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The Monthly Disrupt—The 20 Most Disruptive Stories of the Month

The Monthly Disrupt—The 20 Most Disruptive Stories of the Month

The Monthly Disrupt is part of the Connected Industries’ Disrupt Series. This market insight explores the􂀀 most disruptive stories of the month. These are stories that hint at fundamental shifts in the way we will live and do business - things to keep on your radar to ensure you capture future growth opportunities.

Every week in our Weekly Disrupt blog, we identify the top 􂀀 most disruptive stories of the week and score each one from 1, not disruptive at all to 􂀀, truly disruptive. Below is a chart showing the cumulative total for each industry. In March, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and finance were the industries seeing the most activity.

  • Vertical Disruption
    • Healthcare
      • We can now Measure what is in Our Food
      • Smartphone, Blood Test, 15-Minute HIV Diagnosis
      • A Robotic System with Emotion and Memory
      • Prosthetic Hand Controlled by the Mind
    • Finance
      • Coinbase to Launch Regulated U.S. Bitcoin Exchange
      • Bitcoin will Fix Remittances
      • WeChat, Red Envelopes, and Social Payments
      • Peer-to-peer Lending Heralds Mortgages without Banks
    • Energy and Power
      • Tesla to Produce Batteries for Homes
      • Longer Battery Life!
    • Telecommunications
      • Let there be (3 terabit per second) Light
    • Transportation and Logistics
      • Dude, where's my Driverless Pod?
      • Uber is the Software Layer for Logistics
      • Mind-controlled Drone
    • Retail and Hospitality
      • Japanese Robot Hotel
  • Broad Technology Disruptions
    • Artificial Intelligence
      • Breakthrough in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
      • Big Data is Dead; Machine Learning-as-a-Service is Here
      • IBM Watson is Offering Machine Learning to the Masses
      • Humans Lose Again, this Time at Visual Recognition
    • 3D Printing
      • Graphene + 3D Printing

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