Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Denmark

Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Denmark

Robust private consumption, resilient external demand, and an accommodative monetary policy are expected to support Denmark's economic growth in 2017 and 2018. The country has a highly service-oriented economy, with industry contributing only 20% to the GDP. Bulk goods dominate volumes for road freight, with construction being the largest contributor. On the other hand, agricultural goods and consumables account for more than 24% of transit goods. Almost 55% of all road traffic in Denmark is contributed by transit goods. Pharma logistics is one of the most attractive segments, and sophisticated cold chain networks, temperature monitoring, and track-and-trace technologies are gaining traction.

Denmark has become the 1st country in the world to rely on GPS probe data to monitor traffic and congestion on a national scale. Initiatives in terms of autonomous trucks and strong investments in automation have placed Denmark among the leading nations for innovation. Denmark is a highly environment-conscious country with ambitious emission targets. This paves the way for a number of technologies - from LNG ships to autonomous vehicles and e-Vans. With Maersk taking on the role of a logistics orchestrator, the increasing popularity of 4PLs is anticipated.

A number of retailers with growing online sales are developing their own e-Fulfilment centers due to the lack of reliable and efficient service providers. Most large online companies, such as Amazon, will focus on the development of their own fulfilment centers and gradually expand into taking care of their own supply chain management. However, due to a boom in e-Commerce growth, a significant number of companies will opt to outsource their supply chain to 3PL service providers.

Research Scope
The aim of this insight is to research and analyze the key developments and trends related to economy and trade and the freight and transportation and logistics and warehousing sectors in Denmark.

Key Features
To provide an overview of the key factors driving Denmark's economy and trade
To analyze the role of the transport and logistics sector in driving the country’s economy
To identify the initiatives undertaken by the government to improve efficiency and reduce logistics costs
To furnish a detailed analysis of the advancements in digital technologies
To provide an in-depth analysis of how the traditional value chain is transformed as a result of technology advancements, e-Commerce growth, regulatory changes, and investment
To identify the emerging opportunities as a result of economic and technology transformations and how they are expected to change the competitive environment

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • Outlook and Insights
  • Research Scope and Methodology
    • Transportation and Logistics Market Insights
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Economic and Trade Indicators
    • Domestic Demand and Exports Support Growth
    • GDP Growth Trends
    • Growth Trends of the Transportation and Storage Sector
    • National GDP Forecast
    • External Trade and Current Account Balance
    • Inflation Rate
    • Trade by Region
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Trade by Region, Denmark, 2016 and 2018
    • Top Import and Export Partners
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Major Trading Partners, Germany, 2016 and 2018
    • Key Macro Developments
  • Freight Transportation
    • Transport Market Size
    • Sea Freight
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Sea Freight Volume, Denmark, 2012-2018
    • Road Freight
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Road Freight Volume, Denmark, 2012-2018
    • Rail Freight
      • Table Transportation and Logistics Market: Rail Freight Volume, Denmark, 2012-2018
    • Key Features of Sea and Road Transportation
    • New Truck Registration Trends
    • Overview of the EU Regulatory Environment
    • Road Freight Composition
    • Innovation and Technology Trends
    • Key Technology Trends among Modes of Transport
  • Logistics and Warehousing
    • Logistics Outsourcing Trends
    • Warehousing Rent
    • Regional Warehousing Market Developments
  • Strategic Initiatives and Growth Opportunities
    • Outlook and Insights
    • Growth Opportunity-Transportation, Warehousing, and Logistics
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • The Last Word

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