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  • Europe Digital Substation Market Forecast 2019-2027

    ... for renewable energy, and the increasing applications of the digital substations in the region, are the factors stimulating market growth. MARKET INSIGHTS The Europe market is segregated into Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, the United ... Read More

  • Germany Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... policy direction erodes demand. By contrast, gas demand will remain stable over the next ten years as a result ofnormal seasonal demand dynamics and continuing interplay between coal for use in the power generation sector. Read More

  • France Renewables Q4 2019

    ... end of 2018 and 2028. The phase-out of thecountry's coal-fired power capacity by 2022, and phase-down of nuclear generation from more than 70% of the power mix to 50%by 2035 will cement government support for ... Read More

  • Europe Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... period. This contrasts with the wider Europe region’s forecast average of 2%annually during the same period; indeed, when isolating CEE as a region in its own right it ranks in fourth place globally,demonstrating its outperformance ... Read More

  • Germany Power Q4 2019

    ... by 2022 and 2038 respectively. As a result, gas-fired power will become increasingly important asa baseload source, while investment into the grid network will be crucial to account for an increase in intermittent renewableelectricity supply. Read More

  • Germany Renewables Q4 2019

    ... generation mix diversification and decarbonisation. While slowingonshore wind deployment rates owing to permitting challenges and an expected near-term slowdown in offshore wind capacitygrowth due to grid bottlenecks highlights pertinent challenges in the market, we believe ... Read More

  • Italy Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... to introduce its consumption tax increase from October 1. With no let-up expected from external anddomestic headwinds, consumer confidence continues to fall away and the impact on retail sales is already being felt. Japan's tightlabour ... Read More

  • Norway Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... will present challenges, a number of positive factors will continue to provide adequatebuffers. Computer hardware uptake will be driven by the robust levels of government spending and economic diversification thatwill bolster a variety of economic ... Read More

  • Spain Petrochemicals Q4 2019

    ... a very low base, largely supported by strong investments from China and India in thetransport infrastructure and non-residential building sectors. Growing threats to political stability and rising foreign debt, however,pose downside risk to our outlook. Read More

  • Sweden Autos Q4 2019

    ... of cover. Leading domestic and regional providersdominate the market and are well placed to leverage brand awareness and loyalty and make use of expansive distribution channelsin order to reach new and existing consumers. Some headwinds ... Read More

  • Europe Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... term. In contrast, we expect developed market refined fuelsconsumption to lapse into structural decline in major consumer markets. On the supply side, Russia will continue to fuel growth ingas output with substantial ongoing investment into ... Read More

  • Greece Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... are more gas prone makes them attractive explorationprospects, notwithstanding their greenfield high risk profile. This is especially so now that the energy ministry has also announcedan aggressive decarbonisation drive (nearly two thirds of Greek electricity ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Autos Q4 2019

    ... weigh on sales in the passenger vehicle segment. Commercial vehicle saleswill continue to grow as rising manufacturing, retail, construction and general export activity all raise the need for more road vehiclelogistics serviced by light commercial ... Read More

  • Europe Power Q4 2019

    ... alongside a notable decline in coal and nuclear-firedcapacity across the two regional markets. In comparison, we remain cautious on Eastern European markets transitioning away fromcoal and nuclear power generation over our forecast period, due to ... Read More

  • France Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... non-residential sector. Activity in the expansion of the country's transport infrastructure and the deploymentof renewable energy will drive growth in the long term, with the latter benefiting from intensified expansion efforts at the EU level. Read More

  • Spain Autos Q4 2019

    ... sector on a more stable footing, though the restructuring andconsolidation process will continue over the coming years. Despite headwinds from political uncertainty and historically low interestrates, there is the potential for steady growth over the ... Read More

  • Ukraine Autos Q4 2019

    ... narrowing spread between interest rates on retail loans anddeposits, softening consumer loan growth and decreasing government bonds in bank assets. Furthermore, there remains systemicrisk from the growing uncertainty surrounding the legal ownership of the country’s ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... downside risk to this outlook significant given the chances of no deal and a general election bothhaving increased significantly with Boris Johnson as prime minister. Such a situation is detrimental to investment, and we expectboth ... Read More

  • Bottling (UK) - Industry Report

    ... DISTELL INTERNATIONAL LTD and QUINTESSENTIAL BRANDS SPIRIT SOLUTIONS LTD. This report covers activities such as scotch, bottling, whisky, home, drambuie and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. ... Read More

  • Garage Services (UK) - Industry Report

    ... OAK TYRES LTD, KIRKBY(TYRES)LTD and PARKER MOTOR SERVICES LTD. This report covers activities such as tyres, mot, servicing, service, garage and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. ... Read More

  • Gas Detection Equipment (UK) - Industry Report

    ... 130 companies, including GARDLINE LTD, PASS (PORTABLE APPLIANCE SAFETY SERVICES) LTD and ASHTEAD TECHNOLOGY LTD. This report covers activities such as gas, gas detection, gas analysis, calibration, refrigerant and includes a wealth of information on ... Read More

  • Gas Fire Manufacturers (UK) - Industry Report

    ... 30 companies, including BAXI HEATING LTD, STOVAX LTD and FOCAL POINT FIRES LTD. This report covers activities such as gas,, fireplaces, gas fires, stoves and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over ... Read More

  • Gas Service Engineers (UK) - Industry Report

    ... 200 companies, including BRITISH GAS SERVICES LTD, T BROWN GROUP LTD and BTU (INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE) LTD. This report covers activities such as heating, gas, boilers, plumbing, installation and includes a wealth of information on ... Read More

  • Gas Suppliers (UK) - Industry Report

    ... ENGIE POWER LTD, SCOTLAND GAS NETWORKS PLC and SMART METERING SYSTEMS PLC. This report covers activities such as natural gas, gas, , , and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the ... Read More

  • Gas & Electrical Training (UK) - Industry Report

    ... on the top 90 companies, including CLARKSON EVANS LTD, TEST INSTRUMENTS LTD and TRADE SKILLS4U LTD. This report covers activities such as gas course, training, gas training, plumbing courses, course and includes a wealth of ... Read More

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