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  • Cote d'Ivoire Tourism Q1 2020

    ... and other security-related concerns. Thegovernment is hard at work to strengthen the tourism industry through its strategy Sublime Côte d’Ivoire and numerous otherinitiatives, but unless the unstable political and security environment is addressed, the tourism ... Read More

  • Botswana Tourism Q1 2020

    ... been stymied by chronic poverty, poor transport links and limitedaccommodation offerings. We are of the view that unlocking latent potential will require sustained multidimensional policy efforts toattract investment and build a globally marketable brand. In ... Read More

  • Mauritius Tourism Q1 2020

    ... yet modest growth from an established base over themedium term to 2023, bolstered by a series of favourable underlying factors. Drivers underpinning our bright outlook includegrowing international flight networks, rising incomes in emerging Asia Pacific, ... Read More

  • Uganda Tourism Q1 2020

    ... of transport connections. Thegovernment is keen to develop the tourism industry, which is a valuable source of foreign exchange and could draw major foreigninvestor interest to the hotel market and other associated sectors. While the ... Read More

  • Egypt Tourism Q4 2019

    ... geopolitical tensions, high-profile terror attacks and a weakdomestic political outlook. Strong levels of government support, global brand building efforts, sectoral reform and infrastructureinvestment are all beginning to yield dividends as European holidaymakers resurface with growing ... Read More

  • Kenya Tourism Q4 2019

    ... remain a government priority, despite rising criticisms andinternational scrutiny. The significant expansion of the domestic hydropower sector, the Boten-Vientiane Railway and tourism-related infrastructure will be the notable drivers of growth, with China maintaining its role ... Read More

  • Zambia Tourism Q4 2019

    ... accommodation network, as well as bycompetition from the leading Sub-Saharan African destination, South Africa, which has a very well established tourism offering. TheZambian government is keen to expand the tourism industry and is investing in ... Read More

  • Ethiopia Tourism Q4 2019

    ... Tourism Q4 2019 Key View: The outlook for the Ethiopian tourism industry is positive, but we note that the market is at an embryonic stage ofdevelopment and growth will remain threatened by heightened political risk. Read More

  • Zimbabwe Tourism Q4 2019

    ... a change in leadership, the industry is now graduallyentering a new phase of growth in the aftermath of the Mugabe regime. The reform agenda promises a new beginning and theopportunity to unlock the organic growth ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Kenya

    ... Kenya’s ongoing visa facilitation strategy, which has been underway for some time already. December 2017 for instance saw the implementation of a visa on arrival scheme for the citizens of all African countries. The forecast ... Read More

  • Travel in Kenya

    ... the country and the development of digital marketing and e-commerce all supporting positive growth across the travel industry in 2019. In particular, Kenyan Airways continued to widen access to the country during the year with ... Read More

  • Travel in Egypt

    ... and security in the country. There has also been a rethink of Egypt’s tourism strategy, with a focus on new source markets; regaining the confidence of lost markets through negotiating with countries to remove travel ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in Egypt

    ... which were negatively impacted during the years of economic downturn and political unrest that resulted in low tourist turnover. The preservation of these sites has traditionally been supported by revenue from entrance tickets, thus low ... Read More

  • Namibia Tourism Q4 2019

    ... over the coming years. A series of structural constraints such asinfrastructure and flight networks will limit market dynamics out to 2023. That said, we are optimistic that the growing Europeansafari tourists will continue to visit ... Read More

  • Travel in South Africa

    ... accessible to consumers in important source markets, notably Middle Eastern countries and the US. Moreover, the easing of visa requirements also played a key role in boosting arrivals by making it easier for visitors to ... Read More

  • Tourism Flows in South Africa

    ... to be extended. The effective implementation of the scheme for travellers from a variety of countries has the potential to significantly stimulate inbound arrivals as it eases the overall visa application process, encouraging people to ... Read More

  • Travel in Cameroon

    ... by the government to improve infrastructure such as expanding airports, attracting investment from global brands to build hotels, and a range of promotional efforts to highlight the country’s natural beauty, eco-tourism and rich heritage, civil ... Read More

  • Travel in Tanzania

    ... for tourists from 2016. For instance, VAT of 18% was introduced on tourism services in 2016, as were higher visa charges for business arrivals. Meanwhile, fixed rate concession fees for hotels in national parks were ... Read More

  • Travel in Mozambique

    ... situation began to improve after a truce with RENAMO at the end of 2016, which improved both traveller and investor confidence in the country as a tourist destination. Euromonitor International's Travel in Mozambique report offers ... Read More

  • Travel in Mauritius

    ... in the two countries, including uncertainty surrounding Brexit, making consumers more cautious with their spending, they both recorded weaker growth in arrivals in Mauritius in 2019. This is not helped by the fact that Mauritius ... Read More

  • Travel in Nigeria

    ... flows in major cities such as Abuja and Lagos. Inbound arrivals continued to grow, supported by the largest source market of Niger, while China has now overtaken the US as the second largest source market ... Read More

  • Travel in Tunisia

    ... such as the UK and Belgium, lifted most travel restrictions to Tunisia, whilst the country’s highly competitive prices attracted tourists from emerging markets, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. These factors ensured growth in inbound ... Read More

  • Travel in Algeria

    ... is currently in the midst of the redevelopment of Houari Boumediene International Airport. This massive project includes the construction of a new terminal by the Chinese company CSCEC, which when completed is expected to boost ... Read More

  • South Africa Tourism Q4 2019

    ... it is having a ripple effect on the country's tourism industry.Political constraints, bureaucratic challenges, government inefficiencies and infrastructure weakness continue to stifle growth inSouth Africa, and recent reports of tourists falling victim to crimes while ... Read More

  • Travel in Morocco

    ... good results for flows, including inbound, domestic and outbound. Euromonitor International's Travel in Morocco report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest ... Read More

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