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The home center and hardware store industry comprises stores that sell a wide spectrum of home maintenance and repairs items such as electrical goods, hardware, and a variety of tools. Home centers and hardware stores also often sell structural material and different forms of lumber for any home repairs, renovations, or construction. Those involved in the home center and hardware store industry typically buy product from manufacturers and wholesalers, and then proceed to retail the goods to independent consumers as well as professional contractors.

Distributors in the home center and hardware store industry act as liaisons between the consumers and manufacturers. Companies purchase products in bulk from many different manufacturers, and then retail them in smaller quantities to consumers. In this way, consumers can purchase different items from different manufacturers. Products bought in bulk may consist of cables, connectors, bolts, networking materials, screws, or wiring devices.

There are an assortment of factors that drive demand and profits for this industry: home remodeling and repair, construction, hardware retailing, new home building, and telecommunications all require products retailed in this industry. Overall revenue depends on efficient management of a company’s inventory, as well as use of effective advertising strategies. Large companies have an advantage in that their distribution networks are expansive, and as such they can provide consumers with a wide selection of products and services. Smaller businesses prioritize providing specialty items, stocking products they know their consumers need, and providing excellent customer service. Individual operators rely on obtaining quality products at a lower cost, strategic merchandising, and competitive prices.

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Home Centers & Hardware Stores Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Home Improvement in the US

    ...stations such as HGTV (Home & Garden Television) that explore a litany of different home improvement projects and the world of flipping properties to be sold for a profit. Consumers take on a range of ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in Japan

    ...yen exchange rate. When the VAT increase from April 2017 is settled, growth is expected to fluctuate over the next few years. Manufacturers and retailers will struggle to retain strong demand thereafter. Both the decrease ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in Hong Kong, China

    ...the fastest current value growth in 2015. They were boosted by consumers’ rising disposable incomes and sophistication in terms of interior design as well as consumers’ pursuit of leisure and a better quality of life. ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Malaysia

    ...Malaysia. Furthermore, learning about and engaging in DIY is feasible as the urban population and internet uptake rate in Malaysia grow. The conventional approach among many Malaysians has been to hire skilled labourers for home ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Taiwan

    ...the Taiwanese is another reason stopping them from undertaking home improvement themselves. No matter whether a project is large or small, consumers could still find a professional nearby to help them within a reasonable amount ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in Poland

    ...of the leading specialised home and garden retailers also had a positive impact on the industry's development. Attracted by various promotions, new product launches and professional support, customers were willing to invest more and either ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in Russia

    ...result of sanctions placed by the Russian government on imports from the EU: builders had to look for opportunities to substitute imported materials with local production or import from Asian countries. This also had a ... Read More

  • Gardening in South Africa

    ...and high density living spaces. The country’s poor economic climate and rising financial strain for many households also led to a shift away from non-essential goods across the vast majority of consumer goods. In these ... Read More

  • Gardening in Russia

    ...turmoil of the 1990s, these were often used to grow food. In the mid-2000s many people started growing flowers instead of fruits and vegetables, but now there is a return to producing food. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Russia

    ...the bulk of the Russian population. Hiring a contractor or using the services of a construction company for home improvement jobs is more widespread in Moscow and St Petersburg, where properties are bigger and earnings ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in South Africa a large pool of informal labour available for home improvement tasks. Middle-income households tend to support such informal labour for home repairs; however, high-income households tend to rely on professional services for such tasks. ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Ukraine

    ...popular. The types of jobs which are made mainly carried out by professionals are flooring and tiling. Euromonitor International's Home Improvement in Ukraine report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of market ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Indonesia

    ...outdoor activities, they choose to hire low-cost labourers to undertake home improvements, mostly small repairs and painting walls. Still, homeowners with less space, such as those in apartments, prefer to rely on themselves to improve ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Singapore

    ...the passing down of DIY expertise from generation to generation. As a result, DIY culture in general is not popular in Singapore. Apart from space constraints, Singaporeans generally lack the knowledge necessary to undertake DIY ... Read More

  • Gardening in Switzerland

    ...working in their gardens to a large extent and many do this themselves rather than paying to have their garden looked after. However, as lifestyles have become quite hectic with little spare time, many consumers ... Read More

  • Homewares in India

    ...high reliability. However, the demand for non-branded products remains high for dinnerware and kitchen utensils, as these are priced lower compared to branded products. Euromonitor International's Homewares in India report offers a comprehensive guide to ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in China promote the real estate market, the number of unsold homes remained at a high level, especially in low-tier cities as a result of limited demand. The stagnant property market led to a slowdown of ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in India

    ...2015 with many houses gone unsold. Contractors maintained prices, expecting a rise in the demand due to an improving economy. On the other hand, consumers were expecting interest rate cuts on home loans and a ... Read More

  • Gardening in South Korea

    ...households in 2015. Naturally, house owners with their own gardens in the urban environment are drastically fewer compared to rural areas where there is more space to grow things on the land. In terms of ... Read More

  • Home and Garden in Switzerland

    ...largely be attributed to the end of the euro fixed exchange rate in January 2015, resulting in a strong Swiss franc compared to the euro. Consequently, major purchases including kitchens or indoor furniture were reduced ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in China

    ...only can purchase improvement products at discounted prices but can also get jobs done perfectly and efficiently. However, as professional companies always purchase products with low quality to increase profitability, more and more consumers are ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in France

    ...households remain prudent over the budget allocated to home improvement, often spending significant time searching for good deals in order to save on costs. Comparatively, there is a preference to spend free time on home ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in India

    ...home improvement products. Euromonitor International's Home Improvement in India report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of market demand at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data (historic date ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in Italy

    ...Italian population often lacks the time, skill and energy to carry out every construction project at home on their own, many enjoy doing small repairs or projects as a hobby. Even when consulting professionals or ... Read More

  • Home Improvement in South Korea

    ...home improvement was considered to be a professional service rendered to individuals with due payments. Very few people tried to work on their homes without professional help. Also, DIY products and offerings were quite limited ... Read More

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