LIDAR-based Strategies for Active Safety and Automated Driving from Major OEMs in Europe and North America

LIDAR as a Future Game Changer in the Automotive Industry

LIDAR will be the most preferred sensor suite once Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) begin to focus on conditional to highly automated vehicles

Automotive LIDAR Market: Implications of LIDAR in Level 4 and 5 Automated Vehicles, Europe and North America, 2014–2021

Several North American states have passed legislations permitting the operation of high to fully automated vehicles (within defined environments). Hence, key OEMs view North America as a launching pad for active participants keen on making market advancements.

Many global OEMs are working on automated vehicle demonstrations using LIDAR. However, they will have to catch up with German luxury automotive OEMs that will be introducing conditionally automated vehicles in the market within the next three to five years.

Automotive-grade LIDAR is more expensive than existing ADAS* sensors, thus making most OEMs apprehensive about using LIDAR in their overall sensor suite.

Most LIDAR sensors (part of an ADAS sensor suite) will be deployed for active safety functions while high to fully automated driving will only require 􂀀% of LIDAR sensors available in the market by 2022.

ADAS sensors cleverly coupled with LIDAR have produced improved the necessary data points to enable automated driving functions.

About this report

This study discusses LIDAR as a part of a sensor suite in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in next-generation automated passenger vehicles. It analyses which type of LIDAR would best enable active safety and automated driving functions, especially as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are now accepting LIDAR as integral for partial to fully automated driving vehicles. It also discusses the penetration of LIDAR-based solutions in the passenger vehicle market and highlights OEMs with large revenue potential for the same. Suppliers catering to such OEMs have been compared to pinpoint which can best cater to OEM needs. Finally, the study also presents estimated price points of techno-commercially viable LIDAR by 2021.

  • Executive Summary
    • LIDAR as a Future Game Changer in the Automotive Industry
    • LIDAR-System Definition
    • ADAS Sensor Requirements for Various Vehicle Automation Levels
    • Alternative Configurations of LIDAR Fitments in Automated Vehicles
    • LIDAR and Automotive Sensors-Performance and Qualitative Benefits
    • LIDAR Involvement-By OEM
      • Table Automotive LIDAR Market: OEM Strategy and Comparative Analysis, Europe and North America,2014-2021
    • Summary Of Technological Trends
    • Executive Summary-Associated Multimedia
  • Research Scope
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Key Participant Groups Compared in this Study
  • Key Definitions and Market Overview
    • Levels of On-Road Vehicle Automation
    • Detailed Definitions of Product and System
    • Automated Vehicles with LIDAR-The Foreseeable Future
    • Current Specifications of Automotive-grade LIDAR
    • Configurations with LIDAR
    • Functional Matrix for Active Safety and Automated Driving
    • Feature Roadmap-Automated Vehicles with LIDAR
    • Functional Roadmap
    • Introduction to Market Roadmap
  • Drivers and Restraints
    • Drivers-Impact and Duration
    • Drivers Explained
    • Restraints-Impact and Duration
    • Restraints Explained
  • Forecast and Trends
    • Unit Shipment by OEM and LIDAR Application
    • Pricing Forecast-By LIDAR Application
    • Pricing Trends and Forecast Discussion
    • Revenue Forecast by OEM and LIDAR Application
  • Brief Outlook on LIDAR Supplier Base
    • Continental AG
    • IBEO Automotive
    • Quanergy Systems
    • Robert Bosch GmBH
    • Valeo Group
    • Velodyne Inc.
    • Supplier Comparative Analysis
  • Partial List of OEMs Using LIDAR for Active Safety and Automated Driving
    • Partial List of OEMs with Vehicles Using LIDAR for Automated Driving
    • Active Safety (Level 2) Use Case with LIDAR
    • Conditional Automation (Level 3) Use Case with LIDAR
    • Full Automation (Level 4 and 5) Use Case with LIDAR
  • Other OEMs Expected to Use LIDAR for Active Safety and Automated Driving
    • BMW's Strategy for Automated Vehicles with LIDAR
    • Daimler AG's Strategy for Automated Vehicles with LIDAR
    • GM-Cadillac's Strategy for Automated Vehicles with LIDAR
    • Automated Vehicles with LIDAR-OEMs and Disruptors
    • OEM and Disruptor Strategy
      • Table Automotive LIDAR Market: Comparative Analysis of OEMs and Disruptors, Europe and North America, 2014-2021
  • Conclusion and Key Findings
    • Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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