2015 Global Outlook of the Medium-Heavy-duty Truck Industry

2015 Global Outlook of the Medium-Heavy-duty Truck Industry

North America and Next 11 Experienced Growth while BRIC and Europe did not

The strong North American and Next 􂀀 markets helped the global MD-HD truck market counter the slowdown experienced in the BRIC and European markets. As a result, global sales grew by 􂀀 thousand units over 2013.

Value Trucks have Become the Focus

OEMs, such as Daimler AG, AB Volvo, and Iveco, from the TRIAD markets, and Tata Motors, Foton Motor Inc, FAW Group Corporation, and CNHTC, have brought the focus on value trucks at a time when demand for such trucks, especially in developing markets, is beginning to unfold. This segment will be the battle ground for global market share leadership.

Consolidation at the Top

Daimler continues to dominate the global market through individual and partnership-based successes. Strong emphasis on TCO and a foray into the value truck segment, along with a focus on advanced technologies, have paid rich dividends. Volvo’s partnership with DFM materialized in early 2015. Moreover, its focus on and leverage of soft technologies is helping it challenge Daimler on all fronts.

Natural Gas Demand Remained Strong while Hybrid-Electric Technologies Experienced Continued Activity

Natural gas truck demand has remained strong, especially in China and North America. The shale gas revolution is paving the way for global natural gas price reductions. OEMs will continue to develop hybrid powertrain systems and make supply chain investments for 2022 and beyond. Eaton has shifted focus to China while Cummins Inc., has benefited from the 􂀀L natural gas engine in its portfolio.

Autonomous Trucks and Big Data are Major Focal Points for the Industry

Daimler’s autonomous truck prototype and, Volvo, PACCAR Inc, and Japanese OEMs’ activities in autonomous truck technologies, have made autonomous truck technologies a priority for the OEM community. Plat

  • Executive Summary
    • 2014 Key Highlights
    • 2014-2015 CV Industry Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues
    • 2015 Top 6 Predictions
  • Definitions and Segmentation
    • Vehicle Segments
  • Freight and Economic Outlook
    • 2014 CV Market Key Performers
    • 2014-2015 Global Freight and Logistics Outlook
    • 2015 Global GDP and Commercial Truck Market Growth Outlook
      • Table CV Outlook: Overview of GDP and CV Growth, Global, 2015
  • Global Market Forecast
    • 2015 Global MD and HD Truck Market Forecast
    • 2015 Global MD and HD Commercial Truck Market Forecast
    • Attractive MD-HD Truck Segments by Region
    • 2014 MD-HD Truck OEM Sales Performance
    • 2015 Key Market Introductions-Truck Platforms and Powertrain Launches
  • Regional Market Trends and Forecasts
    • 2015 Regional Outlook
    • North America-Europe Market Breakdown: Market Overview
    • BRIC Market Overview
    • Other Markets-Next 11 and RoW
  • Special Focus-ASEAN Market
    • Market Overview of Select ASEAN Countries
    • Key Market and Technology Trends-ASEAN
    • Competitive Dynamics
  • Overview of the Value Truck Market
    • Overview of Value Trucks
    • Top Value Truck Markets-Comparative Snapshot
      • Table CV Outlook: Value Truck Regional Comparison, Global, 2015
    • Value Truck Market Special Focus-China
    • 2015 Value Truck Market-Key Product Offerings
  • Overview of the Global City Truck Market
    • Definition of City Trucks
    • Top Transformational Shifts Expected to Shape the Future of City Trucks
    • Customer Bases with High Growth Potential
    • Growth and Development of the City Truck Market
      • Table CV Outlook: Growth and Development of the City Truck Market, Global, 2014 and 2020
    • Global City Truck Sales Forecast by Region-Powertrain
      • Table CV Outlook: City Truck Sales Forecast Breakdown by Powertrain, Global, 2014 and 2020
    • Global City Trucks-GVWR Comparison
    • City Trucks versus LCVs-Global OEM Performance
    • Successful City Truck-Product Example: Fort Transit Connect
    • Global 2020 Blueprint for City Trucks
    • Impact of City Truck on OEMs and Suppliers
  • Global MD-HD Powertrain Snapshot
    • 2015 Global CV Powertrain Market-Comparative Analysis by Region
    • Global MCV and HCV Market-Powertrain Technology Forecast
      • Table CV Outlook: Powertrain Technology Split by Region, Global, 2015
    • Alternate Fuel Truck Market-Regional Market Share Analysis
    • Key Challenges in the Alternate Powertrain Truck Market
    • Cummins' Global Engine Platform Development
  • Overview of Advanced Technologies
    • How OEMs will Differentiate their Brands in 2015
    • 2015 CV Telematics Outlook-Top 5 Predictions
    • 2015 Telematics Industry-Regional Analysis: By Service Revenue
    • Pricing and Service Model Analysis-by Region
    • Regional Connected Truck Market-OEM Analysis
    • CV Safety Systems Overview-Global Hotspots
    • Sensor Fusion and Sharing Leading to Safety System Integration
    • Rise of Telematics Use-Regulation Compliance and Safety Enabler
    • HWW of Aging Truck Drivers
    • Key Findings from Frost & Sullivan's 2014 Voice of Customer Study
  • Autonomous Trucks
    • NHTSA Automated Driving Definitions
    • Top Market Trends Driving Autonomous Technologies in Trucks
    • Autonomous CV Incremental Cost Analysis
    • Automated Driving Benchmark
    • Autonomous Trucks by CV Application Area
    • Key Implications on Human Factors-2015 Considerations
    • Truck Platooning-Fleet Angle
    • 2015 Cyber Security and Data Encryption Considerations
    • Snapshot of Global Automated Truck Adoption 2025 and 2035-Analysis from 2015 as the Baseline
  • Emerging Revenue Opportunities for CV Stakeholders-Big Data in CV
    • Big Data in Logistics
    • Future of Connectivity in Urban Logistics
    • Big Data Analytics-Potential Savings for OEMs and Fleets
    • Revenue Distribution by Stakeholder
    • Big Data Opportunities for OEMs
    • Big Data and Analytics Implementation: Daimler AG
    • Big Data Analytics for Connecting Shippers to Carriers Using Mobile Platforms
  • Evolving Dealership Revenue Strategies
    • Dealership Value Chain and Profit Margin Analysis
    • Rising Degree of Digitization in Dealership Retailing
    • Dealership and OEM Convergence Strategy Analysis
    • Contract Maintenance Services
  • CV Leasing and Financing
    • Growth of Captive Leasing and Financing Solutions in 2015
    • PACCAR Financing and Leasing Services
    • Case in Point-North American Class 8 Leasing and Financing Market
  • Western European and North American Used HD Truck Market
    • Western European HD Truck Export Market-2015-2020
    • North American Class 8 Used Truck Export Market-2015-2020
  • Fleet TCO Analysis-North America and Europe
    • 2015 Fleet Operations Overview-North America
    • 2015 Fleet Operation Overview-Europe
  • 2015 MD-HD Truck Market-Conclusions and Outlook
    • Key Conclusions and 2015 Outlook
  • Appendix
    • Table of Acronyms Used
  • 2015 CV Research Titles
    • 2015 Key CV Research Titles
    • 2014 CV Research Titles
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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