Ladies’ Cards 2014: A global collection, overview and analysis of credit and debit cards for women

Ladies' Cards 2014: A global collection, overview and analysis of credit and debit cards for women

This is the only off-the-shelf report that collects and analyses debit and credit cards designed for female customers. This is the only off-the-shelf report available systematically collecting, sorting and analyzing female card products.

Half of the world’s population is female, however less than 0.1% of the payment card products are designed for women.

There is fierce competition in the payment card industry. Innovation is a must. An adequate area of innovation is better segmentation. The great opportunity missed by the payment card industry is gender based segmentation.

Financial services providers have significant difficulty getting gender based segmentation right. Yes, it is hard. This report gives high quality analysis supporting financial companies launching a successful gender based card.

Payment cards (credit cards and debit cards) are products that help banks attract new customers. This makes card products adequate decoys for well-targeted segments.

Research shows that female cards can serve banks well if done well. This report helps to get it right.

This report is over 79 pages long providing the most comprehensive overview of debit and credit cards designed for women.

This report analyses over 20 female card products providing near 30 distinct data points per card.

This report collects and presents a long list of perks, features and benefits provided by female card products. Among these there are over 40 dedicated perks for ladies and over a 100 other potentially adequate features to build into a designated card.

This report (among many other benefits) provides an overview of the market, a quantitative benchmark analysis and a unique section analyzing gender considerations.

1. Executive Summary
2. Things to do and to avoid to create the ultimate ladies’ card
2.1. Cobranding
2.2. Split card
2.3. Well-designed and presented visual packaging
2.4. Slogans
2.5. Local positioning
2.6. A charity perk
2.7. Clear, structured, robust list of perks
2.8. A menu of benefits
2.9. Financial info of the card
2.10. Dedicated website
2.11. Mobile apps and social media
2.12. Others
3. The Cards
3.1. Card number 1.
3.2. Card number 2.
3.3. Card number 3.
3.4. Card number 4.
3.5. Card number 5.
3.6. Card number 6.
3.7. Card number 7.
3.8. Card number 8.
3.9. Card number 9.
3.10. Card number 10.
3.11. Card number 11.
3.12. Card number 12.
3.13. Card number 13.
3.14. Card number 14.
3.15. Card number 15.
3.16. Card number 16.
3.17. Card number 17.
3.18. Card number 18.
3.19. Card number 19.
3.20. Card number 20.
3.21. Card number 21.
3.22. Card number 22.
3.23. Card number 23.
3.24. Other cards
4. Quantitative Benchmarks
5. List of Perks and Features
5.1. Ladies’ perks
5.2. General-creative
5.3. General-all offers
6. Gender considerations

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