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  • Sports Drinks in Costa Rica

    ... training served as a major demand driver, the closure of such locations has significantly limited demand since March as well. Euromonitor International's Sports Drinks in Costa Rica report offers a comprehensive guide to the size ... Read More

  • Sports Drinks in Guatemala

    ... also fallen, as consumers have been shopping less frequently in-store. Furthermore, distribution via supermarkets and hypermarkets has been limited to promotions with discounts and special offers, with little activity seen. Even pre-COVID-19, sports drinks was ... Read More

  • Packaged Food in Costa Rica

    ... edible oils, as well as snacking products which consumers eat as an indulgence or parents give to children. Long lasting and easy to store products such as processed fruit and vegetables and processed meat and ... Read More

  • Sweet Spreads in Costa Rica

    ... often consumed during traditional eating occasions, particularly at breakfast and in the afternoon, when people usually have coffee with sweet spreads on bread or toast. These products are generally considered good comfort foods and as ... Read More

  • Processed Fruit and Vegetables in Costa Rica

    ... product saw interest spike during the first weeks of lockdown, as buyers began to stockpile long lasting foods in their homes. However, as the lockdown continued, demand for these products began to normalise, as many ... Read More

  • Baked Goods in Costa Rica

    ... is a result of their longer shelf life and convenient packaging, as well as their more affordable unit prices and versatile uses. However, demand for packaged cakes and pastries declined in 2020, largely due to ... Read More

  • Ready Meals in Costa Rica

    ... time at home and had a greater number of meals to prepare. Rising health consciousness also encouraged consumers to seek out healthier and more affordable meals, such as prepared salads. However, by May, demand for ... Read More

  • Soup in Costa Rica

    ... the demand for tasty, convenient, and affordable comfort food boosts demand for soup in 2020. Soup is seen as a convenient and versatile product, which benefits from its perception as a functional food option that ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Costa Rica

    ... convenient snacks and comfort foods which they can easily keep stocked at home, and which are flexible enough to be adapted to different consumption occasions during the day. Cereals are an increasingly popular breakfast option ... Read More

  • Rice, Pasta and Noodles in Costa Rica

    ... despite the increased demand, grocery retailers made sure that shelves remained well stocked, and pressure on the product decreased in the second half of the year. Trade outlets have become a more popular distribution channel ... Read More

  • Sauces, Dressings and Condiments in Costa Rica

    ... have been seeking out convenient and tasty cooking options that they can use to lift the interest and quality of their home cooking. Despite the growth of online shopping in 2020, the majority of consumers ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Costa Rica

    ... frozen and canned meat and seafood with long shelf lives offers a sense of security and convenience. Canned tuna in particular proved popular due to its versatile and easy to prepare format. Equally, the price ... Read More

  • Edible Oils in Costa Rica

    ... families’ found themselves cooking home on a more regular basis. Equally, due to the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, many local mid-and-lower income consumers are facing reduced disposable incomes, resulting in them opting for more ... Read More

  • Packaged Food in Guatemala

    ... lockdown was announced, some consumers rushed to stockpile essential goods, including breakfast cereals as well as rice, pasta and noodles. In fact, rice became one of the most sought after products during the pandemic in ... Read More

  • Processed Fruit and Vegetables in Guatemala

    ... and vegetables increased consumer propensity to purchase processed fruit and vegetables. Local markets where fresh produce is typically purchased were closed for much of the year, severely limiting consumer access to such products. In fact, ... Read More

  • Processed Meat and Seafood in Guatemala

    ... 2020, there was a shortage of fresh meat in Guatemala due to COVID-19 restrictions, mainly due to the closure of weekend markets. Since processed meat and seafood is one of the only substitutes available, especially ... Read More

  • Baked Goods in Guatemala

    ... due to mandated closures of non-essential businesses, including horeca outlets, in correspondence with national lockdown restrictions. These outlets are expected to be closed for most of the year, while the country is working on loosening ... Read More

  • Breakfast Cereals in Guatemala

    ... the pandemic in March 2020. The government was quick to impose a national lockdown, which included a nightly curfew and the closure of non-essential businesses, which resulted in many consumers stockpiling such products for themselves ... Read More

  • Rice, Pasta and Noodles in Guatemala

    ... fact, rice has become one of the most sought-after products during the COVID-19 pandemic in Guatemala. Rice was already viewed as essential among consumers, categorised as being in the basic basket of food. In 2020, ... Read More

  • Edible Oils in Guatemala

    ... of COVID-19 restrictions including lockdown and nightly curfews. Due to these government restrictions that lasted throughout most of 2020 after March, many people were forced to stay home and as a result increased their at ... Read More

  • Soup in Guatemala

    ... increasing unit prices in 2020. Demand for soup is expected to be maintained since it is seen as a practical dish to prepare. Furthermore, soup is typically cheaper than most other side dishes, and can ... Read More

  • Ready Meals in Guatemala

    ... in Guatemala. Nevertheless, at the onset of lockdown in mid-March, many consumers stocked up on ready meals, and in particular dried ready meals. During this time, consumers were avoiding making frequent shopping trips due to ... Read More

  • Sweet Spreads in Guatemala

    ... value growth may be attributed to increasing unit prices in 2020. While some consumers may be lowering their consumption of sweet spreads in 2020 due to prioritising other more essential goods, other consumers are actually ... Read More

  • Sauces, Dressings and Condiments in Guatemala

    ... nightly curfew restrictions have forced locals to shift majority of their eating occasions to the home, resulting in more families and individuals cooking meals at their homes in 2020. As a result, dry sauces, cooking ... Read More

  • Sports Nutrition in Costa Rica

    ... COVID-19. The lockdown restrictions had a significant effect on sports nutrition, as most gyms were forced to remain closed for at least half of the year, meaning that less people are working out at the ... Read More

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