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Canada B2C E-Commerce Market 2015

Canada B2C E-Commerce Market 2015

B2C E-Commerce in Canada is dominated by US-based retailers, according to’s new report

Germany-based secondary market research firm has released a new report, “Canada B2C E-Commerce Market 2015”. Among other findings, the report reveals that B2C E-Commerce in Canada is dominated by US-based retailers. However, according to’s CEO and Founder, Yücel Yelken, local Canadian retailers could be favored this year by weaker Canadian currency with respect to the US dollar.

In North America, Canada is overshadowed by the size of the neighboring US B2C E-Commerce market. But according to the latest forecasts, cited in’s report, online retail in Canada is predicted to grow faster than the US market in the next several years. Canada ranks in the top ten B2C E-Commerce markets worldwide in terms of sales and is praised for its advanced infrastructure and consumer behavior. Rising online shopper penetration and spending, mobile commerce development and improved local offerings are expected to be the main growth drivers in Canada in the next few years.

M-Commerce sales generated on smartphones and tablets are predicted to account for over half of total B2C E-Commerce in Canada in near future. Omnichannel is also gaining pace, as consumers cross the online and offline channels to find the best offering. Another important attribute of B2C E-Commerce in Canada is cross-border online shopping. In 2014, more than half of online shoppers in the country purchased cross-border due to lower prices and better product selection. However,’s research shows that the weaker Canadian dollar with respect to the US dollar could moderate the cross-border trend. As of mid-2015, more than half of consumers in Canada believed that cross-border shopping from the USA, whether online or in-store, has become a costlier option.

The leading B2C E-Commerce players in Canada over the past years have been US-based merchants. Of them, the largest in 2014 was Amazon, with its and online shops. Also this year, Amazon’s websites rank the highest among online retail websites in Canada, followed by eBay’s marketplaces and other US-based retailers such as BestBuy and Wal-Mart. Furthermore, Chinese marketplaces, including Alibaba Group’s and websites, also appear in the top 10 most popular E-Commerce websites.

1. Management Summary
2. Overview
B2C E-Commerce Overview and International Comparisons, November 2015
Top 10 Countries Worldwide by B2C E-Commerce Sales, incl. Canada, in USD billion, and in % CAGR, 2013 - 2018f
B2C E-Commerce CAGR in North America, by Country, in %, 2014-2019f
B2C E-Commerce Share of Total Retail Sales in North America, by Country, in %, 2013 - 2018f
Breakdown of Frequency of Cross-Border Online Shopping in North America, in % of Online Shoppers, by Country, April 2015
Share of Online Shoppers in North America Choosing Delivery of Four Days and Longer, by Country, in %, February 2015
3. Trends
M-Commerce Share of Total B2C E-Commerce Sales, in %, 2014 & 2019f
Devices Used for Shopping Online, by Age Group, in % of Internet Users, July 2014
Retail Activities Carried Out On Smartphones, by Browser and Application, in % of Smartphone Subscribers, December 2014
Reasons for Cross-Border Online Shopping, in % of Online Shoppers, July 2014
Breakdown of Online Spending, by Country of Origin of the Seller, in %, July 2014
Most Popular Countries in Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce, in % of Online Shoppers, August 2014
Breakdown of the Last Purchase by Online and Offline, in % of Internet Users, 2014/2015
4. Sales & Shares
B2C E-Commerce Sales, in CAD billion, by Comparative Estimates, 2014 - 2019f
B2C E-Commerce Share of Total Retail Sales, in %, by Comparative Estimates, 2014 - 2019f
5. Users & Shoppers
Internet Penetration, in % of Individuals, 2010 - 2014
Online Shopper Penetration Rate, in % of Households, 2014
Number of Online Shoppers and Online Buyers, in millions and % of Internet Users, 2013 - 2018f
Online Shopper Penetration, in % Internet Users, 2014 & 2019f
Breakdown of Frequency of Shopping Online, in % of Internet Users, February 2015
Breakdown of Average Annual Online Spending, in % of Online Shoppers, February 2015
Online Spending per Shopper, in CAD, 2014 & 2019
6. Products
Top 6 Product Categories Purchased Online, in % of Online Shoppers, March 2014
Share of Purchases Conducted Online, by Product Category, in %, 12 Months to April 2015
Share of Consumers Who Purchased Groceries Online, in %, April 2015
7. Payment
Breakdown of Payment Methods Most Used in Online Shopping, in % of Online Shoppers, April 2015
Use of Alternative Payment Methods, incl. Online and Mobile, by Gender and Age, in % of Respondents, 2013
8. Delivery
Share of Online Shoppers Rating Shipping Cost as the Most Important Factor in Purchasing, and Willing to Choose Postal Services to Lower Delivery Cost, in %, February 2015
9. Players
B2C E-Commerce Player Overview, November 2015
Market Shares of Top 3 E-Commerce Companies, in %, 2013 & 2014
Top E-Commerce Websites by Share of Total Website Visits, in %, September 2014 & September 2015
Overview of the Top 10 E-Commerce Websites, by Website Rank, November 2015, incl. Website Traffic, September 2015

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