization: India vs Emerging Economies and Select Developed Economies
      • Indian cities dominate global GDP growth rankings
        • Table Figure 30: Top Cities of Opportunities by 2025
      • Industrial performance
        • Table Figure 31: PMI and IIP Index
      • Ease of doing business
        • Table Figure 32: Ease of Doing Business Rank and Number of Procedures
      • Economic growth outlook
        • Table Figure 33: 1India: Key Indicators, 2015-2023
    • Risks
      • Country risk
        • Table Figure 34: 2018: The country's rank is in the low risk nations band (between 30 and 40)
        • Table Figure 35: India's overall risk score is lower than Asia-Pacific and lower than the world average
      • Governance risks
        • Table Figure 36: India in the middle of the pack for WGI and making little progress
        • Table Figure 37: India lags behind some of its peer nations due to censorship
        • Table Figure 38: Percentile rank for Control of Corruption and Rule of Law, 2016 and 2017: India vs Other Emerging Countries
    • Appendix: Our "Thematic" research methodology
      • Traditional thematic research does a poor job of picking winners and losers
      • Introducing GlobalData's thematic engine
      • This is how it works
        • Table Figure 39: Five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard
      • How our research reports fit into our overall research methodology
      • About GlobalData
      • Contact us
      • Disclaimer

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