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  • MENA Mining Q4 2019

    ... expansion investments on the part of operators, and in low-cost subscribers, which may be better served by no-frills MVNOs. Despite the regulator's best efforts, competition is still limited dueto América Móvil's dominance over the mobile ... Read More

  • Oman Power Q4 2019

    ... foreseeable future. However, its lack of independent regulators hasbeen holding it back and the recent regional dispute has hampered its progression since June 2017. The banking and insurancesectors in particular appear to be stronger, with ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Power Q4 2019

    ... country's absolute market size and unfavourabledemographic trends offer limited opportunities for growth. In addition, the government openly favours generic medicines in orderto enable greater access to treatment, which further limits growth opportunities for multinational patented ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... for the MENA oil and gassector in the near team. However, the longer term fundamentals for production and consumption remain broadly bullish, supportedby a large and low-cost resource base and increasing openness to foreign participation. Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Autos Q4 2019

    Saudi Arabia Autos Q4 2019 Key View: This quarter, we are increasing our 2019 new vehicle sales growth forecast to 15%. We now forecast passengervehicle sales (+17.4%) to outperform commercial vehicle sales (+5%). Read More

  • Kuwait Autos Q4 2019

    ... Q4 2019 Key View: This quarter we are increasing our 2019 new vehicle sales forecast, now targeting at least 9.2% growth over the full year,with passenger vehicle sales (+10%) to outperform commercial vehicle sales (+3.7%). Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Autos Q4 2019

    ... Emirates Autos Q4 2019 Key View: This quarter, we are increasing our 2019 new vehicle sales forecast, now targeting 6.1% growth over the full year, withpassenger vehicle sales (+6.5%) to outperform commercial vehicle sales (+4.3%). Read More

  • Yemen Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... a quick conflict resolution suggest the standstill in the country's upstreamsector will persist in the foreseeable future. Investor confidence in Yemen will likely remain low even after an eventual peace deal isreached. Most upstream and ... Read More

  • Middle East And North Africa Autos Q4 2019

    ... markets such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia show signs of improvement, however, there is also a furtherdeterioration of conditions in Iran and a downward revision to our forecast for Morocco to outweigh the positives. Read More

  • Qatar Power Q4 2019

    ... generation projects remain at very early stages ofdevelopment, which suggests a notable slowdown in capacity and generation expansion from 2022 onwards. Qatar will continue torely on its large natural gas reserves to generate its power ... Read More

  • Construction in Iraq - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2023

    ... of 25% in real terms that year. The growth momentum is expected to continue throughout the forecast period (2019-2023), driven by a recovery in crude oil prices, coupled with government’s investment towards new oil and ... Read More

  • Iran Autos Q4 2019

    ... history of consumer perception of poor quality components and vehicles. Also, it willtake a while for the country to establish a large enough component manufacturing industry, which means that over the short termat least, there ... Read More

  • Oman Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... most likely beyond through 2020, continuing to weigh on Omani output in the shortterm. Beyond 2022, a somewhat sparse project pipeline will pressure output, however, with steeper declines continuing to besoftened by the country's increased ... Read More

  • Saudi Arabia Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... oil prices have remained weak due to mounting concerns for the global economy amid rising tradetensions. Global demand growth is also slowing, putting pressure on OPEC to reduce its output to match consumption. We havedowngraded ... Read More

  • Iran Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... Iran. 2019 and 2020 both look set to register sharp y-o-y declines in crude andcondensates production and exports. The gas sector is relatively more insulated, but will suffer from the loss of foreign and privateinvestment. ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Renewables Q4 2019

    ... 2028. This rapid growth will be almost exclusively driven by the country's solar sector, withAbu Dhabi and Dubai launching a number of big-ticket projects in line with their strategies to diversify their power sectors over ... Read More

  • Bahrain Autos Q4 2019

    ... Autos Q4 2019 Key View: This quarter, we have reduced our 2019 new vehicle sales forecast to a contraction of -13.3%. Commercial vehicle sales(-8.5%) will fall by a smaller amount than passenger vehicle sales (-14%). Read More

  • Iraq Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... Iraq will act to stay within the limits on production. The Oil Ministry relinquished its roleoperating the four regional oil companies and instead hand this over to the re-established Iraq National Oil Company. Instead, theMinistry ... Read More

  • Israel Oil & Gas Q4 2019

    ... securing clients and delivery routes will be crucial for Israel to realise itshuge potential. Activity in the country's upstream will likely pick up in the medium-term as Israel awarded 12 offshore explorationlicenses to local and ... Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Infrastructure Q4 2019

    ... projects related to the Dubai World Expo 2020 are completed. While economic diversification and investment in knowledge-based industries will keep construction activity ticking along, the market lacks significant growth drivers amid a lower oil priceenvironment. Read More

  • United Arab Emirates Power Q4 2019

    ... in 2028, such that this segment contributes 10.8% of the UAE’s electricity in thefinal year of our forecast period (compared to our earlier prediction of 13.7TWh and a relative contribution of moderately below7.0%). Beyond this ... Read More

  • Textile and Leather Products in Saudi Arabia

    ... of the year stimulated Saudi Arabia’s oil-driven economy, pushing up workers’ wages, raising inflation and strengthening consumer expenditure. In fact, consumer expenditure on apparel, footwear and household textiles more than doubled compared to the previous ... Read More

  • Rubber and Plastic in Saudi Arabia

    ... international oil prices, which helped the country to emerge from several years of slowdown. Additionally, the rise in oil prices created upwards pressure on rubber and plastic prices, adding to the industry’s revenue growth. Moreover, ... Read More

  • Hi-tech Goods in Saudi Arabia

    ... generators and cables. Saudi Arabia faces an increasing population size and accelerating industrialisation, driven by large-scale government’s initiatives to transition the country’s economy away from oil sector. Due to this, Saudi Arabia’s power consumption has ... Read More

  • Forestry, Wood and Paper in Saudi Arabia

    ... disposable paper products and other articles of paper. This was particularly visible in the rising preference for more affordable products, such as private label tissue. The slowdown in demand growth for retail disposables was also ... Read More

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