The Market Outlook for Research Products in FY2010

BioInformatics, LLC
October 1, 2009
235 Pages - SKU: BIF2527997
Gearing up for a more prosperous FY2010, The Market Outlook for Research Products in FY2010 compares and contrasts FY2009 (actual) and FY2010 (projected) budgets in total and by product category with a special focus on market segment and regional differences. This report will help you understand current sources of funding with a special focus on ARRA funds, and correlate scientists’ projected budget for 2010 with anticipated purchases in instrumentation and consumables—examining trends across 14 product categories—with a focus on the vendors selected, the amount spent with each vendor and the reasoning for the purchasing decision.

This study will also help you identify practices scientists engaged in to conserve expenses, and which promotions were the most helpful enabling suppliers to create highly targeted marketing programs and promotions. Find out in this report when scientists feel the economic recession will end for the life sciences in the United States and Europe and their outlook for the future.

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