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  • Canadian Consumer TV Services Forecast, 2020-2024

    ... and inhibitors underlying the forecast."Providing 'more for less' may be the need of the hour as consumer viewership waivers further on account of over-the-top (OTT) video content providers (new and old) dangling exclusive binge-worthy content ... Read More

  • Digital Trends (Consumer) - US - April 2019

    ... of their time online. New software will likely focus on speed and reliability rather than “wow” factor to sustain long-term engagement." - John Poelking, Leisure & Media Analyst This reports covers the following areas: Devices ... Read More

  • Families and Technology - US - February 2019

    ... They worry about people who may present a threat to their kids online and take varying measures to monitor and control their kids’ tech use. Less tangible threats, like collection of personal data and persuasive ... Read More

  • Consumer Lifestyles in Mexico

    ... take advantage of the variety of consumer-related benefits associated with online access. Younger consumers are expected to increasingly seek healthier lifestyles, driving an increased demand for health and wellness and fitness products and services. Euromonitor's ... Read More

  • Consumer Perceptions and Preferences of the Latest Digital Technologies, North America, 2018

    ... generation of technologies, buyers, and megatrends? The rapid growth of new delivery models, contemporary content, and advertising mechanisms is waking up the traditional players. Technologies such as Siri, Google Home, and Alexa are setting the ... Read More

  • The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns

    ... American Marketplace collects in one handy volume the latest demographic and socioeconomic data to keep you up to date with the ever-changing consumer landscape. Its hundreds of tables are organized into 11 chapters covering attitudes, ... Read More

  • Black Consumers' Content Consumption and Sharing - US - January 2018

    ... interest in sharing thoughts and experiences, consumption of content seems to be a preference over creation. Live TV is a particularly important element of a Black adult’s media diet, while the expansion of online content ... Read More

  • Senior Lifestyles - US - December 2017

    ... making them an important segment for marketers to consider. Since their career concerns are largely in the rearview mirror, seniors today are focused on their health, as well as the health of their personal relationships. ... Read More

  • Digital Trends: Spring - US - March 2017

    ... behavior from the hype often associated with mainstream reporting. Findings include the lasting desirability of PCs even during the continuing transition to mobile computing, the adoption of new interfaces in living room hardware, the shift ... Read More

  • Family Leisure Trends - US - January 2015

    ... More than 80 million households – or about two thirds – of all households in the US are “family households.” While family bonding and quality time is revered, the hectic pace of modern life makes ... Read More

  • Demographics of the U.S.: Trends and Projections, 4th ed.

    ... Beyond the obvious technological marvels of the day lie profound changes in our demographics and lifestyles that would be shocking to the 1950s time traveler. Find out what those changes are in Demographics of the ... Read More

  • The Baby Boom: Americans Borns 1946 to 1964, 7th ed.

    ... Depression. The collapse and subsequent paralysis of the housing market has decimated the net worth of Boomers, millions of them on the brink of retirement. The seventh edition of The Baby Boom: Americans Born 1946 ... Read More

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