The BVR Cost of Capital Reader

The BVR Cost of Capital Reader

Estimating cost of capital remains a major challenge despite years of research and a wealth of available resources. The emergence of recent studies, resources, and scholarship has created something of an evolution to how appraisers understand and apply cost of capital techniques. Despite the age and ubiquity of this valuation tool, new questions are being asked about how best to derive and apply its constituent parts to arrive at a reasonable and defensible conclusion of value.

Navigate the most recent discussions and advances in estimating cost of capital with BVR's new Cost of Capital Reader, 2017-2018 edition. This robust, searchable resource compiles a wealth of the most recent information from top publications such as the Business Valuation Update, Duff & Phelps Update, and more on important cost of capital topics. Easily assimilate this information to develop your own supportable opinion - the content is presented chronologically with the most recent articles from the past two years appearing first, plus select articles that provide a historical perspective and a bibliography that highlights the controversies and current thinking on cost of capital matters.

How to Estimate WACC for a Cross-Border Valuation
The Great Unwinding
Looking to Private Capital Markets for Private Firm Cost of Capital
Is the Size Effect Applicable in Estimating Cost of Equity?
Estimating Unlevered Cost of Equity Capital Using the Risk Premium
Cost of Capital: An Anti-Cookbook Approach to Understanding, by Dr. Michael Crain
Expanding the Cost of Capital Horizon Beyond CAPM, by Adam Manson
Debate Rekindles Over Private Cost of Capital Model
What’s New and Noteworthy in the DP 2016 Valuation Handbook, by Ronald L. Seigneur
Valuation Handbook – Guide to Cost of Capital and the Risk Premium Toolkit: What You Need to Know in 2016, by Roger Grabowski
Seven Tips on Cost of Capital From the AICPA FVS Conference
Which Size Premium Should Be Used When the Subject Company Falls in a Different CRSP Decile Than the Guideline Companies?
Why Are There Fewer Industries in the Duff & Phelps Valuation Handbook—Industry Cost of Capital Than There Were in the Former Morningstar/IBBOTSON Cost of Capital Yearbook?
Pros and Cons of Models For Estimating the Cost of Equity in a Global Setting
Onward and Upward: Introducing the New Fama-French Five-Factor Model
Benchmarking and Supporting International Cost of Capital Estimates with the New 2015 International Valuation Handbook, by James Harrington and Carla Nunes
Using the Industry Cost of Capital Handbook to Provide Better, Defensible Cost of Capital Estimates, by James Harrington
A Method to Adjust the Cost of Equity Capital For Prevailing Market Conditions, by Mark Vianello, CPA, ABV, CFF
Advanced Workshop on Cost of Capital, by Roger Grabowski
The Implied Private Company Pricing Model (IPCPM) K0 = (FCFF1/P) + g, by Bob Dohmeyer, Pete Butler, and Rod Burkert
IPCPL Developers Field Questions on the New Model’s Underlying Data
BV Community Reacts to New Cost of Capital Tool
Utilizing the Implied Private Company Pricing Model: The Cost of Capital Wizard, by Robert Dohmeyer, Peter Butler, and Rod Burkert
Costs of Capital: You Can Love More Than Just One, by David Wanetick
Appendix A: Papers, Books, and Research of Note on Cost of Capital
Appendix B: Cost of Capital News Roundup

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