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Demographics Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis provides reports with information in World Demographics trends. This demographic market analysis can assist with two main objectives: first, to discover which sectors or subgroups live in the population; and, second, to generate a comprehensive image of the traits that a typical member of each of these sectors possesses.
The available demographic reports have outlined effective strategies for attracting targeted groups of people for certain products worldwide. Reports include global data to help marketers access information about any potential target market.

You can also use demographic market research reports to assist in characterizing a specific demographic profile. Creating a profile will provide information about a typical member for a certain group to aid in creating a visual of a hypothetical target market. As an example, a marketer may focus on members of a population that are male, single, between the ages of 17-24, and college educated.

Demographics are the traits of a selected human population. Demographic trends can be determined through data consisting of age, disability, race, gender, income, mobility, home ownership, location, employment status, and/or education level. By utilizing this trends data, you can analyze changes in a particular population over a specified period of time. You can use this data to assist with economic and marketing decisions in industries such as public policy or sociology.

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  • Product Consumption (747)
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Demographics Industry Research & Market Reports

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Millennial Parents in the U.S.
11/11/2015 | published by: Packaged Facts
... consideration is that the demographic and social profile of Millennial parents differs radically from that of their peers without children. For example, Millennial moms are less urban, less secular, less affluent, and less educated than ...  |  read more...
USD 3,500
Consumer Lifestyles in Indonesia
11/13/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... still challenged by a lack of suitable housing and other barriers. Many consumers, particularly younger consumers, are turning to internet retailing due to its convenience and to secure products not available on the shelves of ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
Consumer Lifestyles in Malaysia
11/20/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... a number of areas, including dining out and holiday travel, and many have switched from shopping for food in supermarkets to shopping at less expensive wet markets. On the other hand, there appears to be ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
Ecuador in 2030: The Future Demographic
11/20/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... birth rate falls. Nevertheless, Ecuador will still be one of the younger countries in Latin America in 2030 as its birth rate and fertility rate remain higher than the regional average. Since the mid 2000s ...  |  read more...
USD 990
Kazakhstan in 2030: The Future Demographic
11/9/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... 2030 while the birth rate and fertility rate are set to fall. Fertility will, however, stay above the replacement level but there will be a decrease in the proportion of women of childbearing age in ...  |  read more...
USD 990
Consumer Electronics in Asia Pacific: How Demographics and Income Shape Demand
11/18/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... rapid urbanisation, rising disposable income and growing middle class. While smartphones and tablets benefit from the shift in spending priorities, demand for some categories is likely to slow. As the region takes a more central ...  |  read more...
USD 1,325
What Men Want: Getting to Know the Male Consumer in Apparel and Footwear
11/12/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... by men’s higher disposable incomes and a greater focus on personal appearance. This report sets out to examine consumption habits as men become more empowered to make their own purchase decisions, while pinpointing future growth ...  |  read more...
USD 1,325
Today's Millennials in 2025 : Identifying opportunities to effectively target this generational group in the future
11/13/2015 | published by: Canadean Ltd
... account for the largest generation in the American workforce in 2015 and a major proportion of the population of emerging economies like India and China. The Millennial generation will yield significant global influence over the ...  |  read more...
USD 3,450
Consumer Lifestyles in Ireland
11/9/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... a result, consumers are feeling increasingly confident and spending more money on a wide range of products and services. However, a shortage of affordable housing is a problem in some urban areas. More generally, Irish ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
American Consumers in 2020
8/31/2015 | published by: Packaged Facts
... they will have to spend, how they will be shopping and what they will be buying in 2020. The report presents a plausible scenario of how American consumers will evolve and the economy will unfold ...  |  read more...
USD 3,850
Global Maternity Wear Market 2015-2019
