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The global food pet market will reach $56 million in 2015, according to a Global Industry Analyst report. Patterns vary internationally with cultural norms and economic conditions, but general trends toward lower birthrates, smaller families, and growing middle-class populations have revolutionized the attitudes and spending patterns of pet owners, especially in the pet food category.

By type of pet, pet food is generally classified into dog food, cat food, and other pet food. Dog and cat foods can be subdivided into dry packaged, wet/moist (usually in cans, but also in pouches), treats (which are increasingly functional or in positioning, rather than simply indulgent), and frozen/refrigerated (often with a focus on superpremium quality and product freshness).

Dog and cat foods, which account for the bulk of the pet food market, are also positioned among one of more of the several categories. These include active/outdoors, functional, gourmet, lifestage, natural/organic, premium, weight control and size/breed.’s extensive collection of research studies on the pet food market will provide the competitive analysis and perspectives you need geographically (global, regional, or national), by type of pet, by type or class of pet food and treats, and by key manufacturing and retailing issues such as ingredient and formulation trends, packaging innovation, and online retailing.

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Pet Food Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Cat Food in Norway

    ... a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data 2015-2019, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Greece

    ... dogs the type of diet they have evolved to eat. It typically includes fresh, uncooked meats and vegetables and is driven by the perceived health benefits for dogs. Although a divisive issue among veterinarians in ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Turkey

    ... increasing cat sales through pet shops and pet superstores, raising awareness about pet adoption led to more pet lovers adopting street cats. Growing awareness and sensitivity about pet health continued to boost the performance of ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Brazil

    ... to pets, resulting in a challenging scenario for economy segments. The additional challenges to small and regional brands are related to the distribution capacity, since most of these brands are sold exclusively in “other non-grocery ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Colombia

    ... population continues growing in Colombia, driven in part by increasing calls to adopt homeless pets, many of the new dogs are small dogs, as this is more convenient for owners to keep them in smaller ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Colombia

    ... for cat food. The increasing adoption of homeless cats is contributing to narrowing the gap between ownership of dogs and cats. This can be seen in the fact that while, at the start of the ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Italy

    ... hygiene pants for dogs in season to carriers, bedding, toys and clothes. The growing popularity of clothes is enhanced by photo-sharing sites, which encourage owners to post pictures of their pets. There is also growing ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Russia

    ... amongst local consumers, Russians are unlikely to refuse to help their pets with health issues as they perceive them to be part of the family and are concerned about their wellbeing; understanding the importance of ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Thailand

    ... pets increasingly being considered part of the family, greater demand is developing for pet accessories, including functional toys for entertainment purposes. With a stronger social media presence, younger Thais also like to show off their ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Chile

    ... steady. In October 2019, Chile started to experience a series of social protests in the streets demanding social justice, which also brought destruction, fires and the pillaging of many supermarkets and other stores. This social ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Israel

    ... supporting a pet’s welfare through healthy nutritional intake is leading to a greater tendency amongst consumers to purchase higher quality pet food. This has resulted in a notable ongoing shift towards premium dog and cat ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Italy

    ... pet food continues to decline. The cat population is seeing an upturn after a steady decline, while the dog population continues to rise, due to the growing appeal of small- and medium-sized dogs in line ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Mexico

    ... view this performance with caution. There is a degree of uncertainty in the country following the recent arrival of a new government and president (Andrés Manuel López Obrador), which may have an impact on foreign ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Portugal

    ... This was partly due to the growing number of smaller single- and two-person households where pets are being kept as companions. For younger individuals and couples this is partly due to the delaying of having ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Thailand

    ... pet population continued to grow, particularly the cat population, which led cat food and cat litter to see the amongst the highest growth rates in 2020. In addition, in Thailand consumers increasingly treat their pets ... Read More

  • Cat Food in Argentina

    ... lower correlation with economic activity. This is due to cats being less willing to adapt to new food choices; whereas dog owners are easily able to trade down or switch to different products, this is ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Italy

    ... current value sales, although volume growth is modest in a mature category. This reflects the premiumisation trend, with consumers increasingly aware of product quality and willing to spend more on their pets. In premium and ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Morocco

    ... attention amongst local customers. Moroccans either buy those specific products through pet shops whose owners import brands for them or shop online through international e-commerce players. Indeed e-commerce has witnessed strong growth in 2020 as ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Romania

    ... of dogs. This trend is mostly being seen amongst higher-income consumers in the capital and large cities, as dogs are increasingly regarded as companions and members of the family, but is also visible in other ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Russia

    ... table, as many dogs in the country are kept for practical reasons such as for security rather than as family pets. Nevertheless, increasing education and awareness of the importance of offering dogs a more balanced ... Read More

  • Dog Food in Saudi Arabia

    ... the summer months, making dog-walking particularly challenging and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, attitudes to dog ownership are softening with the dog population seeing slow but steady growth. Increasing interest in dogs as pets is reflected in the ... Read More

  • Dog Food in South Korea

    ... thus negatively affecting demand for pet food. The regulations were changed from a registration system to a permit system for breeder farms and dog factories from 2018. In addition, the government is also set to ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Argentina

    ... food with home-made options, which can easily be done for cats and dogs. Fish and reptiles need special pet food, and it is almost impossible to substitute them. Furthermore, some other pet food, for example, ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Chile

    ... few innovations or new product launches. Players are reluctant to invest in this area due to a lack of consumer interest, whilst retailers are also often reluctant to stock other pet food, which is linked ... Read More

  • Other Pet Food in Hungary

    ... fish numbers increase as more urban households prefer less-demanding pets that are cheaper to look after. Value growth comes from rising average unit prices as the Hungarian Forint weakens and a large share of other ... Read More

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