Patent map and technology intelligence report. Micro-organisms/Enzymes; Propagating, Preserving Or Maintaining Micro-organisms; Genetic Engineering; Culture Media

Intellectual Property Exchange
January 24, 2010
15 Pages - SKU: ITR2582754
Micro-organisms, e.g. protozoa; Compositions thereof; Processes of propagating, maintaining or preserving micro-organisms or compositions thereof; Processes of preparing or isolating a composition containing a micro-organism; Culture media therefor; Spore-forming or isolating processes; Undifferentiated human, animal or plant cells, e.g. cell lines; Tissues; Cultivation or maintenance thereof; Culture media therefor; Viruses, e.g. bacteriophages; Compositions thereof; Preparation or purification thereof; Enzymes, e.g. ligases; Proenzymes; Compositions thereof; Processes for preparing, activating, inhibiting, separating, or purifying enzymes; Carrier-bound or immobilized enzymes; Carrier-bound or immobilized microbial cells; Preparation thereof; Treatment of micro-organisms or enzymes with electrical or wave energy, e.g. magnetism, sonic waves; Mutation or genetic engineering; DNA or RNA concerning genetic engineering, vectors, e.g. plasmids, or their isolation, preparation or purification; Use of hosts therefor.



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