OverPowering Common Brand Problems - Whitepaper

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September 1, 2010
17 Pages - SKU: TCSI6673210
The brand image has been the integral part of the product and the organisation for many years. Brand image has helped to bridge gap between organisation and its end customer (retail or business). Brand building cannot be treated as science or art but as combination of both where you apply certain conventional or modern principle and create a perception of brand in mind of consumer.

The changing market and competition dynamics have transformed the traditional practice of brand building process. Now days brand manger are more inclined towards the aspect of sales rather than creating a perception about brand in target audience mindset. In this research paper we have highlighted the top 27 branding issues faced by mangers across the globe and to find a substantial way to overpower them. We have discussed issues like brand positioning, poor marketing decision, and brand extension have been critically analyzed and discussed by the writer. A series of in-depth qualitative interviews with more than 30 Brand Managers of Fortune 500 companies were conducted, followed by desk research to collate the insights and analyze these issues.



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