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Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today's market participants. For more than 50 years, they have been developing growth strategies for the global 1000, emerging businesses, the public sector, and the investment community. Is your organization prepared for the next profound wave of industry convergence, disruptive technologies, increasing competitive intensity, Mega Trends, breakthrough best practices, changing customer dynamics and emerging economies?
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4131 Reports from Frost & Sullivan

  • India Video Surveillance and VSaaS Market, 2017

    ... in both the organized and unorganized sectors of the market. However, it is a highly fragmented market with a large number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), SIs, and SPs, who offer solutions across levels and ... Read More

  • Ferrous Castings Market Outlook in GCC, 2017

    ... nascent stage with 0.2 Million MT of production; Infrastructure and construction are the key drivers of consumption & growth. In the next 5 years the overall KSA Ferrous casting industry would grow at 5% CAGR ... Read More

  • Italy's New Business Models in Medical Imaging, Forecast to 2021

    ... capital-intensive purchasing and service models. The study also features a detailed elaboration on the legacy of public-private partnerships (PPP), framework agreement case studies, market opportunity, market size and penetration analysis coupled with merger and acquisitions ... Read More

  • APAC Machine Tools Market, Forecast to 2021

    ... Scope The objective is to identify the major end users, the distribution channel for each product segment, and the major suppliers of machine tools in Asia Pacific. The study also discusses the revenue contribution by ... Read More

  • Outlook of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Market in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, 2017

    ... scope for near term IPTV launch. It formulates a go-to-market strategy to penetrate such markets leveraging existing telecom and pay TV operators. The potential challenges of establishing triple-play or multiple play services and the tune ... Read More

  • Aluminum (Al) Rods and Conductors Market in Africa, 2017

    ... remains insignificant, while urban and industrial supply remains insufficient in most of Africa. With aid from global governments, demand is expected to witness growth of 3.5% for wire rods and 5.2% for conductors. Many investment ... Read More

  • Impact of Visible Light Communication (VLC) Technology

    ... 4G, 5G networks. Smart connected devices have witnessed rapid industrial growth and new technologies and products are constantly on the rise. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, automation, connected living ... Read More

  • AI and Big Data Technologies Transforming Financial Services

    ... to empower applications and machines to learn from its own experiences, unravel hidden patterns in data, generate insights and take automated decisions. Technology evolution in the AI and Big Data spaces is continuously driving the ... Read More

  • Emerging Innovations in Adhesive Technologies

    ... use of mechanical or other joining methods. This is mainly due to the advantages of adhesives, such as superior adhesion properties with high strength to weight ratio, design flexibility, damage tolerance and fatigue resistance features ... Read More

  • Technologies Enabling Zero Energy Buildings

    ... energy efficiency and also by depending on onsite renewable energy generation to meet their energy needs. These buildings depend on different solutions and technologies like solar power, geothermal, energy storage, energy management, the building design, ... Read More

  • Brazilian IT Outsourcing Market, Forecast to 2021

    ... implementation, and more competitive prices. Companies from different industry sectors have different maturity levels and are looking for service providers with knowledge of their business that are able to ensure the continuity of their business ... Read More

  • Global Enterprise Video Platforms Market, Forecast to 2023

    ... way to communicate with a younger, more dispersed workforce and also with their customers, partners, suppliers, and investors. The study offers a closer look at key drivers and restraints and regional, technology, and market trends. ... Read More

  • Strategic Analysis of US Consumers’ Preference to Pay for Driving Dynamics Systems and Technologies, 2016

    ... transform the business for automotive participants. As the automotive industry is facing narrowing margins, the need to keep the customer committed to the brand for their next purchase is paramount. This can be achieved by ... Read More

  • Singapore Data Center Market, Forecast to 2023

    ... with many global public cloud providers (for example, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba Cloud) significantly increasing their uptake of data center capacity in Singapore in recent years. A significant portion of IT load ... Read More

  • Growth Opportunities in Chinese Commercial Truck Market, Forecast to 2025

    ... rate (CAGR) of 3.1% during 2016–2025. This is a mature market which is highly concentrated and led by Foton, Dongfeng, JAC, FAW, and CNHTC in China, with a joint market share of 53.7% across light-duty, ... Read More

  • Global Condition Monitoring Equipment Market, Forecast to 2021

    ... in connectivity and analytics features among other equipment specifications. Worth $1.62 billion in 2016, the market revenues are expected to reach $2.07 billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 5.0%, although revenue trajectory varies among ... Read More

  • Transportation and Logistics Market in Africa—Transformational Trends and Emerging Growth Prospects

    ... the contrary, improving economic conditions in Kenya and Morocco will support moderate growth. Despite differences in terms of economic growth prospects, high priority is placed on the development of transportation and logistics-related infrastructure in these ... Read More

  • Data Storage Technologies of the Future

    ... to the change in technological perception in the global community which focuses on facilitating simplified interaction with the latest innovations happening around as data forms an integral part of this transformation. From offering high-capacity storage ... Read More

  • Technologies Enabling Intelligent Robotics

    ... technology and application developments that enable innovations and drive market growth for the robotics industry. The advent of technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, and natural language processing are dramatically transforming today’s robotics sector. Both the ... Read More

  • Global Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market, Forecast to 2021

    ... market declined by 1.6 percent in terms of revenue owing to the decrease in TDM and VoIP connectivity endpoints sales. The USB market continued to grow owing to increased customer demand and vendor support. The ... Read More

  • Global Genset Market for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Forecast to 2021

    ... water and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). This market is expected to witness steady growth in revenue until 2021. The global water and wastewater genset market is mainly driven by growth in standby applications for water ... Read More

  • Global Flow Battery Market, Forecast to 2023

    ... features, is to become the most preferred chemistry for utility-based storage. Thus, the global flow battery market will witness a steady growth in unit volume and revenue till 2023. The market is mainly driven by ... Read More

  • East African Pharmaceutical Market, Forecast to 2021

    ... highest burdens of disease, such as HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis, yet has limited healthcare resources and spending. As such there are great opportunities for growth in the pharmaceutical sector. While control and eradication of communicable ... Read More

  • Materials Innovations Transforming 3D Printing

    ... to a lot of material wastage, takes a lot of time to build as well as creates a lot of pollution. Moreover, these technologies are not viable to build complex and intricate structures. 3D printing ... Read More

  • Advanced Analytics: Disruptive Opportunities

    ... Internet of Things has served to boost the development of the streaming analytics market, through sensor-driven, real-time insights into consumer behavior. Most importantly, organizations need to take advantage of insights from in-depth analytics to gain ... Read More

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