Exploring the Epigenetics Market: Opportunities for Product Placement and Innovation

BioInformatics, LLC
July 1, 2009
148 Pages - SKU: BIF2476765
Over the past five years or so renewed attention has been paid to the field of epigenetics as scientists piece together a molecular puzzle revealing how heritable information⎯other than the DNA itself⎯influences gene function. DNA methylation, histone modifications and chromatin structures all play a central role in the regulation and expression of mammalian genomes and are the central focus of much research today. Breakthroughs in epigenetics have also increased our understanding of transcriptional regulation, nuclear organization, embryonic development, and disease states. These insights will also be critical for advancing any field rooted in genetics including pharmacogenomics, stem cells, cloning, development, aging, and synthetic biology. Furthermore, as more epigenetic markers are associated with specific diseases, tools can be developed to diagnose patients and gauge the severity of disease.

Based upon a survey of 200 scientists, Exploring the Epigenetics Market: Opportunities for Product Placement and Innovation presents findings from a study that benchmarks the state of basic epigenetic research. While epigenetics research can employ such commonplace molecular biological techniques as restriction enzyme digestion, primer extension and Southern blotting, it also involves more complex technologies as DNA sequencing, PCR, real-time PCR, HPLC, and MALDI-TOF MS. Advances enabling faster and cheaper mapping of epigenetic modifications have accelerated discoveries in the field. This report reviews progress in both the discovery of epigenetic markers and the development of new epigenetics-based tools, and highlights opportunities for suppliers interested in designing and manufacturing new technologies to support epigenetics researchers.

In this study, scientists elaborate on processes and techniques they use to do epigenetics research, problems with protocols and antibodies, changes expected in the time/effort devoted to epigenetics research over the next couple of years and the estimated change in spending on chIP-related consumables through 2011. Scientists also provide opinions about suppliers of chIP and non-chIP grade antibodies, and indicate how these products are used, satisfaction with suppliers and desired improvements with each.

Designed to provide guidance for life science suppliers selling products that support epigenetic research involving chromosome immunoprecipitation (chIP), Exploring the Epigenetics Market: Opportunities for Product Placement and Innovation will help suppliers optimize product offerings and strengthen market position.



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