Nucleic Acid Amplification Life Science Dashboard™ Series 3

Percepta Associates, Inc.
September 1, 2011
204 Pages - SKU: PCT6639926
Nucleic acid amplification is one of the most commonly performed molecular biology techniques and is a necessary precursor to a range of methods from gene cloning and site-directed mutagenesis to the quantitative analysis of gene expression. The Nucleic Acid Amplification Dashboard was developed from responses to a 21-question survey by 492 scientists predominantly located in North America and Europe.

This Dashboard reveals key market indicators for the nucleic acid amplification market as a whole as well as for the following sub-segments:
  • Difficult PCR (e.g. GC rich, complex, long targets)
  • Digital PCR
  • Emulsion PCR
  • Fast PCR
  • High Fidelity PCR
  • High Resolution Melt (using real time PCR instrument)
  • Standard endpoint PCR
  • Standard endpoint RT-PCR
  • qPCR (real time PCR with genomic DNA template)
  • qRT-PCR (real time PCR with RNA or cDNA template)
Please note, the online download version is a global site license version of the report.

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