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The global food pet market will reach $56 million in 2015, according to a Global Industry Analyst report. Patterns vary internationally with cultural norms and economic conditions, but general trends toward lower birthrates, smaller families, and growing middle-class populations have revolutionized the attitudes and spending patterns of pet owners, especially in the pet food category.

By type of pet, pet food is generally classified into dog food, cat food, and other pet food. Dog and cat foods can be subdivided into dry packaged, wet/moist (usually in cans, but also in pouches), treats (which are increasingly functional or in positioning, rather than simply indulgent), and frozen/refrigerated (often with a focus on superpremium quality and product freshness).

Dog and cat foods, which account for the bulk of the pet food market, are also positioned among one of more of the several categories. These include active/outdoors, functional, gourmet, lifestage, natural/organic, premium, weight control and size/breed.’s extensive collection of research studies on the pet food market will provide the competitive analysis and perspectives you need geographically (global, regional, or national), by type of pet, by type or class of pet food and treats, and by key manufacturing and retailing issues such as ingredient and formulation trends, packaging innovation, and online retailing.

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Pet Food Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Dog Food in Singapore

    ... to only give their dog food that they themselves would eat. This has driven demand for functional and natural dog food in new formats. Niche dog food types such as freeze-dried, air-dried and raw food ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Singapore

    ... small mammals are generally perceived as starter pets. Parents often see these as the first step to inculcating a sense of responsibility in their children who aspire to own a dog or cat in future. ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Finland

    ... immune to developments in the economy as it can grow even when, for example, real GDP does not. Therefore, the key reason for sales growth in 2019-2020 was not the relatively well-performing Finnish economy but ... Read More

  • Pet Care in New Zealand

    ... or mixing premium with mid-range products to ensure wholesome nutrition for their pets. The impact of premiumisation has adversely affected private label and economy options in the pet food industry. Consequently, pet food is unlikely ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Sweden

    ... accounts for the largest share of value sales, wet dog food remains more dynamic as this format is growing in importance, particularly among small dog breeds, which require a lower-calorie diet. Within cat food, although ... Read More

  • Pet Products in New Zealand

    ... cats could roam freely but with changing regulations cat owners are expected to purchase litter considering that cats are going to spend more time indoors. However, with growing concerns over sustainability and the environmental impact, ... Read More

  • Pet Products in the US

    ... care for pets. Human living trends are notably having a growing influence. For example, furniture company La-Z-Boy teamed with Petmate Inc to produce the La-Z-Boy Pet collection. This premium range will capitalise on many pet ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Poland

    ... city dwellers become increasingly more hectic, cats become a more frequent choice as companion – their independent nature and considerably less demanding upkeep integrates well with the lifestyles of busy professionals. Cat food therefore continues ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Sweden

    ... single- and 2-person households in urban areas with confined living space. Wet cat food, which is seen as being better suited to the unique nutritional needs of cats, continues to outsell and outgrow dry cat ... Read More

  • Cat Food in the Czech Republic

    ... increasingly in demand, with value-for-money multipacks selling particularly well. Single-portion pouches are widely available as both branded products and in private label lines. Such products are expected to continue to gain ground over the forecast ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Poland

    ... relevant in a rapidly premiumising market, manufacturers are improving their formulas. It seems that increasing the meat content is the go-to strategy, coupled with low in calories and organic claims. Grain-free is by far the ... Read More

  • Dog Food in the Czech Republic

    ... the trend in the Czech Republic. Owners often enjoy training their dogs and rewarding them with their favourite treats. Treats are also given out of guilt, as increasingly busy owners who leave their dogs alone ... Read More

  • Dog Food in the US

    ... family. Previously, this trend has often benefited indulgent dog food options, including products that take inspiration from human cuisine. However, with consumers becoming increasingly sophisticated in their understanding of dogs’ nutritional needs, there was a ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Sweden

    ... period. While demand for small mammals has fallen, they remain popular with families with children. Rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs take up little space and require less care than a dog or cat, but at ... Read More

  • Cat Food in the US

    ... the third largest distribution channel, behind only supermarkets and hypermarkets. Leading internet retailers Amazon and Chewy have established a strong foothold with the offer of a wide range of cat food, often at more affordable ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Finland

    ... an owner’s best friend and are increasingly regarded as family members thanks to rising humanisation, which encourages pampering. In dog food, such status manifests in the movement from cheaper products to more expensive bands in ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Poland

    ... driving wages upwards, increasing disposable income. Price ceased to be the defining factor of a product, instead being replaced by quality, convenience and functionality. Polish consumers have therefore been trading up to premium products, including ... Read More

  • Pet Care in the Czech Republic

    ... at the fastest rate. Cats are gaining popularity with urban dwellers, in particular, appealing to increasingly busy consumers who perceive them as being less demanding than dogs. The pet humanisation trend continues to drive sales ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Poland

    ... and are therefore prepared to trade up to ensure they stay fit and healthy. Euromonitor International's Pet Products in Poland report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a ... Read More

  • Pet Products in the Czech Republic

    ... looking to prolong and optimise pets’ lives, sales of these products are rising steadily. The improved economy enables many Czech pet owners to spend more money on these expensive items, which they do so willingly ... Read More

  • Cat Food in South Africa

    ... for many South Africans over 2019-2020. Increased budget-consciousness led more consumers to favour brands and product types positioned as providing multiple functions. Products that benefited from this trend included Catmor 2-in-1, which contains 23 vitamins ... Read More

  • Dog Food in New Zealand

    ... ingredients that are sourced sustainably, pet owners are spending more on diets that incorporate human-grade superfoods for nutritionally dense ingredients in their dogs’ diet to ensure their health and wellbeing. The NZ Natural Pet Food ... Read More

  • Dog Food in South Africa

    ... treat dogs as family members and increase spending on their wellbeing. Most visible among mid-to-high-income owners of smaller dogs, this tendency is strengthening interest in higher quality dog food, including health-oriented products offering optimum nutrition ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Sweden

    ... wider pet humanisation trend. However, it can also be attributed to the country’s strong economy, enabling owners to spend more money on food that best caters for their pets’ specific needs. Gourmet-positioned products, perceived as ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Finland

    ... record low levels as couples postpone the birth of their first child, and the number of single-person households is high and growing. Finns are increasingly opting to own a cat and/or a dog as they ... Read More

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