Entrepreneurial learning dynamics in knowledge intensive enterprises

Entrepreneurial learning dynamics in knowledge intensive enterprises

The articles published in this special issue are organized according to the theoretical framework of Entrepreneurial Learning Dynamics for knowledge intensive enterprises presented in the previous section. In particular, the special issue contains theoretical, conceptual and empirical contributions investigating the role of dynamic entrepreneurial learning process as happening in different entrepreneurial context of knowledge intensive enterprises. Questions of interest include:

What are the organizational factors supporting the development of entrepreneurial learning for the renewal of a knowledge intensive enterprise?

What are the types of entrepreneurial learning that take place at individual and/or collective level in knowledge intensive enterprises?

How does learning take place in knowledge intensive enterprises through employees’ engagement in relation to entrepreneurial activities?

What are the organizational conditions promoting or hampering entrepreneurial learning?

What kind of entrepreneurial learning processes are more relevant in the different phases of entrepreneurial development (design, launch, and growth of new venture) in a knowledge intensive enterprise?

The authors contributing to the special issue address different perspectives for analyzing the entrepreneurial learning in different context including the start-up and the new ventures, the incumbent enterprise and finally a more extended view covering the entrepreneurial learning happening in clusters and network. The papers adopt a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodology that is necessary to deepen the understanding of the interplay between the processes of entrepreneurial in knowledge intensive enterprises where the role of learning is more relevant. They contribute to shed light on the future perspectives of entrepreneurship as a learning process, moving ahead the research from different perspectives: the entrepreneurial learning processes and the ontological dimension of the entrepreneurial learning.

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