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  • Norway Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... majority of our 10-year forecast period to 2027,as new projects come online and investor interest in upstream exploration remains robust. As such, Norway will maintain its role asan important hydrocarbon exporter over the coming decade. Read More

  • Europe Autos Q4 2018

    ... Eastern European sub-region significantlyoutperforms both the Balkans and the Baltics in terms of vehicle sales volume. The main reason for this is the larger population size,however, higher household spending and rising wages also help the ... Read More

  • Netherlands Power Q4 2018

    ... being the growth driver in the Dutch powersector over our forecast period to 2027. Investment in new thermal and nuclear projects will be deterred by the lack of financialfeasibility and pursuit of lower carbon emissions. ... Read More

  • Sweden Autos Q4 2018

    ... View: This quarter, we have increased our new vehicle sales forecasts for 2018, now forecasting 5.3% growth for the market asa whole, with commercial vehicle (CV) sales (+12.8%) to outperform passenger vehicle (PV) sales (+4%). Read More

  • Poland Renewables Q4 2018

    ... due to stringent regulations. An upside risk to this outlook is the lower amount ofregulations facing offshore wind and smaller capacity projects. Wind and biomass power will be the dominant sources ofrenewables in the country. Read More

  • Ukraine Autos Q4 2018

    ... Autos Q4 2018 Key View: This quarter, we have again scaled back our new vehicle sales forecasts for 2018, now forecasting 8.5% growth, withcommercial vehicle (CV) sales (+14%) to outperform passenger vehicle (PV) sales (+7.6%). Read More

  • Austria Power Q4 2018

    ... over the coming years. The government remains committed to the phasingout of coal-fired power and potentially could look to replace natural-gas fired power plants with renewable energy sources whilealso reducing the reliance upon energy imports. Read More

  • Switzerland Power Q4 2018

    ... growth means that there is very littledemand for large-scale new capacity developments and the project pipeline is currently slim, resulting in downbeat forecasts for themarket. There is however upside risk for the renewables sector in ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Autos Q4 2018

    ... by continued stagnation in consumer confidence, as well as weakness in household spending power dueto a combination of falling household earnings and historically weak savings rates. Furthermore, as the scrappage schemes are stillonly on offer ... Read More

  • Spain Autos Q4 2018

    ... However, improving employment did not improve wage growth, weighing down onconsumer confidence and sentiment levels. While consumers are still financing vehicle purchases through leasing or borrowing, wehighlight that increased borrowing costs will slowdown big-ticket purchases. Read More

  • Italy Power Q4 2018

    ... as limited foreign investor interest in private developments. Therecent change of government is unlikely to significantly alter the planned trajectory of the market, with the focus remaining on thedevelopment of new renewables capacity and the ... Read More

  • Travel in Belarus

    ... requirements and ongoing promotional efforts abroad brought positive results, as inbound arrivals grew. Even so, falling domestic tourism flows hint at a lack of real public interest in Belarus and its attractions. Whether the positive ... Read More

  • Travel in Estonia

    ... Estonia, thus Finland as the biggest inbound source market showed decline in 2017. On the other hand, the stabilised economy in Russia has had a positive influence on Russian tourists who have increased their trips ... Read More

  • Travel in Macedonia

    ... improved connectivity of Macedonia’s two major international airports in Skopje and Ohrid. However, growth was slightly slower relative to the review period, following a period of rapid expansion and growth in 2017 and 2018. After ... Read More

  • Travel in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    ... review period, the travel industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina soared, primarily driven by strong increases in inbound arrivals. The appeal of the country as a travel destination strengthened as European tourists showed more interest in culture and ... Read More

  • Travel in Malta

    ... are in the centre of the Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. The Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British, one after the other, ruled the archipelago, which explains the remarkable ... Read More

  • Travel in Latvia

    ... more willing to spend on travel and tourism throughout 2018. In addition, the growth of inbound tourism continued. The leading source countries remained the neighbouring countries of Lithuania and Estonia. Nonetheless, travel in Latvia still ... Read More

  • Travel in Serbia

    ... the review period. In addition to neighbouring Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia, countries in which many Serbians have friends and family, it is particularly important to mention Bulgaria, Turkey and Israel in this context. Euromonitor International's ... Read More

  • Travel in Lithuania

    ... 136 countries. On the one hand, the Lithuanian government made efforts to diversify tourism flows by reducing dependence on Russian and Belarusian tourists. On the other hand, the lack of transport connections with other countries ... Read More

  • Travel in Iceland

    ... review period, increased connectivity in terms of direct fights acted as a virtuous circle and stimulated growth. Iceland itself is a key attraction, as visitors are increasingly looking to explore the country’s unusual landscapes or ... Read More

  • Belgium Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... Natural gasconsumption will be weak due growing nuclear and renewable generation in the power sector. Meanwhile, the refining sector willperform well as efficiency improvements and low oil prices increase the competitiveness of its downstream facilities. Read More

  • Romania Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... be augmented by growth in production at Rompetrol's high-densitypolyethylene plant in Navodari. However, Fitch Solutions believes it highly unlikely that Romania will experience growth in olefinsand polymers capacities over the forecast period, due to the ... Read More

  • France Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... the political opposition to exploration of shale oil and gas resources. Though downstream marginshave benefited from cheaper oil prices, the long-term outlook for the refining sector in France, and in Europe more widely, remainslargely negative. Read More

  • France Petrochemicals Q4 2018

    ... following a robust year of growth in 2017. Production indicesshowed that rubber output grew just 0.8% y-o-y and primary plastic grew 0.5% while plastic products declined 2.3%. Lacklustregrowth has coincided with a deceleration in export ... Read More

  • Germany Oil & Gas Q4 2018

    ... direction erodes demand. In contrast, gas demand will remain stable over the next ten years as aresult of normal seasonal demand dynamics and the continued interplay between coal for use in the power generation sector. Read More

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