The Luxury of Wine: A Unity Marketing Luxury Trend Report

Unity Marketing Inc.
February 1, 2012
39 Pages - SKU: UM6800871
Study Objectives
Survey Sample & Methodology
Luxury Consumers & How Often They Enjoy Wine
Demographics of Luxury Wine Consumers
Wine Marketers: Meet your Best Customer
Occasions When They Drink Wine
Wine Favored: Domestic or Imported
About Wine Purchases
How Often They Buy Wine in Restaurants
How They Order in Restaurants: Bottle or Glass?
Why Selected that Wine in Restaurant
Price for Wine by the Bottle in Restaurant
How Often They Buy Wine at Retail
Why Selected that Wine
Price for Wine by Bottle at Retail
Most Popular Red Varietals
Most Popular White Varietals
Why They Drink Wine
Wine Publications Read
Wine Experiences Participated In
Different People Participate in Different Experiences
Luxury Wine Purchases through 2011
Summary Luxury Tracking Findings
Trends in Demand for Luxury Wines
Luxury Wine Spending
Understanding your Customer & Their Values Is Key
Next Steps


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