11/4/2015 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... Market shares for key geographies include EMEA, Americas, and APAC. It also includes an insightful analysis of the leading vendors of this market such as Amoralia, Destination Maternity, Envie De Fraises, Isabella Oliver, and Mothercare. ...  |  read more...
USD 2,000
Consumer Goods & Retailing: Global DIY and Gardening Retailers
11/1/2015 | published by: Veraart Research BV
... Including turnover data, outlet number outlets, employees figures, address details and management information. Annual figures officially published by the retailers themselves is included in turnover. 2 sources provide reliable data we use these to make ...  |  read more...
USD 1,250
Consumer Lifestyles in Hong Kong, China
10/23/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... ownership out of reach of many consumers and this has dampened demand for a wide range of home-related products and services. On the other hand, there has greater demand for innovative furnishings that fit small ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
Poland Consumer Electronics Report Q4 2015
10/14/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... vis-à-vis the US dollar. Thechange in the exchange rate will erode the purchasing power and discretionary spending power ofhousehold in Poland. From 2016 onwards, we estimate the market to return to growth as a result ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Spain in 2030: The Future Demographic
10/16/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... to 2030 will cause this decline. Furthermore, the Spanish population will age rapidly in 2015-2030 as 60+ groups rise briskly and most age groups under 50 experience decline. By 2030, Spain will be the fourth ...  |  read more...
USD 990
Consumer Lifestyles in the Philippines
10/14/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... as food and household products—as well as more big-ticket items, such as passenger vehicles. Greater demand for big-ticket items has also been boosted by a wider availability of consumer credit and greater use of financial ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
Consumer Lifestyles in Thailand
10/30/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... grandparents for childcare whilst parents go out to work. The ageing population is increasing and consumers are looking at ways in which they can support themselves during retirement. Online shopping and social media has developed ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
Argentina in 2030: The Future Demographic
10/21/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... drop in fertility rates and birth rates, alongside rising life expectancy. Population growth will be slowing down over this period due to increasing numbers of deaths and falling numbers of births. Argentina has one of ...  |  read more...
USD 990
The Millionaire Monitor: Affluent Market Tracking Study #27, Fall 2015 Survey of the Wealthiest 10% of US Households
10/15/2015 | published by: American Affluence Research Center
... more positive view of the current economy, especially given the volatility in the stock market and the political and economic uncertainty around the world at the time of this survey. Of course there were some ...  |  read more...
USD 695
CHILDWISE Playground Buzz Autumn Term 2015
10/20/2015 | published by: Childwise
... designed to inform users about the most popular brands which children are engaging with, across television, music, games, websites, gadgets, toys and any other areas of interest. We focus around two themes: what have children ...  |  read more...
USD 600
Consumer Lifestyles in Denmark
10/14/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... on tablets to Late-Lifers shopping online. Demographic trends are dominated by two key factors: an ageing population and a reverse in the birth rate after many years. Euromonitor's Consumer Lifestyles in Denmark report analyses factors ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
Pakistan in 2030: The Future Demographic
11/5/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... relatively low life expectancy mean that it will remain an overwhelmingly young country in 2030 when nearly three quarters of the population will be aged 40 years or below. Despite rapid growth in the urban ...  |  read more...
USD 990
Advancing cultural complexity, the tourist gaze, and the consumption of places: essays and empirical studies honoring the work of John Urry
10/23/2015 | published by: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
... colleagues. This body of work includes describing and explaining the “tourist gaze”, that is, the set of expectations that tourists place on local populations when they participate in heritage/cultural tourism, in the search for having ...  |  read more...
USD 199
Consumer Lifestyles in the Czech Republic
10/22/2015 | published by: Euromonitor International
... feel-good factor is returning – consumers are taking out more mortgages, purchasing more new cars and booking more foreign holidays. Meanwhile, Internet retailing is booming as smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous. However, with fertility rates low ...  |  read more...
USD 2,100
9/23/2015 | published by: Unity Marketing Inc.
... Automobile Purchases, Spending & Brand Preferences Unity Marketing has just released a short, but sweet report with key facts and figures on the affluent market for Automobiles. Entitled Luxury Automobiles Snapshot Report, this succinct report ...  |  read more...
USD 595
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