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Demographics Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis provides reports with information in World Demographics trends. This demographic market analysis can assist with two main objectives: first, to discover which sectors or subgroups live in the population; and, second, to generate a comprehensive image of the traits that a typical member of each of these sectors possesses. The available demographic reports have outlined effective strategies for attracting targeted groups of people for certain products worldwide. Reports include global data to help marketers access information about any potential target market.

You can also use demographic market research reports to assist in characterizing a specific demographic profile. Creating a profile will provide information about a typical member for a certain group to aid in creating a visual of a hypothetical target market. As an example, a marketer may focus on members of a population that are male, single, between the ages of 17-24, and college educated.

Demographics are the traits of a selected human population. Demographic trends can be determined through data consisting of age, disability, race, gender, income, mobility, home ownership, location, employment status, and/or education level. By utilizing this trends data, you can analyze changes in a particular population over a specified period of time. You can use this data to assist with economic and marketing decisions in industries such as public policy or sociology.

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Demographics Industry Research & Market Reports

  • New Economic and Social Trends in India

    ... Read More

  • Mass Affluents: Attitudes and Needs in the UK

    ...than average, maintain higher levels of savings and investments, and are more likely to use added-value services. This makes them an attractive and profitable segment to target. Key Findings Mass affluents in the UK hold ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Japan

    ...lower prices. Not surprisingly, internet retailing is popular amongst high-tech consumers but most Japanese still appreciate the experience of shopping in physical stores. The significant proportion of older consumers has resulted in the growing demand ... Read More

  • Strategic Analysis of Women Customers in the North American Automotive Aftermarket

    ...for the period 2016–2022. Changes in the car buying and maintenance behavior of women indicate a need for the automotive aftermarket to initiate and implement a change in its strategy to attract and retain women ... Read More

  • Mass Affluents: Attitudes and Needs in China

    ...average, maintain higher levels of savings and investments, and are more likely to use added-value services. This makes them an attractive and profitable segment to target. Key Findings Mass affluents in China hold more products ... Read More

  • Mass Affluents: Product Holding and Preferences in Hong Kong

    ...products than average, maintain higher levels of savings and investments, and are more likely to use added-value services. This makes them an attractive and profitable segment to target. Key Findings HSBC holds nearly half of ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Turkey

    ...comfort in using credit cards and personal loans to buy products and services. Younger consumers are driving growth in internet retailing and those that can afford it are forming a new generation of home owners, ... Read More

  • Fertility Clinics in Australia in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ...core ART treatments such as IVF cycles and frozen embryo transfers as well as associated ancillary health services including specialised diagnostic and genetic testing, ultrasounds and related day hospital procedures. This report covers the scope, ... Read More

  • Roadblocks to Making Omnichannel a Reality in Brazil

    ...a general view of how companies in Brazil are facing the omnichannel reality; an overview of Brazilian consumer behavior and its impact on interactions with companies; market drivers and restraints, trends, and analysis; growth opportunities; ... Read More

  • Nigeria in 2030: The Future Demographic

    ...This strong growth is the result of high rises in the number of births every year in 2015-2030 due to increasing numbers of women of childbearing age and high fertility. Nigeria will remain one of ... Read More

  • World Demographics terms of: Asia, Africa, Central & South America, North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Pacific. Further, each regional indicator is forecast for major countries within that region. Lastly, the world and ... Read More

  • Mass Affluents: Attitudes and Needs in Australia for providers. The mass affluent segment in Australia tends to be older, with over 75% having combined assets of A$300,000 on average. At the same time this consumer group also tends to be more ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Sweden an increase in consumer confidence and spending. At the same time, technology savviness has permeated across all ages – from 2 year-olds surfing the internet on tablets to the elderly shopping online for groceries. ... Read More

  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (TEVA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ...bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you ... Read More

  • CHILDWISE Playground Buzz Spring Term 2016

    ...designed to inform users about the most popular brands which children are engaging with, across television, music, games, websites, gadgets, toys and any other areas of interest. We focus around two themes: what have children ... Read More

  • Women’s Gyms in Australia in Australia - Industry Market Research Report

    ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Peru

    ...demand for a wide range of modern products and services. The nascent internet retailing sector is seeing growth based on demand from tech-savvy younger consumers. Consumers are also spending more on leisure activities, although security ... Read More

  • Bullying and peer violence in secure settings

    ...forensic psychiatric facilities) is rather limited. Living in secure settings of any kind, however, implies operating in a more or less inescapable social system. The unique nature of the ‘institutional’ social context, together with individual ... Read More

  • South Africa in 2030: The Future Demographic moderating net migration and falling birth and fertility rates, despite a rise in the number of women of childbearing age. The urban population will grow at around double the rate of the population as ... Read More

  • Poland Consumer Electronics Report Q2 2016

    ...environment is central to this view, including zloty appreciation forecast for 2017-2020, in contrast to 2015 when depreciation against the US dollar hit device spending. Polish income growth alongside appreciation will boost purchasing power and ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Mexico

    ...wary of spending, especially spending on big-ticket items, but generally consumers are confident about the future and spending levels are expected to continue to rise. Forty-six percent are under the age of 25 and overall ... Read More

  • Profile of the Top 22 Cities in India - 2016; Market size, Market trends, Growth drivers, Future forecast, Market opportunity

    ...India. In depth profile includes; City Demographics and Macro Economics – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Hyderabad, Cochin, Vishakapatnam, Kolkata, Nagpur, Nashik, Vadodara, Indore, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bhopal, Kanpur. Investment Index ... Read More

  • British Lifestyles: Growing Tired of Austerity - UK - April 2016

    ...unemployment is low) and wages have been rising above inflation. Yet, consumer sentiment has been slow to respond. Perhaps we will need to see a more sustained period of growth in earnings before Britons start ... Read More

  • Car Purchasing Process - US - April 2016 shifting, and the consumer attitudes that led to strong sales over the past five years are unlikely to be repeated. Two main market drivers, pent-up demand/vehicle replacement and desire for fuel efficiency, are less ... Read More

  • The Chinese Consumer - China - April 2016

    ...key growth engine. Ever-increasing disposable income and an optimistic economic outlook encourages Chinese consumers to spend more money in almost every sector of life – from everyday staples to discretionary items and activities – in ... Read More

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