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  • Survey of the European yarn fairs for autumn/winter 2019/20

    ... The author of the report visited Filo, Pitti Immagine Filati and Première Vision Yarns where she interviewed exhibitors and found out first-hand which trends were proving to be the most popular. The atmosphere at the ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... the country's construction industry, expanding 4.8% in 2018and accounting for 61% of total construction. The infrastructure market will be backed by government plans to improve thecountry's transport infrastructure through an influx of EU funds.The tourism ... Read More

  • Czech Republic Renewables Q1 2019

    ... interest in the Czech renewables market, where weak consumption growthand the dominance of thermal and nuclear power will remain significant barriers to growth. Surplus capacity in the market, wheregeneration already outpaces consumption, is another hindrance ... Read More

  • Hungary Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... oil and gas imports, which come predominantly from Russia. While ongoing regional infrastructure developments willenable Hungary to diversify its oil and gas import sources, the country's Fidesz-led government will likely maintain closetrade relationship with Russia. Read More

  • Italy Petrochemicals Q1 2019

    ... cracker,with 490,000tpa of ethylene capacity and representing nearly a third of national cracker capacity, is set to close by 2021, havingbeen given a temporary reprieve as the site is converted to bio-based chemicals production. As ... Read More

  • Netherlands Autos Q1 2019

    ... that consumers' demand for newvehicles has largely been satisfied following the acceleration of their intended vehicle purchases leading up to the effective date ofthe new WLTP. We forecast that the Netherlands' vehicle sales growth will ... Read More

  • Austria Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... recovers from a decade in the doldrums, supported by significant transport infrastructure investmentand strengthening residential construction. Activity will be driven by committed public spending, growing private investment andinflows from EU institutions towards developing regional interconnectivity. Read More

  • Austria Renewables Q1 2019

    ... both domestic and overseasdevelopers. That being said, the slow rate of total power consumption in the country is limiting investor interest in the constructionof new capacity (renewables or otherwise) and as a result there are ... Read More

  • Bulgaria Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... Sea highlights the potential for both oil and gas explorationin the area. Exploration and appraisal activity is picking up, with potential results over the coming quarters. The exploration outlookonshore in Bulgaria remains much more limited. Read More

  • France Petrochemicals Q1 2019

    ... Production indices showed that rubber output declined 0.8%y-o-y and primary plastic fell 4.1%, while plastic products saw zero growth. Manufacturing export growth has weakened, leading toslower growth in polymer and chemicals consumption. However, French car ... Read More

  • Norway Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... construction market will be robust over the coming years, as the market benefits from the gradualrealisation of the government's transport investment plan, a ramp-up in investment in the hydrocarbon sector and ongoinginvestment into low-carbon infrastructure. Read More

  • Serbia Autos Q1 2019

    Serbia Autos Q1 2019 Key View: For 2019, we are forecasting 5.4% growth in new vehicle sales, with commercial vehicle sales (+6.5%) to outperformpassenger vehicle sales (+5%). Read More

  • Spain Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... in conventional resources within Spain over the pastseveral years, we expect domestic production of oil and gas to remain negligible. Moreover, we believe that prospects for onshoreunconventionals are unlikely to materialise within our forecast period. Read More

  • Strategic Overview of the Automotive Aftermarket in Poland, Forecast to 2024

    ... year for analysis is 2017 and the forecast period is 2018 to 2024. This research covers the growth prospects for the Polish automotive aftermarket. It includes analyses of vehicles in operation, new and used vehicle ... Read More

  • Transport for London - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    ... key employees, key competitors and major products and services. This up-to-the-minute company report will help you to formulate strategies to drive your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better. Scope ... Read More

  • France Power Q1 2019

    ... rapid expansion of renewables. As a result, investmentopportunities will be concentrated in the non-hydropower renewables sector. This will be underpinned by the aims of thenew minister of ecological & inclusive transition, François de Rugy, guided ... Read More

  • Germany Autos Q1 2019

    ... as slowing economic growth, amid Brexituncertainty and global trade tensions, weighs on domestic sales. As a result, we forecast growth of 1.9% in new vehicle sales in2019, totalling close to 4.0mn units by year end. Read More

  • Hungary Autos Q1 2019

    Hungary Autos Q1 2019 Key View: For 2019, we are forecasting 8.2% growth in new vehicle sales, with commercial vehicle (CV) sales (9.2%) to outperformpassenger vehicle (PV) sales (8%). Read More

  • Netherlands Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... sectors. As well as large-scalepublic investment in major projects aimed at expanding and modernising transport connections, many of which are backed byregional financing, the Netherlands is also proving a key hub for the development of ... Read More

  • Romania Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... - in the transport segment. Beyond 2020, aweaker project pipeline entails slower growth, while disputes with the EU due to ongoing political turmoil and concerns over the ruleof law pose a risk that structural funding ... Read More

  • Spain Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... 5.1% in 2018. This will be drivenby the continued rebound of the residential construction sector. Post 2020, growth will slow, in line with the moderation of Spain'seconomy, more limited funding and a weakening project pipeline. Read More

  • Italy Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... Italy Oil & Gas Q1 2019 Key View: Italy's oil and gas sector will continue to suffer from a gradual depletion of its hydrocarbon reserves and the rapiddownsizing of the country's ailing refining sector. Read More

  • Portugal Autos Q1 2019

    ... the maturity of Portugal's automotive sector to come through in 2019, leading growth to slow to 1.1%.Thereafter we expect this trend to continue, with growth averaging 1.6% over the remainder of our 2019-2027 forecast period. Read More

  • Slovakia Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... share of Russian gas transit to Western European market.However, this position might be weakened by the Nord Stream 2 project, which, if realised, will enable Russia to increase itsgas exports directly to Germany thus bypassing ... Read More

  • Sweden Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... in Sweden will slow significantly over the coming years after the housing sector boomdissipates. That said, the government’s recently announced transport plan will catalyse strong growth across the country’s transportinfrastructure sector and wider construction market. Read More

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