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  • Prospects for the textile and clothing industry in Malaysia, 2018

    ... exports were valued at US$3.3 bn in 2017. The Malaysian government has ambitious plans for the industry, and an export target of US$6 bn has been set for 2020. Moreover, the continuing importance of the ... Read More

  • Supply and Demand of Glyphosate in China

    ... at a CAGR of about 6.8% in 2006–2014, but it firstly decreased to 179.7 million hectares in 2015 due to a low price, resulting in that some farmers stopped planting corn, cotton and rapeseed, but ... Read More

  • China Car Timeshare Rental and Autonomous Driving Report, 2018

    ... gone out of business; only timeshare rental gathers pace. China is expected to see its timeshare rental fleets have 200,000-250,000 cars by the end of 2018, according to the data of ResearchInChina. It is predicted ... Read More

  • Kyrgyzstan Power Q1 2019

    ... vulnerable to electricity deficits due to fluctuating water levels caused byseasonal changes. Plans to bring new large-scale power projects online will be hampered by financial and logistical delays. Plans foran interconnector to Pakistan will be ... Read More

  • India Mining Q1 2019

    ... reforms, vast mineral reserves andimproving commodity prices. Despite this, the sector will continue to face challenges due to the country's inadequate operatingenvironment, mining royalties and the decision to cancel iron ore mining permits in Goa. Read More

  • India Power Q1 2019

    ... access is creating widespread investment opportunities in the market. We forecastelectricity capacity to increase by nearly 70% between 2018 and 2027, cementing India as one of the largest and fastest growingpower markets in the world. Read More

  • Philippines Power Q1 2019

    ... of Energy estimates that an additional 44.8GW of newpower capacity will be needed by 2040, from thermal sources, renewable energy and also nuclear power over the longer term. Weforecast power capacity to total 33.7GW by ... Read More

  • Russia Mining Q1 2019

    ... support from the construction and steel sectors. Unfavourable regulation and inadequateinfrastructure will continue to limit the sector's production growth during our forecast period from 2018-2027, while a ramp-up inUS sanctions will present further downside risks. Read More

  • Turkey Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... next 12 months. The performance of thedownstream sector will be aided by the addition of the delayed STAR refinery which is now set to boost refining capacity, initiallyfrom Q119 and becoming fully operational in mid-2019. Read More

  • Vietnam Oil & Gas Q1 2019

    ... growing need for imported feedstock on the back of robustdomestic refining and regasification capacity additions. The outlook for natural gas, both for production and consumption, ispositive, supported by a host of new projects on the ... Read More

  • Global and China NdFeB Industry Report, 2018-2023

    ... following: First, the NdFeB market has grown steadily. In 2017, global NdFeB output was about 154,000 tons, with a CAGR of 6.9% between 2010 and 2017. With the growing demand for high magnetic strength and ... Read More

  • Global and China Li-ion Power Battery Industry Report, 2018-2022

    ... storage. It is expected that the world’s demand for EV lithium battery will be at least 325GWh till 2022, a 4.7-fold of the 2017’s. In 2017, China’s output of automotive lithium power battery stood at ... Read More

  • Survey of Acetochlor in China

    ... varieties of pesticides and export more than 400 varieties of pesticides abroad, among which around 200 are widely produced. Acetochlor accounts for a large market share among selective herbicides applied in China. It can be ... Read More

  • Malaysian Biodiesel Mandate

    ... key ingredient in the biodiesel produced in Malaysia. Biodiesel is the main kind of biofuel used in the country. This research service gives an understanding of the factors leading to the B10 mandate in Malaysia. ... Read More

  • Production and Market of Azoxystrobin in China

    ... report is a value analysis of azoxystrobin and its raw material trimethyl orthoformate. The whole report is an integrated analysis and a professional forecast to guide investments and business movements for the players who pay ... Read More

  • Bangladesh Power Q1 2019

    ... decade, in line with surging power demandin the country and the government’s ambitious ‘Power Sector Master Plan’. Electricity capacity in Bangladesh will expand by nearly60% over our 10-year forecast period yo 2027, reaching over 21GW. Read More

  • China Autos Q1 2019

    ... and in turn spending on big-ticket items.That being said, an upside risk tothis forecast will come from a proposed 50% cut to the car purchase tax on vehicles with engines no bigger than 1.6 liters, ... Read More

  • India Renewables Q1 2019

    ... energy markets in the world. The government's strong commitment to expanding thesector, coupled with continued robust investor interest in the market will underpin growth. That said, project feasibility risks remainhigh, deterring the more risk-averse investors. Read More

  • Kazakhstan Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... growth, as Chinese investment looking to leverage Kazakhstan's strategic geopolitical location inthe heart of Eurasia helps get projects off the ground. A positive demographic profile will support further investment into power andwater related infrastructure projects. Read More

  • Malaysia Autos Q1 2019

    ... domestic autos market will largely be attributed to the reintroduction of the 10% sales andservices tax, which will weigh on consumer spending in the country. In addition to this, we expect a weak local currency, ... Read More

  • Russia Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... construction sector growth in the country. A further intensification of political and economic tensions with the Westremains the most prominent downside risk, though there is scope for Chinese capital to pick up the investment slack. Read More

  • South Korea Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... believe that the prospects of South Korea’s construction sector will be much muted over the coming years mainlydue to weakness in residential construction and it being a developed and matured construction market, which limit growthopportunities. Read More

  • Thailand Infrastructure Q1 2019

    ... rulingjunta’s commitment to pursuing infrastructure development to drive economic growth. The focus will continue to be on thetransport segment, but will be constrained by an ageing population as capital expenditures are limited by weakening revenues. Read More

  • Global and Chinese ANSI Meter Industry, 2018 Market Research Report

    ... market. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the ANSI Meter manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the industry.Firstly, the report provides ... Read More

  • Global and Chinese Conventional Meter Industry, 2018 Market Research Report

    ... market. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the Conventional Meter manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the industry.Firstly, the report provides ... Read More

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