France Healthcare Outlook Report, 2022

France Healthcare Outlook 2022,” report provides comprehensive insights about healthcare scenario, regulatory policies and reimbursement landscape in France. The report also identifies key trends in the healthcare market and provides insights into the demographic and healthcare infrastructure of the country. Along with this the report also provides a brief look into the trends and segmentation of the pharmaceutical and medical devices market of France.

As per DelveInsight’s analysis, France has achieved reputation across the globe in publishing excellence in life and health sciences. Several French public research institutions are among Thomson Reuters 2016 Top Ten Global Innovators and the leading proprietors of patents in European health and biotechnology. Bench-to-bedside study combined with top-level hospital and university engagement is a key to their success. Innovation comes from strong academic and industrial research collaborations. French study is a blend of intellectual expertise, major industrial players and emerging-product and service-specific SMEs. This is the French recipe for attracting talent and for maintaining high standards quality projects and evolving new personalized medicines. France has long provided a bridge linking northern and southern Europe to geographical, economic and linguistic matters. It is the most important agricultural producer in Europe, and one of the leading industrial forces in the world.

France Healthcare Outlook

France, officially the French Republic, north-western European nation. Historically and traditionally among Western world's most important countries, France has also played a very important role in foreign relations, with former colonies in every corner of the globe, bordered by the Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, the Alps and the Pyrenees. It has 66.98 million people, distributed on a territory of 643,801 square kilometers. France GDP growth rate for 2019 was 1.51%. .

France has 2,694 healthcare establishments, including 35% public, 39% private and 26% private non-profit, 655 hospital facilities for emergency treatment, 494 of which are public 331 telemedicine projects (renal or heart failure, chronic wounds, diabetes, etc.).

Under the French health care system, treatment is delivered at different types of facilities: private non-hospital care services, hospital-based health care facilities, health and social services, and care homes for elderly or disabled patients. It is based on the freedom of choice of the patient and resident: each patient is free to select their primary care physician (""médecin traitant""), direct-access provider, health care facility, or residential facility, whether in the public or private sector.

France has an ageing population, which creates new needs and opportunities. In the Paris region, the industry is organized around Soliage, an innovation cluster dedicated to the Silver Economy. This cluster brings together the industry, the hospitals and research institutes to develop innovative products and services for seniors such as home care, domestic systems, emergency care, training of medical staff.

France has also several leading European players in the field of nursing homes, with a strong experience in caring for elderly people with heavy requirements (Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric disorders, etc.).

France Industry Overview Chapter


In an extremely competitive international environment and in a highly innovative and dynamic manner, the French pharmaceutical industry is growing. The consistency of its study growth is highly skilled workforce, its renowned industrial know-how and the ability to respond to evolving business needs, all have rated France as the largest leader in pharmaceutical production. France is at the forefront of innovation in drug development. The French pharmaceutical industry invests 12% of its turnover in R&D.

Medical Device

With over 150 biotech firms dedicated to drug discovery/development and more than 400 CROs, France is a major player in this industry. France is ranked second in Europe, right after Germany, in number of full-time researchers working in the life sciences sector. 40,000 employees work for this industry in France, both for innovative SMEs and for large companies such as Air Liquide, Diagnostic Medical Systems, Thuasne, Urgo, Vygon, etc. The French industry is especially strong in implants, prosthesis and minimally invasive surgery. In medical imaging, several large corporations have chosen France to establish R&D centers. Some SMEs are also at the forefront of innovation in this field: Supersonic Imagine, Mauna Kea Technologies.

Apart from this the report covers some latest information on COVID 19 update and future of healthcare technology in France.

France Healthcare Assessment Chapter

This chapter contains the statistical information containing, number of hospitals, number of beds, number of pharmacies, life expectancy of male and female, Immunization coverage, environmental health (PM 2.5 and CO2 Emissions), number of physicians, nurses, dentists and pharmacists, healthcare expenditure, healthcare expenditure as share of GDP, out of pocket expenditure, pharmaceutical import and export, Gross Domestic Product, Inflation, Unemployment, trade associations and trade fairs in France.

France: Market Access

Market access section of the France Healthcare Outlook report contains information on how to penetrate the pharmaceutical and medical device markets in terms of setting up manufacturing unit, import export licensing, regulations pertaining to patents, trademarks, clinical trials, advertising, pharmacy regulation, labeling and packaging. It also covers detail about healthcare insurance and reimbursement policy.

Advances in healthcare are driven by original, innovative, high-quality biomedical research and its rapid application to diagnostics, treatment, healthcare and public health. France is a leader in the field. Currently 104 drugs in the clinical stages come from a pipeline of 348 products ranging from proof of concept to Marketing. 1400 companies which design, create, manufacture or distribute healthcare products for a wide variety of human and animal health applications; some 60 new biotechs are created each year.

