Future of Asset Tracking in Manufacturing

Future of Asset Tracking in Manufacturing

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, it has become a necessity for industries to adopt advanced technologies to improve their manufacturing processes. Asset tracking and monitoring technology is currently adopted by industries for tracking and monitoring asset location and status. Sophisticated monitoring technology can also be categorized under plant asset management systems in which industries leverage such advanced technologies to prevent asset failure and to greatly improve asset performance. This transformational technology is playing a vital role in many key industries or applications such as logistics, warehousing, healthcare, automotive, fleet management, military, and industrial automation. The value and functionality of asset tracking technologies has increased owing to its ability to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which is set to disrupt traditional manufacturing technologies.

This technology and innovation research service entitled “Future of Asset Tracking in Manufacturing” reviews the recent innovations in asset tracking and evaluates its impact on various industries.
Key questions covered in this report:

• What is the significance and impact of asset tracking technologies across different industries?
• What is the key industry trends propelling adoption?
• What are the factors influencing adoption - major drivers and challenges?
• What are the key innovations?
• Who are key stakeholders driving R&D initiatives?
• What are the key partnership activities?
• What are the future prospects and growth opportunities?
• How can organizations capitalize opportunities?

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Methodology Step-by-Step Approach
    • Technology Impact across Industries is Expected to Increase
    • Innovations and Developments are Increasing the Adoption Rate of this Novel Technology
    • Competition between Key Stakeholders has Significantly Increased the Funding Level
  • Application Landscape Assessment
    • Asset Tracking Technologies Play a Key Role in Healthcare and Other Industries
    • The Military Uses Asset Tracking Technologies to Monitor and Track Highly Secure Weaponry and Shipments
    • The Technology Adoption Scenario is Anticipated to Change in the Future
  • Factors Influencing Technology Adoption-Drivers and Challenges
    • The Rise of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory Is Key Driver for Wide-scale Adoption
    • Safety and Security of Data Is a Critical Challenge in the Adoption of the Technology
  • IP Analysis
    • Most Patents Pertain to a New Device to Track Assets
    • A Neck-to-Neck Race to the Finish-Technology Development and Global Footprint Adoption
  • Key Innovations and Advances
    • A Low-cost, Low-power RTLS Solution for all Industries
    • A Solution for Monitoring Hospital Supplies
    • A Smart NFC Tag to Monitor Equipment Status
    • A Platform to Track and Manage Hospital Assets
    • Intelligent Locating System Based on BLE
    • Situational Intelligence and Asset Tracking Solution
    • Low-maintenance Asset and Cargo Tracking Solution
    • Intelligent Locating System Based on BLE
  • Recent Industry Activities
    • Strategic Collaborations for Large-scale Adoption and Portfolio Growth
    • Sudden Paradigm Shift Brings New Participants into the Market
    • Companies are Taking Necessary Measures to Improve the Solution Efficiency and Performance
  • Top Asset Tracking Tools and Software Platforms
    • Companies are Developing Proprietary Software Solutions with New Features
    • Asset Tracking Software is Tailored According to Varied Industrial Requirements
  • Technology Benchmarking - AHP Evaluation of Asset Tracking and Monitoring in Manufacturing Industry
    • AHP Tree for Benchmarking Various Asset Tracking Technologies
    • AHP: Level 0 Criteria Evaluation to Determine Priority Values
    • AHP: Level 1 Criteria Evaluation to Determine Priority Values
    • AHP: Evaluation of Alternatives and Insights for Asset Tracking Technologies
  • New Business Models and Procedures
    • Market Participants Offering Asset Tracking Product/Devices have Also Developed Their Own Support Software Platform
    • Software Platform Providers Keep Upgrading the Software according to the Growing Requirements of the Industries
    • Asset Tracking for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Can Prevent Equipment Downtime and Increase Production Efficiency
  • Technology Roadmap (2017-2022)
    • Technology Roadmap Provides an Overview to the Road Ahead for the Technology
    • Technology Convergence will Strengthen the Technology Capability and Readiness
    • Strategic Insights on Growth Opportunities
  • Key Patents
    • Most Patents Focused on Improving RFID Tracking
    • Patents for Smart Tags with Microchip Integration and Antitamper Tags
    • Monitoring the State of an Object; Variably Spaced Tag Readers with a Timing System
    • Patents with Respect to Biological Analysis and Improve Realtime Tracking
    • Patent Pertaining to New Techniques for Tag Location and Antenna Protection

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