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Cockpit and Cabin Strategies of Automakers 2016–2025

Cockpit and Cabin Strategies of Automakers 2016–2025

This study analyses the current trends in passenger vehicle cockpit and cabin and how they are likely to evolve in the future. The various areas discussed include instrument clusters, center stack, center console, heads up display, augmented reality, seats, steering, and so on. The study also examines the role played by future cars in promoting health and wellness and the activities of various OEMs in this area. Finally, the study paints a picture of what could be the potential standard components for different segments of cars by body type.

  • Executive Summary
    • Executive Summary-Key Findings
    • Executive Summary-Select OEM Instrument Cluster Overview
    • Executive Summary-Select Supplier Overview
    • Executive Summary-2025 Cockpit Outlook by Body Type
    • Executive Summary-2025 Cabin Outlook by Body Type
    • Executive Summary-Key Findings and Future Outlook
  • Research Scope, Objectives, Methodology, and Background
    • Research Scope
    • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Research Background
    • Research Methodology
    • Vehicle Segment Definitions
  • Passenger Vehicle Cockpit and Cabin-Overview
    • Cockpit and Cabin of 2025-Influencing Factors
    • Car Cockpit and Cabin of 2025-A $332 Billion Opportunity
    • Car Cockpits and Cabins of the Future-Top 5 Mega Trends
    • Evolution of the Car Cockpit (1970-2015)
    • Evolution of the Car Cabin (1970-2015)
    • Car Cockpit and Cabin-Key Components
  • Module Analysis-Driver Instrument Cluster
    • Vehicle Cockpit-Introduction
    • Driver Instrument Cluster-Types
    • Driver Instrument Cluster-Display Technologies
    • Driver Instrument Cluster-Technical Specifications
      • Table Cockpit and Cabin Strategies: Technical Specifications, North America and EU, 2016-2025
    • Select OEM Instrument Cluster Benchmarking
    • Driver Instrument Cluster-Key Trends for the Future
  • Module Analysis-Passenger Instrument Cluster
    • Passenger Instrument Cluster-Overview
    • Front Passenger Instrument Cluster-Use Case: Ferrari GTC4 Lusso
    • Front Passenger Instrument Cluster-Applications
    • Rear Passenger Instrument Cluster-BMW 7 Series
    • Rear Passenger Instrument Cluster-Harman NTG5
    • Passenger Instrument Cluster-Key Trends for the Future
  • Module Analysis-Center Stack
    • Centre Stack-Overview
    • Centre Stack-Analysis
      • Table Cockpit and Cabin Strategies: Center Stack OEM Benchmarking, North America and EU, 2016
    • Touchless Haptic Mechanism-Ultrahaptics
    • Center Stack-Key Trends for the Future
  • Module Analysis-Windscreen
    • Windshield-Overview
    • Combiner HUD Use Case-The Iris HUD
    • Heads Up Display-Select OEM Activity
      • Table Cockpit and Cabin Strategies: OEM HUD, Benchmarking, NA and EU, 2016-2025
    • Windshield-Key Trends for the Future
  • Module Analysis-Steering and Inner Rear View Mirror
    • Steering Wheel-Concepts of the Future
    • Inner Rear View Mirror
  • Module Analysis-Car Cabin
    • Seats-Future Trends
    • Cabin Doors-Future Trends
    • Smart Surfaces/Lighting-Future Trends
  • Special Focus-Importance of Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing (HWW) in Cockpit and Cabin of the Future
    • Future Car Cockpit and Cabin-Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing (HWW)
    • HWW in Car Cockpit and Cabin-OEM Activity
    • Illustration of HWW Biometrics-enabled Driving Experience of the Future
  • Vision 2025-Passenger Vehicle Cockpit and Cabin
    • Cockpit 2025-Luxury Passenger Vehicle Segment
    • Cockpit 2025-Mass Market Passenger Vehicle Segment
    • Cabin 2025-Luxury Passenger Vehicle Segment
    • Cabin 2025-Mass Market Passenger Vehicle Segment
    • Cockpit Outlook by Body Type-2025
    • Cabin Outlook by Body Type-2025
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Key Conclusions
    • Top 5 Growth Opportunities
    • 3 Big Predictions
    • Market Engineering Methodology

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