France: PESTLE Analysis

The report covers a thorough analysis of the country through PESTLE analysis tool and gives political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental aspects of healthcare industry.

Report Highlights
• Overview of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets
• An insightful review of the reimbursement and regulatory landscape, covering the healthcare reimbursement process, regulatory agencies, and the approval processes for new drugs and medical devices
• Detailed analysis of the political and economic environment, including economic indicators, demographics, healthcare infrastructure and healthcare expenditure
• An overview of the opportunities for and challenges to growth in the healthcare market

France Report Insights
• France – Healthcare Outlook
• France – Healthcare Assessment
• France – Market Access
• France – Healthcare Market Perspectives
• France – Analyst Views

Key Questions

 What are business strategies and trends shaping and driving the France healthcare market?

 What are reimbursement and regulatory policies, pharmaceutical and medical device market segments and companies likely to impact the France healthcare market in the future?

 How to organize sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present the best opportunities for consolidation, investment and strategic partnership?

 How to identify, understand and capitalize on the opportunities and challenges in the France healthcare market?

Key Players
• Sanofi
• Servier
• Ipsen
• Pierre Fabre
• Supersonic Imagine
• Mauna Kea Technologies
• Lyonbiopôle. Rhône-Alpes
• Medicen. Paris Région
• Alsace BioValley. Alsace
• Nutrition Health Longevity. Nord Pas de Calais

1. Key Insights
2. France at a Glance
3. Executive Summary
3.1. Overview
3.2. Key Reforms in France Healthcare Market
3.3. Healthcare Facility Administrative Structure
3.4. Governmental Healthcare Policy
3.5. Industry Overview
3.5.1. Pharmaceutical Supply Channels Major Players Prescription VS OTC Drugs
3.5.2. Medical Device Supply Chain Major Distributors
3.6. Strategic Location
3.7. COVID-19 Update
3.8. Healthcare Technology Update
4. Assessment
4.1. Healthcare
4.1.1. Healthcare Facilities (Beds, Hospitals and Pharmacy)
4.1.2. Life Expectancy and Immunization Rate
4.1.3. Environmental Health (PM2.5 and CO2)
4.1.4. Healthcare Workforce (Physicians, Dentists and Nurses)
4.1.5. Healthcare Expenditure as share of GDP
4.1.6. Healthcare Expenditure
4.1.7. Out of Pocket Expenditure as share of current health expenditure
4.1.8. Pharmaceutical Imports and Exports
4.2. Economic
4.2.1. Gross Domestic Product
4.2.2. Inflation
4.2.3. Unemployment
4.2.4. Trade Association, France
4.2.5. Trade Fairs, France
5. Market Access
5.1. Overview of Healthcare System Regulatory Bodies, France
5.2. Reimbursement Process, France
5.3. Health Insurance, France
5.4. Pricing Policies, France
5.5. Regulatory Landscape, France
5.5.1. Market Authorization for Pharmaceutical Products, France
5.5.2. Market Authorization for Medical Devices, France
5.5.3. Licensing Process for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing, France
5.5.4. Licensing Process for Pharmaceutical Exports and Imports, France
5.5.5. Intellectual Property Rights, France Patent Trademark
5.5.6. Clinical Trial Regulations, France Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials Landscape, France Medical Device Clinical Trials Landscape, France
5.5.7. Pharmaceutical Advertising Regulations, France
5.5.8. Medical Device Advertising Regulations, France
5.5.9. Pharmacy Regulations, France
5.5.10. Labeling and Packaging Regulations, France
6. France PESTLE Analysis
7. Driver and Barriers
8. Appendix
8.1. Research Methodology
8.1.1. Coverage
8.1.2. Secondary Research
9. References
10. DelveInsight Capabilities
11. Disclaimer
12. About DelveInsight
Table 1 Pharmaceutical Market, France, Exports and Imports ($m)
Table 7 Market Access, France, Health Insurance Population Coverage (%)
Table 12 Market Access, France, Out-of-Pocket Expenditure (%)
Table 19 Regulatory Landscape, France, Labeling Guidelines
Table 23 Demographics, France, Immunization Rate (%)
Table 28 Demographics, France, Life Expectancy at Birth (years)
Table 32 Healthcare Infrastructure, France, Doctors (per 1,000 population)
Table 36 Healthcare Infrastructure, France, CO2 Emissions (metric tons per capita)
Table 40 Healthcare Infrastructure, France, Nurses (per 1,000 population)
Table 42 Healthcare Expenditure, France, Major Healthcare Trade Fairs,
Figure 1 Pharmaceutical Market, France, Supply Chain
Figure 4 Market Access, France, Overview of Healthcare System
Figure 7 Market Access, France, Marketing Authorization Procedure
Figure 9 Market Access, France, Patent Approval Process
Figure 11 Demographics, France, Immunization Rate (%)
Figure 15 Healthcare Expenditure, France, Healthcare Expenditure (% of GDP)

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